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Artist Brent Artman Torches Colorful Designs On Copper Clocks

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artisan composer expert inventor painter artiste authority creator virtuoso whiz craftsperson handicrafter scientist acrobat aerialist artist athlete balancer clown contortionist dancer funambulist gymnast performer stunt person trapezist tumbler clod actor amateur barnstormer bit player character comedian entertainer extra foil ham hambone headliner idol impersonator ingenue ingénue lead mime mimic pantomimist play-actor player soubrette stand-in star stooge straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on fan audience actors amateurs artists barnstormers bit players characters clowns comedians entertainers extras foils hambones hams headliners idols impersonators ingenues ingénues leads mimes mimics pantomimists performers play-actors players soubrettes stand-ins stars stooges straight persons thespians thesps troupers understudies ventriloquists villains walk-ons fans audiences architect builder designer draftsperson engineer maker master builder originator planner prime mover architects builders creators designers draftspersons engineers inventors makers master builders originators planners prime movers bohemian beatnik dilettante flower child free spirit gypsy hippie iconoclast writer Brent Artman beacon lamp lantern flambeau flare flash incendiary light arsonist firebug pyromaniac torch burn bake be ablaze blaze brand broil calcine cauterize char combust conflagrate cook cremate enkindle flame flicker glow heat ignite incinerate kindle melt parch reduce to ashes rekindle roast scald scorch sear set a match to singe smoke smolder toast wither help quench cool freeze put out extinguish aid subdue stifle wet smother candle bougie dip rushlight crush beguin desire love affair passion puppy love hatred dislike hate consume flashlight gas lamp gaslight hurricane lamp kerosene lamp searchlight Torch bright flashy gaudy hued multicolored rich splashy vibrant vivid chromatic florid gay intense jazzy kaleidoscopic loud motley picturesque prismatic psychedelic showy variegated dull pale plain simple weak boring colorless drab dreary faded lifeless uncolored uninteresting glamorous distinctive unusual lively brave flaky graphic stimulating characterful normal common standard bold clear colorful conspicuous definite evident eye-catching forceful manifest prominent pronounced spirited strong light fair faint quiet shy fearful afraid soft low obscure timorous retiring reticent timid meek cowardly ambiguous tasteful subdued lethargic dispirited apathetic vague unclear uncertain indistinct feeble bolder brilliant colored deep fresh glitzy razzle-dazzle ruddy sharp tinged tinted unhappy depressed unpromising gloomy black moderate mild calm tasteless bland dark pastel typical doleful threatening horrible depressing unaware murky dusky cloudy somber kind aboveboard ignorant unintelligent stupid brighter brightest different a far cry from altered antithetic at odds at variance changed clashing contradistinct contradistinctive contrary contrasting contrastive deviating differential discrepant disparate distant distinct divergent divers diverse incommensurable incomparable inconsistent individual like night and day mismatched mismated offbeat opposed other otherwise particular peculiar poles apart single unalike unequal unrelated unsimilar variant various conventional correspondent uniform ordinary same united unified harmonious homogeneous usual resembling similar like alike Colorism colorism Color color architecture arrangement composition construction drawing form idea layout map method model pattern picture plan scheme study blueprint chart comp conception constitution delineation depiction diagram doodle dummy formation makeup outline paste-up perspective tracery tracing treatment disorganization being style motif shape device portrait configuration painting sketch figure illustration motive organization story setup recipe project brainchild deliberation point machination scene trick conspiracy thought pitch gimmick volition plot end goal thinking purport objective schema play object aim meaning purpose child angle reflection animus target scenario undertaking notion will proposition enterprise action intrigue view big picture game plan lay of the land conation intendment what's cooking inactivity idleness fashion devise create describe invent perform produce draft construct lay out work out arrange accomplish delineate trace frame contrive draw cast execute fulfill effect achieve block out dope out set out sketch out