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At That Hour | James Joyce

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morphing reality 2021 poetic artsy beautiful happy friendly yay a certain a particular a well known one such this in order that in that so that which who that fact that one that other the one in question another a distinct a further a separate added else farther fresh further more new one more other some other that aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like the aforementioned one the thing indicated this one this person what if but imagine supposing and that whatever whichever bit date flash juncture minute occasion point stage time breathing crack instant jiffy sec second shake tick trice twinkle twinkling while wink jiff no time nothing flat point in time split second three winks whole triviality unimportance moment freedom event fortuity shot probability liberty run opening leisure break stab happening turn fitness good luck space convenience excuse hope show prayer pass cut fling scope whack spell squeak room connection relief contingency befalling fair shake fighting chance good fortune iron in the fire the hunt the running one's move one's say one's turn closure truth bad luck misfortune closing reality opportunity generation past life season day present term age pace future era tide duration lifetime stint span clock stretch instance epoch bout eternity infinity tempo extent continuance shift interval tour allotment life span month year week chronology lastingness many a moon ending chance place preference whenever spare moment suitable time one's own sweet time waste uselessness inutility unsuitability inconvenience period reign course quarter century hour conveniences chances freedoms hours leisures liberties occasions one's own sweet times opportunities places preferences spare moments suitable times whenevers wastes inutilities inexpediences unsuitabilities inconveniences moments bits breathings cracks dates flashes instants jiffies jiffs junctures minutes no times nothing flats point in times points seconds secs shakes split seconds stages ticks times trices twinkles twinklings whiles winks unimportances trivialities wholes befallings breaks connections contingencies cuts events excuses fair shakes fighting chances fitnesses flings fortuities good fortunes good lucks happenings hopes iron in the fires one's moves one's says one's turns openings passes prayers probabilities reliefs rooms runs scopes shots shows spaces spells squeaks stabs the hunts the runnings turns whacks closures truths bad lucks misfortunes closings realities an hour by the hour THAT HOUR Hour Hours James Joyce alter modify transform contort distort deform doctor mutate recast transmute wring maintain stagnate keep preserve sustain Morphing Morphe Morph morph existence matter phenomenon real world realism sensibility truth absoluteness actuality authenticity being certainty concreteness corporeality deed entity genuineness materiality object palpability perceptibility presence realness solidity substance substantiality substantive tangibility validity verisimilitude verity bottom line brass tacks how things are like it is name of the game nuts and bolts way of it what's what abstract concept falseness idea belief fantasy hypothesis imagination theory achievement actualization attainment fact materialization reality straight stuff what it is failure lie forfeit animation journey life living subsistence vitality world inanimate deadness basis conclusion core crux determination essence fiber final decision fundamentals income key point last word loss main idea main point main thing meat and potatoes net nitty-gritty point profit sum and substance what it's all about whole story consequence foregone conclusion inevitable result sure thing surety questionableness uncertainty hesitation doubt ambiguity accomplishment act action adventure ballgame big idea bit byplay cause commission crusade enterprise exploit feat follow through game happenin' performance plan quest securing stunt thing tour de force winning rest stoppage repose idleness cessation inertia inactivity inaction deeds agreements bargains certificates charters compacts conveyances covenants documents indentures instruments leases papers proofs records releases securities titles transactions vouchers warranties disagreements holds 2021 anapestic dactylic dramatic elegiac epic epical epodic iambic idyllic imaginative lyric lyrical melodious metrical odic rhythmical romantic songlike tuneful prosaic artistic aesthetic creative cultivated cultured decorative elegant exquisite fine graceful grand harmonious ideal musical ornamental pictorial picturesque pleasing poetic refined sensitive stimulating stylish sublime tasteful ugly scientific inelegant horrible distasteful unimaginative uncreative fanciful absurd aerial bizarre blue sky capricious castles in the air chimerical curious dreamlike extravagant fabulous fairy-tale fancied fantastic fantastical fictional fictitious fictive flaky floating illusory imagined incredible kinky legendary mythical notional offbeat on cloud nine pie in the sky pipe dream preposterous shadowy suppositious unreal visionary whimsical wild serious ordinary grave normal reasonable unromantic sincere real usual sensible avant-garde blue-sky brain wave breaking ground clever dreamy enterprising fertile high-flown ingenious inspired original originative pie-in-the-sky poetical productive quixotic utopian vivid way out dull realistic uninventive choral coloratura mellifluous melodic songful agreeable blending chiming dulcet emotional euphonious expressive lilting operatic orchestral passionate rhapsodic rhythmic soulful sweet-sounding symphonic symphonious adventurous amorous bathetic charming chivalrous colorful corny daring enchanting erotic exciting exotic fascinating fond glamorous impractical lovey-dovey loving maudlin mushy mysterious nostalgic sloppy soppy starry-eyed syrupy tear-jerking tender