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Backhand prep made easy

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back-hand hungover as a duck backhand back hand Backhand BackHAND Back Hand preliminary previous before elementary in advance of in anticipation of inductive opening precautionary prefatory prelusive preparative primary prior to auxiliary supplementary preparatory workout recital drill tryout reading run-through description going-over practice shakedown recitation experiment relation call dry run trial balloon practice session recounting readying retelling test flight trial performance cold turkey rehearsal coach move rehearse fit motivate groom excite brief tell inform clue train galvanize cram provoke stimulate notify break in fill in innervate make ready neglect secret forget depress discourage stop conceal hide calm dissuade listen prime provide fix gird equip brace arrange organize get strengthen make set fortify post order clear the decks make up warm up fit out gear up get ready get set keep posted let in on pave the way psych up put on to wise up displace halt hurt lose fail let go disturb slow retard hold back disallow prevent weaken disorder destroy disorganize disarrange ready gear prepare supply set up qualify decorate rig dress endow arm furnish adorn appoint deck accouter stake outfit attire implement man array heel stock fix up turn out deck out feather nest line nest unclothe take disrobe educate comb prim tend curry tidy refresh sleek refine clean primp nurture preen brush spruce up lick into shape make attractive make presentable pretty up put through grind put through mill rub down shape up slick up smarten up spiff up ignore mess up ruin damage dirty prep equipping accoutering adorning appointing arming arraying attiring decking decking out decorating dressing endowing fitting out fixing up furnishing gearing gearing up heeling implementing manning outfitting preparing prepping providing qualifying rigging setting up staking stocking supplying turning out leaving plain unclothing taking disrobing groomed brushed cleaned coached combed curried dressed drilled educated made attractive made presentable nurtured preened prepped primed primmed primped readied refined refreshed rubbed down shaped up sleeked slicked up smartened up spiffed up spruced up tended tidied trained turned out neglected forgot ignored ruined damaged dirtied grooming brushing cleaning coaching combing currying drilling educating making attractive making presentable nurturing preening priming primming primping putting through grind putting through mill refining refreshing rubbing down shaping up sleeking slicking up smartening up spiffing up sprucing up tending tidying training neglecting forgetting ignoring ruining damaging dirtying preps hungover as a duck built contrived finished formed invented manufactured shaped produced artificial constructed bound apprenticed articled bent bounden certain coerced compelled constrained contracted doomed driven duty-bound enslaved fated firm forced having no alternative impelled indentured intent made necessitated obligated obliged pledged pressed required restrained sure under compulsion under necessity urged unbounded free allowed unrestricted permitted irresolute assembled completed created fabricated put together weak flat puny skinny fictitious apocryphal assumed bogus chimerical concocted cooked-up counterfeit deceptive delusive delusory dishonest ersatz factitious fake faked false fanciful fantastic fashioned feigned fictional fictive figmental hyped up illusory imaginary imagined improvised make-believe misleading mock mythical phony queer romantic sham simulated spurious suppositious supposititious synthetic trumped-up unreal proven actual true genuine confirmed sincere authentic truthful honest real factual accomplished achieved brought about ceased closed come to an end compassed concluded consummated decided discharged dispatched disposed of done for done with effected effectuated elaborated ended entire executed final finalized fulfilled full in the past lapsed over over and done perfected performed put into effect realized resolved satisfied settled sewn up shut stopped terminated through tied up worked out wound up wrapped up saved kept unrefined crude stored held unsophisticated unfinished uncultivated incomplete fantastical made-up originating activated arising authored beginning begot caused commencing dawning deriving emanating generated incepted induced inspired issuing motivated starting hungover as a duck accessible clear effortless obvious painless simple smooth straightforward uncomplicated apparent basic child's play cinch easily done elementary evident facile inconsiderable light little manageable manifest mere no bother no problem no sweat no trouble not burdensome nothing to it paltry picnic piece of cake plain plain sailing pushover royal simple as ABC slight snap undemanding uninvolved untroublesome wieldy yielding ambiguous complicated difficult hard obscure unclear unintelligible vague arduous complex demanding exhausting impossible intolerant intricate involved laborious oppressive strict trying uneasy unhappy unpermissive unrelaxed slow secure successful peaceful quiet comfortable pleasant soft calm carefree comfy commodious composed content contented cozy cushy flowing fluent forthright gentle languid mild moderate prosperous running satisfied serene snug spontaneous substantial temperate thriving tranquil undisturbed unhurried untroubled well-to-do easeful at ease cursive in clover unexacting unworried loud rough smart unfriendly noisy clamorous intelligent flexible accommodating amenable benign charitable clement compassionate compliant condoning easygoing forbearing forgiving gullible indulgent kindly lax lenient liberal merciful naive submissive susceptible sympathetic tractable trusting biddable dupable exploitable deceivable deludable excusing fleeceable humoring pampering pardoning spoiling unburdensome unoppressive unsuspicious stern unyielding rigid natural affable amiable casual complaisant diplomatic familiar friendly good-natured graceful gracious gregarious informal obliging open polite sociable suave tolerant unaffected unpretentious urbane good-tempered relaxed unforced unanxious able adept adequate adroit agile alert apt bright capable competent cunning deft dexterous easy endowed equipped fitted good knowing powerful ready strong worthy weak delicate inept feeble useless powerless infirm ineffective unintelligent stupid disinclined unable incapable inadequate unsuitable unskilled incompetent ablest amicable attractive breezy buddy-buddy charming cheerful clubby cool copacetic cordial delightful downright neighborly engaging genial good-humored home cooking kind lovable mellow palsy-walsy pleasing princely pussycat responsive right righteous sweet-tempered swell tight warm warmhearted winning rude gloomy mean bad nasty sad cold disagreeable testy surly quarrelsome irritable crabby unkind hateful repulsive unsociable unpleasant hostile aloof attainable accomplishable at hand available cherry pie duck soup feasible gettable likely obtainable possible potential practicable probable procurable reachable realizable securable unattainable unreasonable unreachable basal beginning fundamental initial lowest necessary airy blithe buoyant careless cheery easy-going feelgood happy happy-go-lucky insouciant jaunty jovial laid back radiant sunny unbothered anxious troubled depressed worried heavyhearted dissatisfied Easy hungover as a duck Easy!
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