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Barrow sworn-in as President, Jammeh refuses to cede power

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The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, have given outgoing President Yahya Jameh until midday today to relinquish power. Failure to ...


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  Gambia's Yahya Jammeh leaves power after 22 years   Gambia: Military threat looms as Jammeh clings to power   UN Security Council urges former Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh to transfer power   Jammeh finally gave in to pressure, agreed to step down   Adama Barrow returns to assume office [The Morning Call]   Gambia's president refusing to step down   Gambia’s President elect Adama Barrow said loser Jammeh cannot reject polls   Adama Barrow sworn in as Gambian President in Dakar [no comment]   The Politics Of The Gambia   Gambia Political Crisis - AM Talk on Joy News (19-1-17)   President Barrow Finally Arrives in Gambia   Families appeal to Gambian president to find missing victims of Jammeh's regime   Yahya Jammeh declares three-month state of emergency in Gambia   Gambia: Senegal troops to advance at noon if Yahya Jammeh refuses to cede power   Gambians speculate on Jammeh's wealth after he flies into exile   Dakar - Gambia's Barrow expects Jammeh to leave today | Editor's Pick | 21 Jan 17   Gambia's president elect says loser Jammeh cannot reject polls   Gambia's Adama Barrow appoints experts [The Morning Call]   Gambia's Political Standoff Ends, But Nation's Problems Linger   #Gambia: UK foreign secretary mocks exiled 'Jammeh dodger'   Gambian President Adama Barrow Pardons 98 Prisoners   Western tourists flee the Gambia as ECOWAS poised to militarily remove President   UK foreign secretary mocks exiled 'Jammeh dodger'   #Barrow - Democracy wins in the Gambia   Barrow's announces Senegal as his first Presidential visit   New Gambian President Takes Oath at Embassy in Senegal   Gambia's Jammeh Cedes Power, Agrees to Leave County   Current situation in Gambia as Dictator President Yahya Jammeh refuses to step down   Gambia: 51 Yahya Jammeh supporters arrested   Gambia: Jammeh refuses to stand down from presidency   Bye bye, Jammeh   Journalists in Gambia hopeful of better times under Adama Barrow's rule   Barrow: Political Prisoners Will be Released, Gambia Won't Withdraw from ICC   Regional troops to remain in The Gambia   TIMELINE: Who is Gambia's Yahya Jammeh?   Gambia crisis: Jammeh and Barrow face off continues   Thousands of Gambians Flee Ahead of Presidential Showdown   Barrow sworn in as president at Gambia ceremony   Gambia: Senegalese troops have entered the country   UN cancels Gambia's army chief visit to peacekeepers in Sudan   Adama Barrow: Who is Gambia's new President?   Gambia Chief of Staff of Defence forces says he loves his men and wont fight ECOWAS troops   The Gambia: President Barrow picks female Vice President   The #NewGambia: Barrow fires Jammeh's military general   Gambians, tourists flee on eve of deadline for leader to surrender power   A short explanation of the recent political crisis in The Gambia   Did Jammeh steal $1 billion from Gambia?   Senegalese troops cross border into Gambia as crisis intensifies   The New Gambia: Barrow fires Jammeh's military general   Gambians relieved as Yahya Jammeh agrees to steps down   ELECTION PROTESTS IN GAMBIA defeat for Jammeh in historic presidential poll Adama Barrow Victory   The Gambia: Yahya Jammeh says he’ll step aside   Barrow arrives at stadium in Banjul for swearing in   Gambians return home after Jammeh flies into exile   Gambians express hope for prosperity and peace   Showdown in Gambia: Foreign troops at border as Jammeh refuses to go (part 1)   The Gambia revokes diplomatic passports of Yahya Jammeh, family   No immunity for Yahya Jammeh [The Morning Call]   Showdown in Gambia: Senegalese troops enter as Jammeh refuses to go (part 2)   Gambia's Jammeh risks sanctions if he cling to power   ‘I am not an accidental president’: Barrow vows change in Gambia   Yahya Jammeh's petition hearing commences [The Morning Call]   Gambia crisis: Senegal sends troops   The challenges ahead for Gambia   [email protected]: Gambia's former president Yahya Jammeh exiles to Guinea after being ousted   Gambia's president elect inauguration spark military crackdown fears   Gambia: ECOWAS troops moving to secure the Gambia as President clings to power   EXCLUSIVE - Gambia president Adama Barrow: "we are waiting for ECOWAS clearance to go back"   Mali urges Gambia's leader to avoid 'bloodbath' and step down   Inside Story - What's hindering the smooth transfer of power in Africa?   Yahya Jammeh 'agrees to step down and leave' The Gambia   Barrow votes in Gambia's parliament elections   The Gambia: Barrow's party wins most seats in parliamentary poll   Législatives en Gambie, "fin de la transition" (Barrow)   Gambia: ECOWAS troops enter the Gambia to remove President Yahya Jammeh

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