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Bear falls to its death from a helicopter as it is being rescued by wildlife officials in Thailand

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A black bear rescued by wildlife officials fell to its death from a helicopter as it was being flown to a sanctuary. Animal activists were appalled after the blunder which occurred in Thailand. Thongchai Saengprathum, secretary of the Khao Yai Foundation, demanded that officials in charge of the rescue operation for the Asian black bear face legal action for negligence. The bear died after it was being airlifted on 11th February to the national park in Prachin Buri. There was no cage for the creature. Instead it was covered by a net and attached under the helicopter. But during the flight the animal panicked, rolled around, became free and fell to its death. It was a tragic end for a bear that had been found injured in November, who was nursed back to health and who was expected to live a long life. Heartbreaking moment 10-week old bear clings to dead mother electrocuted by poachers' high-voltage wire Thongchai claimed the accident could have been avoided if the bear had been trucked to the national park instead of being flown. Road transportation had been used many times in the past to move rescued animals so he questioned the wisdom of an airborne operation for this one. He said it seemed clear that the tranquilising agent used to calm the bear had not been strong enough. He also slammed the decision to release the bear at a place called Khao Laem - deep in the forest and miles from the spot where it was first rescued. He said Asian black (Ursus thibetanus) bears are highly social animals that need to stay with their packs.


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