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At least the look-alike doesn't recoil in disgust at his touch

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artlessly all the luck idle talk on last leg art lost thought bottom first gutter infinitesimal last minimum minute nadir second third atomic entry-level fewest finical lowest meanest microcosmic microscopic minimal minutest molecular next to nothing niggling piddling poorest short-end tiniest trivial unimportant big huge large substantial most aboriginal ahead antecedent anterior basic beginning cardinal early elementary first off front fundamental head headmost in the beginning inaugural inceptive incipient initial introductory key lead off leading least number one numero uno opening original pioneer premier primary prime primeval primitive primogenial primordial pristine right up front rudimentary slightest smallest ending final secondary inferior nonessential insignificant inessential subordinate extra additional minor auxiliary following aftermost antipodal at the end bitter end climactic closing concluding conclusive crowning curtains definitive determinate determinative end endwise eventual extreme far far-off farthest finishing furthest hindmost lag latest most recent once and for all outermost rearmost remotest supreme swan song terminal ulterior ultimate utmost uttermost starting moderate oldest middle lastest lattermost endmost hindermost littlest basal essential least possible nominal token base ground nethermost undermost sack tap affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the sack tap The attention eye glance glimpse peek review stare view beholding case cast contemplation flash gander gaze gun inspection introspection leer marking noticing observation once-over reconnaissance regard regarding scrutiny sight slant speculation squint surveillance survey swivel viewing evil eye keeping watch look-see disregard ignorance indifference neglect fashion presence face demeanor manner expression bearing semblance seeming mien effect air countenance physiognomy complexion aspect guise mug visage notice consider read study watch see peer rubberneck gape scan beware goggle mind focus scrutinize ogle mark tend note behold attend inspect spot gawk contemplate observe peep spy glower admire scout heed get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights miss look away forget overlook dodge avoid scorn ignore sound express show exhibit resemble evidence indicate manifest display present look like make clear strike as cover withhold contradict hide conceal search seek hope hunt foretell await divine forecast count on reckon on find front front on give onto address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura comportment deportment feel feeling flavor impression look mannerism mood pose property quality tone absence reality attitude blind carriage character condition dress feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp leaving departure disappearance rear back appearances facet whole aspects behavior poise port set stand sack tap Look... Look LOOK look! identical like similar Xerox akin allied analogous approximate associated carbon copy cognate comparable concurrent correspondent corresponding dead ringer ditto double duplicate equal equivalent even facsimile indistinguishable kindred look-alike matched matching parallel proportionate related resembling same same difference spitting image undifferentiated uniform different dissimilar unlike distinct diverse opposite likewise comparatively equally evenly similarly uniformly analogously comparably consonantly correspondingly equivalently identically in accordance with in common in the same degree in the same manner the same way unevenly dissimilarly unequally differently affiliated agnate alike cognated connate consonant incident unconnected unalike unrelated disconnected alien convertible homologous interchangeable disparate disagreeing close near relative verging on precise exact definite clear accurate away far clannish associative cliquish insular narrow reserved restricting restrictive sectarian unfriendly unreceptive open welcoming friendly undifferenced unequal unworthy incomparable conformable adapted agreeable amenable applicable assorted compliant consistent docile fitted fitting harmonious in agreement obedient orderly proper regular submissive suitable suited tractable unified useable well-regulated mismatched nonconforming inappropriate Alike sack tap does t doest t docent does in to does it doest don't does a t dissent dost t does into descent dolent decent dent dont dost does in duest dis sent de scent de cent backfire balk blanch blink cringe demur flinch hesitate reel shudder tremble turn away waver wince blench carom dodge duck falter jerk kick quail quake react rebound resile shake shirk shrink spring start stick stickle swerve withdraw draw back pull back shy away step back steady face meet remain stay avoid abstain avert bypass circumlocute circumvent deflect desist ditch divert elude escape eschew evade fake out fend off flee give the slip hide hold off jump keep clear lay low obviate recoil run for cover shake and bake shake off shrink from shuffle off shun shy sidestep skip skip out on skip town skirt stay away stay out steer clear of step aside turn aside ward off weave want seek take on help allow permit avoidance absention circumvention delay departure dodging elusion escapism eschewal evasion flight forbearance nonparticipation parry passive resistance prevention recession restraint retreat run-around self-restraint shunning steering clear of meeting arrival advance coming continuation avoided avoiding