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At times witty and at other times insensitive, Prince Philip has become known.

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'I declare this thing open, whatever it is': The gaffe-prone Duke who often said what he shouldn't.At times witty and at other times insensitive, Prince Philip has become known for being the most gaffe-prone member of the Royal Family, not shy of expressing his uncensored and politically incorrect opinions on a variety of subjects.The Queen's 95-year-old husband, who has announced he will retire from royal duties in the Autumn, is renowned for his risque, off-the-cuff remarks while carrying out official engagements. From addressing Aborigines on a state visit to Australia in March 2002 and asking if they 'still throw spears at one another', to asking singer Tom Jones if he 'gargled with pebbles' following the 1969 Royal Variety performance, his comments have been toe curling and hilarious in equal measures.In 1966 the Duke declared 'British women can't cook', while in one of his most infamous outbursts on a state visit in 1986, he said that British students would become 'slitty-eyed' if they stayed in China. Having spent nearly 70 years as the Queen's companion the tempestuous Duke has become famed for spicing up even the dullest of royal engagements but his unwavering, forthright style and devotion to duty has endeared him to the nation.Here, we round up some of the legendary, no-nonsense remarks from the longest serving - and perhaps most amusing - consort in British history.Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/


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