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Beria's letter (Katyn Massacre) and Lenin's testament are confirmed falsifications: Russian deputy Viktor Ilyukhin (dead in suspicious circumstances).

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Katyn: Ilyukhin's appearance in the Duma regarding the forgeriesOn June 16, 2010, Ilyukhin appeared in the Duma about these new revelations.He says that the KPRF (Russian Communist Party) has information of such forgeries that needs to be thoroughly controlled by a parliamentary investigation. The purpose with the forgeries during the 1990s must have been to equate Stalinism with fascism. Ilyukhin repeated his information that also people at the 6th department of the armed forces General Staff have been involved in these falsification activities. This group's activity coincided in time when a government commission under the leadership of Mikhail Poltoranin was involved in declassifying documents from the Politburo and the Central Committee of the Communist Party.It has been established earlier by Russian historians that Lenin's so-called "will" is a forged document. Other known forgeries are documents which have to do with the abdication of Nikolay II and that Stalin is supposed to have been an agent of the Tsarist secret police (Okhrana), and other documents.Ilyukhin says that today it is possible to state that "Beria's letter" of March 5, 1940, is falsified. He showed an expert opinion from the lectern. Also the transcription from the Politburo decision is falsified, where permission is given to execute all these Poles.He also shows an expert opinion that the document of the claimed co-operation between the NKVD and the Gestapo is also falsified.Ilyukhin expressed great concern over that so many documents obviously have been forged, since it gives the scholars a wrongful image of events that have taken place not so very long ago "in our own history", as he puts it.He says that he may have restrained himself from similar statements of large scale falsifications if it not had been supported by the fact that Dmitri Volkogonov turned over tens and hundreds of top secret documents to the US Congress Library in the 1990s. The Russian archival documents "is indeed wandering freely all over Europe" as Ilyukhin put it.He mentioned the false stamps that he has in his possession, including stamps of Stalin's and Beria's signatures, and that there are empty forms from the 1930s and 1940s on which they have made such documents.He also mentioned "special case no. 29" from 1941. Some of these documents have unfortunately already been legalized, he says. The folder contains inscriptions "stored forever" and "not subject for de-classification", but nevertheless these documents are outside the archives.Recently Sergey Mironenko, manager at the Russian State Archive, has said that such things could never have happened and that Ilyukhin is spreading pure fantasies. Ilyukhin says that he is prepared to resign as a member of the Duma if Mironenko can prove that these documents have nothing to do with events from the 1930s and 1940s. If Mironenko fails in doing that, he should himself leave his post.Ilyukhin put forward the question about the necessity to conduct a new parliamentary investigation regarding the massacre of the Polish POWs at Kozi Gory outside Smolensk and about the falsification of other historical documents.In the near future they will suggest a legislative change in the Russian legislation which will fill a hole, namely that it should be considered a crime to falsify documents of great historical importance.Ilyukhin says that it is wrong to believe that all of this has to do with the past. It has everything to do with our present time, he concludes.Source: http://www.katyn.ru/index.php?go=News...


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