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Asean Now: Weekly Wrap Ep 76

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Asean Now: Weekly Wrap highlights the latest news of the week in the region. Hostile reception for serial rapist, Malaysia; Shanty town fire, Manila, The ...


Selva Kumar Subbiah serial rapist shanty town Manila homeless Rohingyas Australia's apology military spat Buddhist patriarch Moto Girl Tour Yangon Bus Cafe Yangon Lao imitation skirts Linh Quy Phap An temple vandalised Asean Now Weekly Wrap Asean News ASEAN a sean review annals daily note paper diary memoir rag annual log organ ledger record sheet slick joint pulp press extra trade news yearly recurrent occasional repeated regular routine sporadic periodical alternate cyclical infrequent perennial rhythmic serial spasmodic cyclic isochronal seasonal monthly recurring centennial epochal hourly orbital unusual lasting variable constant mag account almanac calendar chronology comic book daybook gazette magazine memento minutes newspaper observation publication register reminder reminiscence scandal sheet statement tabloid weekly bimonthly biweekly booklet broadside brochure circular digest glossy journal manual newsletter pamphlet quarterly semiweekly throwaway bulldog community metropolitan at various times every once in a while every so often fluctuating intermittent isochronous on certain occasions on-again-off-again number periodic Weekly weeklies fur coat cape drape hide swathe shroud cover cloak bundle fold bind clothe pack twine enfold mask muffle invest absorb veil wind encase ignore loosen unwrap reveal let go free loose untie attire bedeck deck deck out decorate dog out dud dude up fit fit out garb outfit suit up tog try on turn out wrap dress truss adhere attach bandage border chain cinch clamp connect constrict edge enchain enfetter fetter finish fix furl glue hamper handcuff hem hitch hitch on hobble hook on hook up lace lap lash leash manacle moor muzzle paste peg down pin pin down pinion put together restrain restrict rope shackle stick strap tack on tether tie tie up trammel trim unite yoke case confine crate package bale fasten palletize Vandyke bertha capote cardinal cope dolman fichu gabardine manteau mantelletta mantilla mantle overdress paletot pelerine pelisse poncho shawl tabard talma tippet victorine wrapper array box Wrap Wraps selva Selva kumar Kumar serial rapist ensuing sequent going on disordered after chronological connected constant continuing continuous following in order in turn increasing later logical numerical one after another progressive running sequential serial serialized seriate seriatim succedent succeeding successional successive understandable uninterrupted a while later after a while afterward attendant back by and by coming coming after coming next consecutive consequent consequential directly after henceforth hinder in pursuit in search of in the wake of later on latter next next off on the scent posterior presently proximate pursuing rear resulting specified subsequent supervenient then trailing when alternate arrested broken by bits and pieces checked cyclic cyclical discontinuing discontinuous epochal every other fitful here and there hit-or-miss infrequent interrupted isochronal isochronous iterant iterative metrical now and then occasional on and off periodic periodical punctuated recurrent recurring rhythmic rhythmical seasonal shifting spasmodic stop-and-go annual at various times centennial daily every once in a while every so often fluctuating hourly intermittent monthly on certain occasions on-again-off-again orbital perennial regular repeated routine sporadic weekly yearly journal mag magazine newspaper number paper quarterly rag review sheet slick throwaway accordant alternating arranged automatic classified congruous consonant dependable efficient established even exact expected fixed flat formal harmonious invariable level measured mechanical methodical momentary ordered organized patterned precise probable punctual rational regulated set smooth standardized stated steady straight symmetrical systematic uniform Serial serials raper rapist Rapist skid row blighted area public squalor run-down neighborhood shanty town tenement housing slum shantytown Shanty Town hut cabin shed camp berth box caboose chalet compartment cot cottage crib deckhouse home hovel lodge log house quarters room shack shanty shelter bivouac campfire campground camping ground caravansary encampment lean-to log cabin summer home tent tent city tepee tilt wigwam bungalow cabana carriage house ranch small house cheapened depreciated deprived destitute devalued distressed ghetto ghost impaired needy poor poverty-stricken run-down skid row underprivileged weakened hole joint mess pigpen pigsty slum sty abode address apartment asylum boarding house castle cave co-op commorancy condo condominium crash pad diggings digs domicile dormitory dump dwelling farm fireside flat habitation hangout haunt hearth hideout hole in the wall home plate homestead hospital house living quarters manor mansion nest