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Assignment Asia: Decomposing plastic

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Millions of tons of plastic waste go into the world's seas every year and harm marine life, as plastic takes forever to decompose. And a bulk of it, according to ...


CCTVNews News CCTV Breaking politics Philippines Manila Amin Hataman plastic pollution biodegradable plastic inventor Mindanao Peter Carney appointment chore drill duty homework job position post practice stint beat charge commission mission unemployment keeping selection choice allocation distribution nomination attribution apportionment designation grant giving specification stipulation delegation appropriation determination allotment consignment ascription authorization assignation affair assignment avocation calling case circumstance concern employment episode event hap happening incident interest obligation occupation occurrence office function proceeding profession project province pursuit question realm responsibility subject task thing topic transaction undertaking irresponsibility surrender hobby fun entertainment affairs assignments avocations callings cases circumstances concerns duties employments episodes events happenings haps incidents interests jobs missions obligations 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