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AutoComplete: EV enthusiast builds Nissan Leaf rally car

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Plus: Honda starts Odyssey production, and Mercedes recalls the E-Class.Nissan Leaf AT-EV Rally car: http://roadshow.co/FzV02h2018 Honda Odyssey production: http://roadshow.co/9AFcKlMercedes-Benz e300 recall: http://roadshow.co/GOZKN5Subscribe to Roadshow: http://bit.ly/1Z3Ff7GVisit us online at http://www.TheRoadshow.comTwitter @Roadshow : https://www.twitter.com/RoadshowIG @RoadshowAutos : https://www.instagram.com/RoadshowAutosFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadshowAutos/


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motorized vehicle voiture tram cable car gondola streetcar milves Car Cars Honda milves honda Mercedes-Benz milves Mercedes Benz Roadshow milves Chris milves nissan leaf Nissan milves nissan frond needle petal stalk blade bract flag leaflet pad petiole scale stipule foliole sheet paper folio scan browse skim riffle glance dip into run through thumb riff blossom bloom blow burgeon burst effloresce leaf open outbloom shoot unfold die fade shrink deteriorate wither shrivel blossomed blew bloomed burgeoned effloresced leafed opened outbloomed shot unfolded died faded shrank deteriorated withered shrivelled calyx husk sepal fan air conditioner draft flabellum palm leaf propeller thermantidote vane ventilator windmill fans air conditioners blades drafts flabellums leaves palm leafs propellers thermantidotes vanes ventilators windmills film blur brume cloud coat covering dusting fabric foil fold gauze haze haziness integument layer membrane mistiness nebula obscuration opacity partition 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