orphanage pad palace parking place place residence resort roof rooming house roost trailer turf villa where the hat is depressed Shanties Shanty shanties city burg hamlet seat sticks apple capital club concourse crossroads focal point focus heart hub mall market marketplace mart meeting place metropolis nerve center plaza polestar shopping center social center station town trading center bounded civic confined district divisional geographical insular legendary limited narrow neighborhood parish parochial provincial regional sectarian sectional small-town territorial vernacular borough burghal civil community corporate domestic home incorporated internal local metropolitan native public urban precinct township village abode accommodation apartment area berth compass corner country distance domicile dwelling field habitat hangout hole house joint latitude lay locale locality locus longitude niche nook pad part plant point position property quarter region reservation residence room section site situation spot stead suburb venue vicinity volume whereabouts zone central citified downtown inner-city municipal nonrural oppidan popular center municipality place Town towns fiber bang flax bhang jute abaca kef kif ambary cannabis fennel hashish manila marijuana hemp Manila refugee vagrant outcast vagabond derelict desolate forlorn forsaken banished deported exiled unhoused settled abandoned alone bereft blue cheerless comfortless cynical defenseless depressed deserted despairing desperate despondent destitute destroyed disconsolate down and out dragging forgotten friendless fruitless futile godforsaken helpless homeless in the dumps lonely lonesome lost miserable oppressed pathetic pessimistic pitiable pitiful solitary tragic unhappy vain weighed down woebegone wretched beggared broke cleaned out dirt poor impoverished indigent insolvent necessitous needy penniless penurious poor strapped unprosperous busted flat broke hard up impecunious in want poverty-stricken apart by oneself companionless down empty estranged isolated left lone reclusive rejected renounced secluded single troglodytic unattended unbefriended uncherished unsocial withdrawn aground ashore beached cast away grounded high and dry left at the altar left in the lurch on the rocks out in left field passed up run aground shipwrecked sidelined sidetracked wrecked devious erratic roaming roving stranded stray homelesses excuse amends redress plea defense denial refusal censure defiance charge acclamation addressing answer apology applause appreciation bestowal bow card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter nod notice reaction receipt reply response return salutation salute signature statement support thanks token atonement expiation indemnification indemnity quittance recompense reparation reprisal requital restitution restoration satisfaction apologetics apologia apologizing argument cleanup copout exculpation excusing exoneration explaining extenuation fish story jive off-time rationalization rejoinder retort song and dance story vindication whitewash alibi cop-out cover cover story coverup disguise evasion expedient grounds justification makeshift mitigation pretext regrets routine semblance shift song stall stopgap substitute subterfuge trick why and wherefore absolution account acquittal advocacy approval basis confirmation explanation idea palliation palliative raison d'être rationale rebuttal redemption salvation sanctification validation warrant whatfor wherefore whitewashing whole idea burlesque caricature cartoon copy derision farce irony jest joke lampoon mime mimicry misrepresentation mock-heroic mockery pastiche play-on raillery rib ridicule roast satire send-up skit takeoff travesty acknowledgment parody Apology Apologies army armed peaceful civilian navy force troop service marines aggressive bellicose belligerent combative hostile military pugnacious soldierly warlike active assertive assertory combating contending contentious embattled fighting gladiatorial in arms martial militaristic offensive pushy quarrelsome scrappy self-assertive truculent up in arms vigorous warring armed forces assemblage assembly band body bunch collection combatants company contingent corps crew crowd delegation drove fighting forces flock forces gang gathering herd horde host legion multitude number outfit pack party personnel service personnel soldiers soldiery squad swarm team throng troopers troupe unit attacking bloodthirsty contrary hawkish inimical militant ructious unfriendly warmongering armament armed services defense forces fighting machine military service troops fighting men men servicemen Military squabble discord tiff run-in friction strife feud flare-up fracas brouhaha fuss beef argument rumpus hubbub words miff conflict row bickering calm peace altercation blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan brawl brush clash controversy crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement dispute donnybrook dustup exchange face-off falling finisher flap gin hassle knock down and drag out knockdown out quarrel