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Biden Cabinet is half empty, but Republicans and Dems coming to Negotiate

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Biden melomaniac biden case chiffonier closet commode container depository dresser escritoire locker repository wardrobe ministry administration authority committee government bureaucracy assembly bureau council brain trust kitchen cabinet advisers counselors assistants department heads governing body official family president admiral board cabinet chair chairperson command commander consulate department directors embassy executive executives feds front office general headquarters legislature management officers officials powers presidency presidium stewards supervisors top brass upstairs advisory group brass conclave directorate executive suite jury panel trustees one individual bookcase bookrack advisors advisory board authorities experts high-level advisers inner circle bag baggage basket bin box caddy caisson canister capsule carton cartridge casing casket chamber chassis chest coffer compact cover covering crate crating crib drawer envelope folder grip holder integument jacket receptacle safe scabbard sheath shell suitcase tray trunk wallet wrapper wrapping cases melomaniac Cabinet Cabinets partly limited moderate bisected divided even-steven fifty-fifty fractional incomplete unlimited total whole fraction division moiety hemisphere bisection fifty percent bite chunk cut end fragment half piece portion section share slice entirety fractions affiliation component element part allotment bit dole example gob hunk instance interest iota item length lot lump member morsel parcel percentage quantity quota sample scrap segment shred smithereen specimen pieces Half melomaniac halves [halves] H.A.L.F. bare barren blank deserted desolate devoid dry hollow unfilled uninhabited unoccupied vacant abandoned clear dead deflated depleted desert exhausted forsaken lacking vacated void wanting waste destitute godforsaken stark unfurnished vacuous aware busy filled full inhabited occupied overflowing populated animated cherished sufficient unused abundant complete copious effective entire fruitful productive replete sated satisfied flat worthless meaningless idle petty silly aimless banal cheap deadpan dishonest dumb expressionless fatuous frivolous futile ignorant inane ineffectual inexpressive insincere insipid jejune nugatory otiose paltry purposeless senseless trivial unintelligent unreal unsatisfactory unsubstantial vain valueless vapid raised useful meaningful worthwhile valuable starving famished ravenous unfed satiated exhaust drain consume dump unload leak escape evacuate purge deplete gut vacate discharge run out drink tap ebb eject expel disgorge decant leave release unburden flow out make void pour out rush out use up allow take in occupy load maintain keep hold fill permit alone cast aside cast away discarded dissipated dropped dumped eliminated empty forgotten given up jilted left left in the cold left in the lurch neglected on the rocks outcast passed up pigeon-holed rejected relinquished shunned side-tracked sidelined pure innocent supported maintained adopted virtuous restrained moral chaste defended absent minus missing nonexistent omitted unavailable present existing attending arid bleak mean open poor scanty scarce decorated adorned covered robed closed blocked clothed vague ambiguous unclear cheerful barest effete fallow fruitless impotent impoverished infecund infertile parched sterile unbearing uncultivable unfertile unfruitful unproductive developing profitable growing fertile fecund cultivated wet moist damp dull immobile impassive inscrutable lifeless masklike noncommittal poker-faced stiff stupid uncommunicative unexpressive habited light sensitive understanding excited lively Empty melomaniac empties although however nevertheless on the other hand still though yet aside from barring except omitting without disregarding not including passing over besides bar beside but excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of over and above save apart from if not lacking leaving out minus not for rejecting saving short of with the exception of leaving aside not counting restricting ruling out inclusive of exclusively alone completely entirely one and only only singularly solely wholly unrestricted unlimited partially incompletely after all all the same anyhow be that as it may despite for all that howbeit in spite of nonetheless notwithstanding per contra withal without regard to just at most no more than nothing but plainly simply indefinitely melomaniac But lawmaker leader legislator officeholder senator president boss chieftain democrat grandstander orator partisan speaker Party member baby-kisser congressperson handshaker member of Congress member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper politician republican politicians Republican melomaniac along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less melomaniac And? And's Dem melomaniac 'dem Dems anticipated expected forthcoming impending subsequent advancing aspiring close converging deserving docking due fated foreseen future instant marked near nearing oncoming ordained predestined preparing progressing pursuing about to happen almost on one at hand certain drawing near en route eventual gaining upon getting near immediate imminent in prospect in store in the offing in the wind in view next nigh prospective running after to be up-and-coming distant away far gone past advent reception approach accession landing leaving exit departure departing going appearance arrival coming entrance occurrence onset visitation end actualization appearing debut display emergence exhibition introduction manifestation materialization presence presentation representation rise showing up unveiling absence conclusion reality disappearance appearances access advance avenue gate passage path reaching road way distancing approaches approaching convergent moving closer remote receding passing later melomaniac Coming agree arrange confer consult debate haggle handle mediate settle work out accommodate adjudicate adjust arbitrate compose concert conciliate connect contract covenant deal dicker intercede manage moderate network parley referee stipulate swap transact treat umpire bring to terms bury the hatchet come across with cut a deal hammer out a deal horse trade make a deal make peace make terms step in work out a deal stay upset keep confuse disagree contend remain ignore disarrange refuse deny mix up clear pass surmount hurdle vault get over overleap get around get past leap over pass through achieve accomplish acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effect effectuate enact end execute finish follow through fulfill gain get get done negotiate obtain perfect perform procure produce rack up reach realize resolve score seal see through sign solve win wind up open retain hold yield forget bear wonder question spend leave depart neglect miss give up abandon lose fail stop halt start begin unseal imprison detain surrender create destroy forfeit unsettle commence achieved achieving adjudge come to school come to terms decide determine interpose intervene judge meet halfway pass judgment placate play ball reconcile smooth soothe straighten out strike happy medium trade off let ride agitate hesitate worry arbitrated adapt agree to blueprint chart compromise construct contrive design devise direct draft establish frame get act together get ready harmonize iron out lay out line up make a connection make ready map out organize prepare project promote provide pull a wire pull things together quarterback schedule scheme set stage shape up tailor disturb unfit scatter disperse derange ruin waver disorganize disorder melomaniac
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