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Bernie Delegates 'Leaving the DNC', Not Quitting the 'Revolution'

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bennie borne been brine be in being ben bonier beanie bourne burner be nice beanies bennies bane bani barn bean bone born burn herniae beinger bonnier belie genie benny binge be on be in air be on air Bernie Corona Party bernie commissioner deputy envoy member minister nominee senator agent alternate ambassador appointee consul emissary factor front legate mouthpiece plenipotentiary proxy regent rep replacement spokesperson stand-in substitute surrogate vicar viceroy catchpole member of Congress pinch hitter assembly association caucus chamber club committee conclave conference convention convocation council delegates government guild league legislative body legislature meeting order parliament senate society the Hill the house union assemblage clambake confab congress delegation get together meet members powwow rally representatives show authorize accredit elect assign designate appoint name license commission nominate ordain constitute cast charge invest choose deputize mandate warrant select depute give nod place trust in swear in keep retract ignore refuse reject deny entrust relegate hand over consign transfer devolve give pass on shunt hold responsible for parcel out send on errand send on mission hold division lawlessness separation disagreement discord strangeness conventions affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The Corona Party dna doc inc no more not at all not either not nay never nix neither Corona Party Not N.o.t. depart drop drop out give up pull out relinquish renounce retire surrender vacate withdraw abdicate blow book decamp desert evacuate exit forsake resign yield bow out check out cut out get off go away from hang it up leave flat leave hanging push off run out on take a walk take off throw over walk out on allow begin continue enter join stay arrive come in come complete finish persevere remain abandonment adieu congé decampment desertion egress egression embarkation emigration escape evacuation exodus expatriation farewell flight getaway going going away goodbye hegira migration parting passage powder quitting recession removal retirement retreat sailing separation setting forth setting out stampede start takeoff taking leave taking off vacation vanishing act walkout withdrawal abdication departure giving up leaving notice renunciation tendering termination suspend halt conclude discontinue terminate leave cease abandon break off desist end secede knock off leave off surcease wind up wrap up call it a day call it quits cut it out get on the wagon give notice give over kick over kick the habit pack in quit cold sew up take the cure pursue keep initiate carry on rise commence keeping hello arrival entrance continuation greeting coming resignation taking on agreement resistance intolerance impatience
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(Mental Insanity)   Sanders Tells Supporters Hillary Clinton Must Win in November (Full DNC Speech)   Bernie or Bust: All Bets Are Off, but The Movement Continues   Earl Fowles speaks to HRC and The Victory Fund   Are Chip and Joanna leaving?   Dnc Facing Lawsuit For Cheating Bernie Sanders: Dws Took Money Knowing Primary Was Rigged   Farrah Abraham SLAMS Amber Portwood For Quitting 'TMOG'!   Hillary Clinton: I will be the nominee!! I am the nominee!!   DNC To Bernie Sanders: Get Your Supporters In Line, Or Else!   The Bernie Delegate Experience Exposed by Bernie Delegates Inside The Philadelphia Convention   Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to Delegates at the Democratic National Convention   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange OWNS NBC's Chuck Todd   Jimmy Dore Interviews Bernie Supporters In FDR Park   "The Political Revolution Has Already Been Won” - Nick Brana, DraftBernie Party   Trump Voter Supports A People's Movement, Not Political Labels   Third Parties Have ALWAYS Led Progressive Changes - Nick Brana DraftBernie   .DrJillStein INTV @MSNBC #DemsInPhilly #OurRevolution #JillNotHill   Third Parties Have ALWAYS Led Progressive Changes   DraftBernie To Stage Progressive Intervention At Peoples' Summit -Nick Brana   Sam Ronan Answers Whether He'll Run For Office   Bernie Sanders Asks Delegates Not To Protest On DNC Floor, They Listen   Bernie Delegates ASSAULTED By Hillary Supporters at Michigan Democratic Meeting   Rex Tillerson may quit before the end of the year

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