rhubarb romp ruckus ruction scene scrap set-to shindy spat static stew talking heads wrangle altercate caterwaul cause a scene cavil dig disagree fall out fight pick at quibble scrape spar trade zingers argue battle bicker buck kick up a row raise Cain roughhouse rumble scuffle tussle wrestle brush-off catamaran contention contrariety contretemps disaccord discordance dissension dissent dissidence disunity estrangement variance break with bring action contend contest controversialize controvert differ discept divide go for the jugular haggle have words jump on lay into let have it logomachize object oppose palter rip set to skirmish sue take issue take on war zap animosity antagonism atmospherics breach break clashing cross-purposes difference disunion division divisiveness falling out hostility ill feeling ill will jarring misunderstanding opposition rupture split tension vendetta Spat spats S.P.A.T Buddhist buddhist elder ruler founder head author sire father chief master senior creator maker old man gaffer servant ancestor ancient forebearer golden ager matriarch old fogey oldest oldster patriarch senior citizen superior veteran administrator architect builder dean encourager generator initiator introducer leader motor mover organizer originator patron prime mover promoter promulgator publisher sponsor supporter antecedent ascendant begetter forerunner materfamilias parent paterfamilias precursor primogenitor procreator progenitor relative predecessor boss captain chieftain commandant commander commanding officer conqueror controller director employer general governor guide guru head person instructor judge lord manager overlord overseer owner pedagogue preceptor principal pro schoolmaster/ mistress skipper slave driver spiritual leader superintendent supervisor swami taskmaster teacher top dog tutor wheel doyen doyenne elderly person first-born golden-ager grandfather grandmother old folk old-timer pensioner retired person forefather moto Moto MOTO lady she boy babe bimbo chick dame dish doll doxy female floozy gal girl honey lassie miss moll skirt sweet thing tootsie female offspring offspring woman daughter femme gentlewoman grandmother madam matron mother mrs sister adolescent child infant kid minor youngster youth baby bairn juvenile lad lass little one son teenager tot colleen damsel maid maiden missy broad Girls girls myth internet geek nerd unreal trek swing trip road round stump run shift spell hitch trick turn jaunt time hop bout stagnation travel cruise voyage jet junket course fit session stint stretch tear term tour agitate barnstorm canvass contend for contest crusade electioneer go to grass roots hit the trail lobby mend fences muckrake mudsling politick press the flesh ring doorbells run for solicit votes stand for whistle-stop begird belt cincture circuit circulate circumduct circumscribe coil compass curve embrace encircle enclose encompass ensphere envelop gird girdle gyrate gyre hem in loop mill around pivot revolve ring roll rotate spiral surround wheel whirl wind about ambit area bounds circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution cycle district gyration journey lap limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery range region route tract turning twirl way wind winding zone cover explore look at pass through stop in track traverse Sunday drive airing commute excursion expedition joyride lift outing pickup ramble ride spin campaign drive Tour Yangon integrate auto bucket of bolts bug buggy bus clunker compact convertible crate four-wheeler gas guzzler go-cart hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker lemon limousine motor car oil burner passenger car pickup truck ride sedan sports car station wagon subcompact taxi transportation truck tub van wheels wreck automobile bucket conveyance coupe jeep machine motor motorcar pickup roadster touring car wagon car chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train vehicle victoria agent bicycle boat cab carrier chariot mechanism motorcycle transport vector motorized vehicle voiture coach motor vehicle Bus bistro diner joint tearoom noshery cafeteria café cold table counter cupboard lunch wagon salad bar shelf sideboard smorgasbord snack bar after-hours joint bar disco discothèque dive hideaway hot spot night spot nightery speakeasy supper club tavern watering hole commissary lunch counter lunchroom tea room battery acid brew caffeine café au lait café noir cappuccino decaf decoction demitasse espresso forty weight hot stuff ink jamocha java joe mocha mud perk varnish remover charcuterie deli restaurant sandwich shop subway shop automat booth canteen chuck wagon coffee shop concession dump eatery eating house facility fast-food outlet greasy spoon grill hash house ice-cream parlor mess hall quick-lunch saloon buffet cabaret coffee delicatessen Cafe Café caves CAFE Laos lao laos clone replica mimicry parody ringer image fake dupe takeoff forgery match sham picture ersatz mockery phony Xerox mime copy ditto aping apery mimesis echoing reality opposite original reverse assuming characterization