unrealistic unenthusiastic plain frigid cool cold familiar pragmatic uncaring uninteresting repulsive boring indifferent Poetic Poeticism poeticate pretentious self-conscious stilted airish apish artificial campy chichi conscious gone Hollywood highfaluting posed stuck up unnatural natural unpretentious mannered artsy Artsy alluring appealing charming cute dazzling delicate delightful elegant exquisite fascinating fine good-looking gorgeous graceful grand handsome lovely magnificent marvelous pleasing pretty splendid stunning superb wonderful admirable angelic beauteous bewitching classy comely divine enticing excellent fair foxy ideal nice pulchritudinous radiant ravishing refined resplendent shapely sightly statuesque sublime symmetrical taking well-formed awkward bad coarse crude drab dull homely horrible inelegant inferior insignificant offensive ordinary paltry poor repulsive rough ugly uncouth unrefined disgusting grotesque hideous plain unattractive attractive adorable agreeable beautiful beckoning captivating enchanting engaging enthralling fetching glamorous hunky interesting inviting looker luring magnetic mesmeric pleasant prepossessing provocative seductive tantalizing teasing tempting winning winsome repellent disenchanting disagreeable unappealing undesirable boring awesome alarming astonishing awe-inspiring awful breathtaking daunting dreadful exalted fearful fearsome formidable frantic frightening hairy horrifying imposing impressive intimidating majestic mean mind-blowing moving nervous overwhelming real gone shocking something else striking stupefying terrible terrifying wondrous zero cool good weak unimpressive comforting unimportant trivial becoming acceptable effective enhancing neat presentable seemly tasteful welcome well-chosen improper unfitting tasteless unseemly inappropriate unsuitable unbecoming indecorous desirable dainty unhappy unpleasant hateful cutest Beautiful cheerful contented delighted ecstatic elated glad joyful joyous jubilant lively merry overjoyed peaceful pleasant pleased thrilled upbeat blessed blest blissful blithe can't complain captivated chipper chirpy content convivial exultant flying high gay gleeful gratified intoxicated jolly laughing light looking good mirthful on cloud nine peppy perky playful sparkling sunny tickled tickled pink walking on air depressed disappointed disturbed down grave melancholy miserable sad serious sorrowful troubled unfriendly unhappy upset discouraged dissatisfied forsaken hopeless morose pained unfortunate unlucky successful apt fortunate accidental advantageous appropriate auspicious befitting casual convenient correct effective efficacious enviable favorable felicitous fitting incidental just meet nice opportune promising proper propitious right satisfactory seasonable suitable timely well-timed providential Panglossian assured bright buoyant cheering confident encouraged expectant happy high hopeful hoping idealistic keeping the faith on top of world positive ray of sunshine rose-colored roseate rosy sanguine trusting utopian airy animated bouncy cheery effervescent elastic fanciful flippant frolicsome graceful high-spirited jaunty light-hearted nonchalant resilient sprightly volatile whimsical heavy stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome animate activated active alert dynamic energized spirited vivacious shy quiet dull dead spiritless lethargic ardent brisk ebullient energetic enthusiastic excited fervent passionate quick snappy vibrant vigorous vital vitalized vivid zealous zestful zingy zippy sluggish lazy applicable apposite apropos fit germane pertinent relevant seemly unfitting improper unskilled stupid incapable inapt disinclined incorrect unseemly unsuitable irrelevant inappropriate golden halcyon lucky prosperous unpromising ominous inopportune inauspicious Happy affable affectionate amiable amicable attentive beneficial chummy cordial familiar favorable good helpful loving loyal neighborly peaceful receptive sympathetic welcoming close faithful kind sociable tender thick attached auspicious benevolent benign buddy-buddy civil clubby comradely conciliatory confiding convivial fond genial kindly on good terms outgoing peaceable propitious solicitous well-disposed aloof bad cold cool disadvantageous disagreeable disliking distant harmful hostile hurtful hurting ignorant injurious mean reserved surly unfriendly unhelpful unpleasant unsociable inaccurate loose unkind antagonistic incompatible uncompanionable unreceptive accommodating considerate cooperative friendly generous handy hospitable obliging on deck on tap polite unselfish user friendly estranged alienating disobliging selfish greedy all over caring crazy over dear devoted doting huggy lovey-dovey mushy nutty about partial soft on warm warmhearted undemonstrative unfeeling uncaring attractive breezy charming cheerful complaisant copacetic cozy delightful downright neighborly easy engaging good-humored good-natured gracious home cooking lenient lovable mellow mild palsy-walsy pleasant pleasing princely pussycat responsive right righteous sweet-tempered swell tight winning rude gloomy nasty sad unhappy testy quarrelsome irritable crabby hateful repulsive appreciative admiring alive aware cognizant conscious enlightened enthusiastic keen knowledgeable magnanimous mindful perceptive pleased regardful respectful satisfied sensitive supportive understanding unenthusiastic insensitive unmindful unconscious neglectful ungrateful unappreciative uninformed unresponsive indifferent unaware inattentive beneficent benignant congenial gentle goodhearted liberal merciful severe harsh violent rough cancerous malignant chattiest colloquial communicative conversational gabby garrulous gossipy informal intimate loose-lipped loquacious multieloquent spontaneous talky formal silent quiet untalkative Friendly cheer encouragement whoopee yell hip-hip hurray huzza rah-rah three cheers yippee hurrah yay Yay
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