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BBC Media Bias on Palestine/ Israel Called Out

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bbc Philosopher Stoned BBC news publishing radio television announcement cable communications correspondence disclosure expression intelligence announcing information technology means media public relations publicity route telecommunications transport travel mass media broadcasting electronic media information media press middle core deep focus halfway halfway point heart inside marrow mean midpoint midriff midsection midst thick waist border exteriority margin outside exterior columnist correspondent editor Fourth Estate interviewer journalism journalist magazine newspaper newsperson paper periodical photographer publicist publisher reporter writer peace harmony calm press corps news medium the press Philosopher Stoned bigotry favoritism inclination intolerance leaning preference prejudice tendency tilt unfairness bent chauvinism disposition flash illiberality mind-set penchant preconception predilection predisposition prepossession proclivity proneness propensity spin standpoint turn viewpoint head-set mind trip narrowmindedness one-sidedness fairness justice tolerance antipathy disinclination dislike hate impartiality justness angle incline oblique slant cross cant sway distort twist influence warp weight prepossess make partial leave alone straighten attitude air approach belief bias character demeanor frame of mind headset like it is mental state mindset mindtrip mood notion opinion perspective philosophy point of view position posture reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment set stance stand standing temper temperament view where one is at attitudes Jim Crowism discrimination dogmatism fanaticism injustice narrow-mindedness partiality provincialism racialism racism sectarianism sexism broad-mindedness open-mindedness convert actuate alter conviction assimilate to baptize be born again bend brainwash bring bring around budge cause to adopt change into change of heart convince create anew impel lead lead to believe make over move persuade proselyte proselytize redeem reform regenerate save see the light stay keep idle hold endure stop wait remain persist suppress repress dissuade converting diagonal askew bevel beveled biased cater-cornered catty-cornered cornerways crossways crosswise kitty-cornered skewing slanted slanting transversal transverse Philosopher Stoned Israel Philosopher Stoned israel christened labeled termed chosen named selected called conscript elect exclusive got the nod pegged pick picked popular preferential select tabbed inferior ignored announced anointed appointed approved assigned authorized certified commissioned consecrated decided upon declared delegated deputed drafted elected entrusted favored nominated opted ordained preferred sanctioned settled on supported vested proposed suggested Called Philosopher Stoned away outside absent antiquated cold dated dead ended exhausted expired extinguished finished impossible outmoded at an end behind the times demode not allowed not on old-fashioned old-hat passé ruled out unacceptable unfashionable used up animated existing incomplete interested modern new saved stored unfinished warm here possible outward without out of doors indoors inside argument altercation beef bickering blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan brawl brush clash controversy crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement dispute donnybrook dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher flap fuss gin hassle knock down and drag out knockdown out quarrel rhubarb romp row ruckus ruction rumpus run-in scene scrap set-to shindy spat squabble static stew tiff words wrangle harmony peace agreement calm arguments aside abreast afar alone alongside apart beside by oneself down in isolation in reserve near nearby neck and neck out of the way privately separately sidewise middle asleep catching some zzz's comatose conked crashed dormant dozing dreaming flaked out getting shut-eye in dreamland in repose inactive inert napping on the kip out cold out like a light out of it reposing resting sacked out sleeping slumbering snoring somnolent taking forty winks conscious attentive awake begone depart hightail leave off scat scoot scram shoo skiddoo vamoose broken busted coming unglued coming unstuck defective disabled fallen apart faulty feeble gone gone to pieces gone to pot haywire imperfect in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable kaput not functioning on the blink on the fritz on the shelf out of commission out of kilter out of order out of whack ruined run-down screwed up shot spent unsatisfactory weak wracked wrecked kept uplifted happy whole unbroken fixed complete perfect flowing working satisfied continuous connected repaired Philosopher Stoned Out outs
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