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Belgian terraces and Greek beaches invite visitors as lockdown measures ease - euronews

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Belgian Peccadilloes belgian balcony deck gallery patio platform porch promenade roof bank esplanade portico along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Peccadilloes And? And's baffling impenetrable inconceivable mystifying opaque puzzling unfathomable unimaginable unintelligible Delphic beats me beyond comprehension beyond one's grasp clear as mud cryptic enigmatic fathomless incognizable inscrutable mysterious obscure over one's head perplexing sibylline unclear ungraspable unknowable believable clear comprehensible fathomable imaginable intelligible understandable incomprehensible illegible meaningless indecipherable vague ambiguous equivocal inarticulate incoherent indistinct jumbled muddled tenebrous uncertain unreadable inexplicit unexplicit meaningful decipherable classic academic attic bookish canonical humanistic Latin Hellenic Doric roman scholastic Ionic Grecian Augustan Homeric Virgilian belletristic canonic classicistic modern complicated classical uncomprehensible babble baloney gibberish gobbledygook hogwash malarkey mumbo jumbo nonsense rubbish hooey Choctaw hokum double Dutch blather tripe jabber bunk poppycock balderdash rot twaddle double-talk prating truth sense drivel Greek greek Peccadilloes Greeks coast shore waterfront bank lakeshore lakeside littoral margin oceanfront seaboard seafront seashore seaside shingle strand beach cay cliff edge embankment lakefront ledge levee reef riverfront riverside seabank streamside coastline seacoast shoreline desert abscond apostatize bail out betray bolt check out chuck cop out crawl out decamp depart duck escape flee fly forsake give up go AWOL go back on go over the hill go west jilt leave leave high and dry leave in the lurch leave stranded light maroon opt out play truant pull out quit relinquish renounce resign run out on sneak off split take a hike take off tergiversate throw over vacate violate oath walk support help maintain care stop keep hold face continue stay come come back assist aid wait remain deserting ground bar bring down dock down fell floor knock down land level mow down prevent let go free build liberate construct grounded Peccadilloes Beach appeal to attract call draw encourage insist lead persuade press propose request suggest summon tempt urge welcome woo allure beg bid command countenance court entice entreat inveigle invitation issue lure petition ply pray provoke solicit supplicate toll vamp bring on give invitation have in have over include as guest prevail on send invitation discourage dissuade ignore reject repel repulse stop turn off answer disapprove disenchant disgust oppose prevent refuse angle (for) aim for be after connive conspire contrive fish for hint hunt invite look for maneuver plan plot scheme seek strive try for angle for cast about for angled angles angling appeal beguile captivate catch the eye charm enchant engage fascinate intrigue please tantalize turn away recall bore revoke retract renounce disclaim deny displease offend Peccadilloes Invites Invite caller company foreigner guest inspector invitee transient visitant habitué out-of-towner host visitor Peccadilloes visitors holding cell isolation solitary the hole solitary confinement lockdown Lockdown Peccadilloes Lock Down part quota allotment allowance amount amplification amplitude area bang breadth bulk capacity degree depth dimension distance duration extent fix frequency height hit magnitude mass meed mensuration nip pitch proportion quantity quantum range ratio ration reach share shot size slug span strength sum volume weight admeasurement admensuration extreme unimportance whole ignorance inaction test method system model scale pattern benchmark meter trial criterion touchstone gauge yardstick canon type example norm guess control means move project step limit act action proposal effort procedure maneuver limitation stopgap proceeding resort shift agency expedient course moderation proposition restraint device resource deed makeshift strategem wildness permanent freedom rest stoppage repose inertia cessation inactivity idleness statute resolution enactment division stress tempo vibration throb accent swing rhyme verse cadency stroke tune time melody cadence peg compute survey fit evaluate average rank mark assess adjust determine quantify weigh estimate regulate check square figure grade value mete even eye plumb graduate beat choose adapt reckon bound tailor line sound delimit level read align rate rule portion shade demarcate blend appraise check out calibrate caliper gradate dope out look over mark out pace off size up take account separate divide neglect disorganize disorder ignore calm calmness comfort content luxury relaxation satisfaction serenity affluence ataraxia contentment easiness enjoyment gratification happiness idleness inactivity inertia inertness leisure passivity prosperity quietness quietude repose rest restfulness security tranquility bed of roses peace of mind requiescence supinity agitation discontent unhappiness action activity displeasure dissatisfaction disturbance employment misery sadness sorrow upset woe work worry difficulty disquiet effort furor inhibition perplexity restriction strife turmoil uneasiness unrest simplicity nonchalance composure quickness dexterity familiarity poise efficiency flexibility aplomb fluency cinch adroitness dispatch naturalness expertise cleverness liberty snap informality pushover affability knack smoothness readiness expertness setup breeze effortlessness duck soup unconstraint easygoingness unaffectedness insouciance skillfulness relaxedness smooth sailing unreservedness child's play inability mitigate moderate relax speed relieve lessen soften soothe simplify lift abate ameliorate further allay promote facilitate expedite improve appease palliate cure still doctor assuage relent forward mollify nurse meliorate lighten assist free pacify tranquilize slacken smooth quiet disengage cheer disburden release aid untighten anesthetize attend to clear the way let up on make easier open the door run interference for speed up make difficult maintain keep hold depress provoke aggravate stop check extend trouble hurt halt agitate irritate vex perplex bring down burden impede exasperate annoy hinder cease block weaken demote enlarge condemn injure harm slow delay excite worsen intensify increase incite loosen slide edge slip insert right join slack disentangle loose remove induce extricate inch handle maneuver squeeze steer set right neglect withdraw entangle alleviate compose cool out decrease ease make nice play up to pour oil on square take the bite out take the sting out stir soft-pedal take the edge off magnify heighten alleviated alleviates alleviating alleviation abatement assuagement easement mitigation palliation palliative remedy injury Ease Peccadilloes
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