back down abandon accede acquiesce admit back off back out back pedal backtrack beg off bow out cancel cave in chicken out concede cop out give ground give in give up go back on have no fight left hold back pull out recant renege resign submit surrender take back wimp out yield go forward fight reject refuse dissent dispute uphold backlash boomerang bounce back disappoint fail flop miscarry ricochet spring back succeed achieve accomplish Recoil sack tap antipathy dislike distaste hatred loathing revulsion abhorrence abomination detestation hatefulness nausea objection repugnance revolt satiation satiety sickness surfeit nauseation nauseousness approval like liking love loving admiration appeal desire esteem fondness respect reverence disturb displease bother shock upset insult nauseate offend irk outrage sicken turn off repulse scandalize abominate pique pall put off disenchant be repulsive cloy on fill with loathing gross out make one sick offend morals of reluct help please make happy order revere admire compliment delight soothe calm appease aversion allergy animosity antagonism disfavor disgust disinclination disliking displeasure dissatisfaction dread hate having no use for horror hostility indisposition odium reluctance repulsion unwillingness kindness care attachment pleasure beauty sympathy affection rapport boredom apathy detachment doldrums dullness ennui fatigue flatness incuriosity indifference irksomeness jadedness lack of interest lassitude lethargy listlessness monotony pococurantism sameness taedium vitae tediousness tedium tiresomeness unconcern world-weariness yawn interest feeling concern liveliness energy vigor excitement afflict aggravate agitate alarm badger bedevil bore browbeat carp at cross discommode disconcert dismay disquiet distress eat embarrass exacerbate exasperate goad grate on grieve harry hinder hurt impede inconvenience intrude upon irritate molest nag needle nudge pain perplex perturb pester pick on plague provoke pursue put out ride scare spite tantalize taunt tease torment trouble vex worry neglect support ease stop satisfy relieve assure encourage ignore praise assuage gladden reassure comfort assist aid bothers cloy fill glut gorge jade sate satiate stall stodge suffice weary fast diet abstain deplete dissatisfy deprive cloyed Disgust sack tap owned mine endemic hers individual inherent intrinsic its particular peculiar personal private resident theirs very own yours own welcome howdy greetings bonjour buenas noches buenos dias good day good morning hey hi-ya how are you how goes it howdy-do shalom goodbye au revoir adios hello letter nod ovation salute reception card hail salutation blow respects acknowledgment testimonial aloha note notice attention rumble regards address salaam heralding ciao highball how-do-you-do compliments best wishes compellation good wishes high five speaking to ushering in neglect farewell ignorance heedlessness greeting his ownest HIS communication contact feeling taste blow brush caress collision contingence crash cuddling embrace feel fondling graze grope handling hit hug impact junction kiss lick manipulation nudge palpation pat peck perception percussion petting push rub rubbing scratch shock stroke stroking tactility tap touching taction failure loss lot trace whiff scent hint detail dash shade bit tinge streak suggestion jot speck tincture pinch drop spot smattering inkling smack suspicion intimation soupçon small amount whole style talent ability influence technique familiarity effect understanding hand skill knack approach flair direction finish adeptness adroitness facility mastery characteristic trademark artistry deftness acquaintance command handiwork way faculty art awareness virtuosity impotence ineptitude ignorance weakness lack incapacity inability handle reach strike probe sweep converge examine tag verge glance border suck manipulate fondle toy scrutinize paw pet tip tickle adjoin frisk partake osculate finger march dab inspect communicate palpate abut sip line join smooth neighbor meet massage palm thumb percuss be in contact butt on come together feel up impinge upon lay a finger on secrete shy away shrink separate divide miss fail lose cower avoid disjoin suppress ignore hide conceal manhandle refrain abstain disturb inspire excite move upset mark impress affect grab stir melt soften arouse carry sway stimulate quicken feel out get through to get to make an impression strike a chord tug at the heart discourage order dissuade quiet pacify calm involve eat consume use drink utilize interest concern bear on be a party to be associated with bear upon belong to center upon concern oneself with deal with get involved in partake of pertain to refer to build neglect mention cover go over note treat discuss bring in allude to speak of rival equal amount tie parallel match come up to come to be a match for be in the same league be on a par come near hold a candle to measure up verge on disconnect approximate be adjacent to butt connect lie lie beside link touch detach advance accommodation allowance bite credit deposit down payment floater front money hike increase loan prepayment retainer rise score stake take block stop stagnation impediment withdrawal recession hesitation halt decrease advances act on alter change impinge induce modify overcome perturb prevail regard relate transform leave alone stay keep continue hold stagnate surrender remain affects amaze alarm astonish astound bewilder blow away bowl over daze dumbfound electrify flabbergast perplex put one away stagger startle stun stupefy expect bore clear up explain Touches sack tap Touch
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