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Baringo Senator-Gideon Moi commends the government of their efforts to quell the security crisis

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Daniel Arap Moi Celebrates his 93rd Birthday   New side of Gideon Moi emerges after he took on DP Ruto   Deputy President Ruto and Senator Moi clash at Mark Too's burial   'Tunisia a model of pluralism' - President Martin Schulz   Kenya - Opposition to Moi's security zone   DP Ruto Laughs Off Gideon Moi's Presidential Ambitions, Calling Him A Political Greenhorn   Mbiu ya KTN: Seneta Gideon Moi akutana na Walimu wa Baringo kuongelea kuhusu uboreshaji wa elimu   News Centre - 4th May 2017 - Baringo Senator Gideon Moi launches hostel in Kabarak University   Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has asked Kenyans to maintain peace during elections period   Baringo senator, Gideon Moi thanks Uhuru Kenyatta for the peace the country has started experiencing   Gideon Moi wants Kamama to step aside as the chair of security commitee for justice to be done   Baringo Senator Gideon Moi reveals his plans for the presidential race in 2022: Prime pt 2   Nasa commends IEBC and security personnel for a job well done   Areas under military operation are no go zones in Baringo   COG demand Uhuru's intervention over insecurity   Seneta wa Baringo Gideon Moi ataka serikali iwajibike kuhusu usalama huko Baringo   Gideon Moi dismisses claims of division in Rift Valley   Ben Shapiro: Media Is Distracting From Trump's GOOD JOB With Hurricane Harvey   Venezuela: Medicine and Food Crisis Demands Action Now   Venezuela: Medicine and Food Crisis Demands Action Now / Short   Gideon Moi handed his certificate after retaining the Baringo senatorial seat   Gideon Moi defends his senate seat in Baringo County   The memory lane of Moi day   Hayati Bethuel Kiplagat azikwa shambani mwake, Mosoriot - Nandi   Usalama Mipakani: Seneta wa Baringo, Gideon Moi asema viongozi wana imani usalama utaimarishwa   DP Ruto differs with Gideon Moi at Mark Too funeral   Lonyangapuo roots for peace in Baringo county   For this group of seniors, it's basketball over bingo any day   Nasa commends IEBC security personnel for a job well done   The entrepreneurs behind the sock company Bombas share their success story   NASA leaders address rallies in volatile  Baringo county   MOI IN EMBU: Senator Gideon Moi talks about the benefits of quality education in Kenya   CS Nkaissery is on the receiving end for the Baringo assassinations of two politicians   Leftist REFUSES To Condemn The Venezuelan Government & Their Crisis   IEBC clears various senatorial aspirants in counties   ODM leaders fault president's response to the insecure Baringo county   Government flexes muscle yet again in volatile Kerio Valley

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