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Arsis - The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters

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every the barbarous brutal perverse ruthless vicious fiendish gentle kind nice humane merciful atrocious barbarian barbaric brutish coarse cruel ferocious heartless ignorant inhuman inhumane monstrous primitive rough rude sadistic truculent uncivil uncivilized uncouth uncultured unsophisticated vulgar wicked wild wolfish compassionate considerate cultured feeling inoffensive polished polite refined sophisticated sympathetic civilized educated beastly abominable animal base bestial boorish brute carnal degraded depraved disgusting feral ferine foul gluttonous gross irrational loathsome low obscene piggish prurient repulsive swinish unclean vile good superior bitter bloodthirsty callous cold-blooded degenerate demoniac evil excruciating fierce flinty hard hard-hearted harsh hateful hellish implacable inexorable malevolent merciless painful pernicious poignant rancorous relentless revengeful sinful spiteful tyrannical unfeeling unkind unnatural unrelenting vengeful virulent decent easy friendly giving helpful mild moral pleasant pleasing charitable thoughtful demonic demonical devilish diabolic malicious nefarious satanic savage ogreish diabolical ghoulish infernal satanical adamant cold cutthroat dog-eat-dog grim ironfisted killer mortal obdurate pitiless remorseless severe stern stony surly unappeasable unforgiving unmerciful unsympathetic unyielding vindictive without pity calm flexible forgiving nonviolent peaceful tame tender aim cause consideration emotion feeling idea impulse influence intent intention motivation passion rationale antecedent basis design determinant drive end grounds incentive incitement inducement inspiration mainspring object occasion root spring spur stimulus thinking neglect thoughtlessness discouragement hindrance deterrent trailing abaft after afterwards at the heels of at the rear of back of bringing up the rear eating the dust in the background in the wake later than next off the pace subsequently front paid behindhand laggard slow backward behind schedule behind time belated delayed dilatory have to play catch up in arrears overdue sluggish tardy backside bottom breech can fanny fundament posterior rear rump seat tail tush derriere causing at the bottom of initiating instigating responsible for backing supporting for in agreement on the side of astern back behind rearward aft fore below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear later postliminary subsequential succeeding thereafter before afterward another time ensuingly eventually intra late latterly post hoc soon then thereon ultimately earlier beforehand previously afterward\u002Fafterwards a while later at a later time by and by in a while on the next day aback final following in the wake of rearmost beginning first preceding future sorrow affliction deprivation distress misfortune tribulation comfort happiness health deaths afterlifes annihilation bereavements casualties cessations curtains darkness decease demises departures destructions dissolutions downfalls dyings endings ends eradication eternal rests euthanasia exits expirations exterminations extinctions fatalities finis finishes graves grim reapers heavens losses mortalities necroses obliterations oblivion paradises partings passing passing overs quieti releases repose ruination ruins silences sleep terminations tombs lives entities beings arrivals entrances understandings creations openings starts constructions beginnings births livings existences initiations hells comings buildings consciousnesses introductions commencements successes accomplishments grief agony anguish bemoaning bereavement bewailing care dejection deploring depression desolation despair despondency discomfort disquiet dole dolor gloom grievance harassment heartache heartbreak infelicity lamentation lamenting malaise melancholy misery mortification mournfulness mourning pain purgatory regret remorse repining rue sadness torture trial trouble unhappiness vexation woe worry wretchedness advantage blessing cheer contentedness contentment gladness good health joy joyfulness peace pleasure relief satisfaction aid calm help hopefulness delight ecstasy exhilaration loss accident bad luck calamity casualty cataclysm catastrophe cost damage death debit debt defeat deficiency deficit depletion destitution destruction detriment disadvantage disappearance disaster dispossession failure fall fatality forfeiture harm hurt impairment injury losing markdown misadventure mishap mislaying misplacing need perdition privation retardation ruin sacrifice shrinkage squandering undoing want waste wreckage assistance attainment benefit favor good fortune good luck improvement markup miracle profit success triumph win wonder birth boon building creation development fortune gain plenty accomplishment achievement misplacement construction credit good aching blackness crying grieving keening languishing moaning pining sorrowing wailing weeping light lightness biography confession diary journal letter life story memoir adventures experience life reminiscences bio personal history self-portrayal autobiography picture profile sketch confessions experiences saga biog close-up life history personal account personal anecdote personal narrative personal record résumé vita writing mail messages post reports exchange of letters difference disagreement correspondence breeding improvement advancement civility civilization delicacy discernment discrimination enlightenment gentility grounding learning manners polish progress refinement schooling taste aestheticism good taste refined taste coarseness crudeness decline ignorance retreat retrogression roughness rudeness destruction harm hurt neglect unsophistication cultivation bookishness brains culture knowledge learnedness literacy lore pedantry savvy scholarship science studiousness intellectuality scholarliness erudition arts belles-lettres languages philosophy humanistic discipline the classics the fine arts humanities information literature research study training acquirements attainments tuition wisdom article brochure composition drama essay history leaflet novel pamphlet poetry prose story abstract books classics comment critique discourse discussion disquisition dissertation exposition findings lit observation paper report summary theme thesis tract treatise treatment writings literary works précis written work quiet silence speech adage belief custom fable folklore legend mythology superstition tale tradition doctrine saw saying teaching mythos reality truth myth affidavit archive bill certificate certification citation contract credentials data deed diaries diploma documentation dossier file grant identification papers indictment instrument order passport plea record subpoena summons testimony token visa voucher warrant will writ paper\u002Fpapers answer loss papers book copy edition engraving lettering lithograph magazine newspaper photograph stamp type characters face font impress impression imprint indentation issue newsprint periodical typeface typescript typesetting black and white printed matter print calligraphy chirography fist hand longhand penmanship script letters
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