miss forget fail abandon confuse neglect break disorganize disorder ignore mix up ruin destroy compose fabricate originate cook up dream up make up think up wreck demolish prepare propose make tailor mind contemplate destine disregard refuse deny design Designate DESIGNATED Designeering burnished chestnut russet rust tan brownish copper-colored metallic brown reddish-brown reddish-tan bronze fawn ginger toast amber brick nut buff coffee drab dust bay ecru beige auburn tawny terra-cotta cinnamon puce mahogany sepia cocoa sorrel umber henna bister khaki hazel chocolate ochre burnt sienna snuff-colored brown titian badge bear blue cop corps detective force heat law law enforcement patrol bluecoat bobby constable arm of the law beat cop black and white constabulary fed flatfoot gendarme narc criminal rose flaming maroon glowing cardinal crimson pink cherry sanguine carmine blooming blush bloodshot florid flushed healthy inflamed roseate rosy rubicund ruddy coral wine bittersweet garnet vermilion infrared scarlet claret magenta fuchsia burgundy geranium cerise salmon dahlia ruby rufescent red man pig patrolman bull fuzz gumshoe oink officers boy scout county mounty police chicken feed small potatoes coinage small beer coppers peanuts small change gold metal iron lead rock silver platinum mineral blende tin zinc ore quarters pin money pocket money spending money pennies coins nickels dimes bill dollar change policewoman officer finest patrolwoman peace officer police officer policeman piece money cash currency dough jack scratch chips bread legal tender specie doubloon mintage meter money coin copper changes about-faces additions adjustments advances breaks compressions contractions conversions corrections developments differences distortions diversification diversities innovations metamorphoses modifications modulations mutations novelties permutations reconstructions refinements remodelings reversals revisions revolutions shifts surrogates switches temperings transformations transitions transmutations turnovers turns variances variations varieties vicissitudes bills agreements uniformities dollars similarities sameness stagnation alarm timer chronograph chronometer hourglass metronome pendulum stopwatch sundial tattler ticker timekeeper timepiece turnip watch Big Ben chroniker digital watch tick-tock timemarker Mayday SOS alert bell blast buzzer call caution clock cry drum flap flash forewarning gong high sign horn nod scramble scream shout sign signal siren squeal tip tip off tocsin trumpet warning whistle wink yell security quietness peace confidence assurance repose composure calmness attack advance aggress ambush assail assault bash bat bean beat beset besiege biff blister boff bombard boot bop brain bust charge chop down clip club combat cook harm hit hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest mug overwhelm pounce upon punch raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm strike take the offensive turn on wallop whop slough off be lazy sustain support submit defend leave alone help lose withstand shield shelter resist decrease surrender protect guard retreat assist aid attacking advancing aggressing ambushing assailing assaulting bashing batting beaning beating besetting besieging biffing blasting blistering boffing bombarding booting bopping braining busting charging chopping down clipping clocking clubbing combating cooking harming hitting hurting infiltrating invading jumping kicking knocking block off knocking cold knocking for a loop larruping lying siege to molesting mugging overwhelming punching raiding rushing setting upon slogging soaking stabbing storming striking taking the offensive turning on walloping whopping sloughing off being lazy sustaining supporting submitting defending leaving alone helping losing withstanding shielding sheltering resisting decreasing surrendering protecting guarding retreating assisting aiding attacks advances aggresses ambushes assails assaults bashes bats beans beats besets besieges biffs blasts blisters boffs bombards boots bops brains busts charges chops down clips clocks clubs combats cooks harms hits hurts infiltrates invades jumps kicks knocks block off knocks cold knocks for a loop larrups lies siege to molests mugs overwhelms punches raids rushes sets upon slogs soaks stabs storms strikes takes the offensive turns on wallops whops sloughs off is lazy sustains supports submits defends leaves alone helps loses withstands shields shelters resists decreases surrenders protects guards retreats assists aids cuckoo batty daffy fool insane nuts screwball silly wacky
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