depiction dramatics dramatizing enacting enactment feigning hamming histrionics imitating imitation impersonation improvisation pantomime performance play acting playing portrayal portraying posing posturing pretending pretense putting rendition seeming showing off simulating stagecraft stooging theatre theatricals air airs appearance artificiality facade false front front going Hollywood insincerity mannerism pose pretension pretentiousness put-on putting on airs show simulation abstraction carving description design illustration modeling molding painting pictorialization representation sculpting shaping sketching symbolization affected artificial bogus counterfeit false feigned fictitious made-up make-believe pretended simulated spurious dummy forged fraudulent pseudo burlesque cartoon distortion farce lampoon libel pasquinade pastiche ridicule satire send-up travesty acting affectation art assumed caricature hem verge rim brim brink inside middle center dress hoop kilt mini midi tutu fringe bound edge flank margin define face meet dodge elude evade ignore bypass skip duck detour escape hedge burke abstain avert circumlocute circumvent deflect desist ditch divert eschew fake out fend off flee give the slip hide hold off jump keep clear lay low obviate recoil run for cover shake shake and bake shake off shirk shrink from shuffle off shun shy sidestep skip out on skip town skirt stay away stay out steer clear of step aside turn aside ward off weave withdraw boundary bounds circumference confine end extremity limit line lip outskirt perimeter periphery selvage trim trimming abut adjoin be adjacent to bind circumscribe communicate contour decorate delineate encircle enclose frame join march mark off neighbor outline set off side surround touch abuttals ambit barrier beginning border borderland borderline circumscription compass confines environs extent frontier horizon limits line of demarcation mark mere mete outpost pale precinct purlieus radius terminal termination terminus point threshold avoid Skirt skirts Linh linh quy phap phaps Phap phaptastic masturbate hot phaping perhaps maybe faps by chance cockslap dickdent penispunked dickslap sausageslap physics mechanics e-mag phun one handed clap fap one-handed-clap single handed clapping house mosque pagoda shrine church chapel pantheon cloister convent friary ministry monastery nunnery priory temple countenance eyebrow face frons front mien top basilica bishop's seat chancel holy place house of God house of prayer house of worship minster place of worship sanctuary Lord's house abbey bethel cathedral chantry fold mission oratory parish sacellum synagogue tabernacle altar sanctorium sanctum enshrinement grave hallowed place mausoleum reliquary sacred place sepulcher brow Temple away pronto soon today PDQ at once later future past just now right now this day as of now at present before before now but now by now by that time by the time mentioned by then by this time earlier even now formerly heretofore in the past now once previously then up to now as long as being cause considering for for the reason that inasmuch as seeing that since whereas all in all all things considered because everything being equal forasmuch as in consideration of in light of in view of insomuch as pending seeing taking into account abreast au courant contempo current existent extant hot off press in fashion in vogue instant just out latest leading-edge mod new newfangled present present-day recent red-hot state-of-the-art topical ultramodern up-to-date up-to-the-minute voguish with it à la mode accepted accustomed afoot circulating common knowledge customary cutting-edge doing fad fashionable general going around hot in circulation in progress in the mainstream in the news in use modern on front burner ongoing popular prevailing prevalent rampant regnant rife ruling swinging trendy widespread a go-go all the rage chic chichi contemporary dashing faddy favored fly genteel in style in-thing last word latest thing modish natty rakish smart swank trendsetting upscale usual well-liked already NOW no w story word advice account report message data rumor hearsay telegram tidings dispatch telecast scandal leak telling copy cable recital scoop release bulletin exposé lowdown silence truth history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tip tip-off two cents' worth view warning word to the wise advertisement briefing broadcast broadcasting communication communiqué disclosure dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation narration notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation statement announcement break calendar flash handout hot wire item list news flash program skinny the dope what's going down what's happening comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper conversation converse declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story intelligence language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work buzz intimate intelligence juicy morsel the lowdown dirt NEWS
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