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Astonishing moment Tory minister RESIGNS on live TV

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over ceded abalienated abdicated accorded alienated aliened allowed came across with capitulated communicated conceded conveyed dropped folded forked over gave in granted handed over left made over relinquished remised renounced signed over threw in the sponge transferred vouchsafed waived yielded won took over defended continued retained maintained opposed fought kept held guarded gained rejected withheld disapproved disallowed denied challenged refused alive animate breathing living aware conscious vital dead apathetic dispirited inactive lethargic non-existent hot lively prevalent working alert brisk burning functioning pressing running unsettled active controversial current dynamic earnest effective effectual efficacious efficient operative pertinent topical vivid sluggish unimportant continue endure get along last lead maintain move pass remain survive abide breathe persist prevail subsist be alive draw breath get by have life make it remain alive cease discontinue fall behind 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given up left gone departed stopped passed lost idled forsaken rejected refused discontinued ceased
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