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Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 "Dramatic Season Finale" Preview

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Season 3 ends with engagements and heartbreaks. One panicked Bachelor voices his concerns to a devastated Bachelorette; one vulnerable woman worries ...


Chris Harrison Jared Haibon Emily Ferguson Haley Ferguson Leah Block Lace Morris Amanda Stanton Jubilee Sharpe Sarah Herron Carly Waddell Vallarta-Nayarit Mexico Chad Johnson Nick Viall Josh Murray Daniel Maguire Evan Bass Grant Kemp Vinny Ventiera Caila Quinn rose cermony Ashley Iaconetti propose fantasy sutie Lace Tiara Soleim celibate single stag available single person unattached groom husband spouse alum alumnus baccalaureate bachelor collegian diplomate doctor former student grad holder licentiate master product recipient companionless divorced eligible free living alone loner separated sole solo spouseless unfettered unmarried unwed fancy-free footloose footloose and fancy-free lone husbandless unwedded widowed wifeless graduate Ph.D. undergraduate wed wedded married united together mixed double combined Bachelor eligible bachelor bchloer bachlor player marriage paul isaiah 4 romans 1 corinthians 7 mark 10:12 mistake bliss bachelorette relationship bachelor breakfast bliss heaven utopia wonderland Arcadia Eden Shangri-la Zion ballpark delight felicity Promised Land cloud nine divine abode happy hunting ground heavenly kingdom kingdom come next world pearly gates hell Kingdom of God blessed state eternal home happiness and rest happy home in sinu Abraham nirvana paradise City of God Kingdom of Heaven Land of the Leal New Jerusalem city of light upstairs Elysian Fields Erewhon Garden of Eden Xanadu seventh heaven dreamland dreamworld land of milk and honey never-never land clover comfort lap of luxury life of ease luxury milk and honey the good life velvet beatitude blessedness cool euphoria gladness gone happiness joy rapture Abraham's bosom bed of roses misery depression unhappiness upset grief woe sorrow sadness Paradise afterlife novel reborn reincarnation paradice dreams beuty beautiful beach bahamas hawaii europe south america california camp fire paradise ca camp fire california peace content belife cute sexy hot wonderful dreamy. fall period summer time winter autumn division interval juncture occasion opportunity spell spring term while acclimatize accommodate acculture accustom climatize conform get used to habituate harden season toughen acclimate indurate inure acculturate acquaint adapt familiarize brush with liquid drip grease lard lace color pep enliven leaven salt spice pepper qualify discipline school anneal fit steel train mature temper neglect flex weaken soften acclimated accustoms baste Season evan pwn awsome sexy scary sexy season boobs ass go ham go hard pissed boss sex prostitution pimp hooker gang bang cock dick fuck girl short friend her him examination viewing research show sneak survey preliminary study sneak peek ignorance criticism countdown curtain lifter curtain warmer inaugural kickoff lead-in opener opening gun opening shot preliminary preview run-up walk-up warm-up debut first appearance first night first showing gala opening gala performance premiere sneak preview world premiere command performance first performance curtain raiser opening night seduce entangle interest body entice prevew blowjob finger suck preeview sucky. 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