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Bianca Gascoigne slips into racy lingerie for a seriously saucy Valentine's shoot



Bianca Gascoigne slips into racy lingerie for a seriously saucy Valentine's shootAs she strips of for a love-themed shoot the CBB beauty revealed she wasn't with Jamie O'Hara wasn't for a 'showmance'She made many a headline thanks to her budding romance with in the Celebrity Big Brother house with Jamie O'Hara.But despite the relationship crashing and burning after just a few days in the real world, Bianca Gascoigne remains positive about her lovelife as she strips off for a racy Valentines Day photoshoot.Flashing a serious amount of flesh in some rather revealing lingerie, the 30-year-old glamour model made sure to show the footballer what he's missing as she revealed their romance was not just a "showmance" for her.Slipping into a love heart-themed lingerie for the New magazine shoot, the CBB runner-up cut a scintillating figure as she posed up a storm for the camera.Ensuring that an ample amount of cleavage was on display, the blonde glamour gal opted for a plunging sheer bra accented in red.She teamed this with an equally racy and see-through thong, though Bianca spared herself any blushes and preserved her modesty thanks to some strategically placed heart details.Cr.mirror.co.ukSubscribeYoutube https://goo.gl/EDsuQHTumblr http://goo.gl/coVNiOPinterest https://goo.gl/DchreiReddit https://goo.gl/PjzSRpFacebook https://goo.gl/PLCewV


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