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Biden rescinds Trump's excutive order banning divisive race training in fed agencies

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I. Sherlock Holmes agent analyst bird dog bloodhound bull constable cop dick eavesdropper eye fed fink flatfoot gumshoe informer nark peeper plainclothes officer police officer private eye private investigator prosecutor reporter roper scout sergeant shadow shamus shoofly sleuth slewfoot snoop spy tail detectives patrolman arm of the law badge bear beat cop black and white blue bluecoat bobby constabulary copper corps finest force gendarme heat law law enforcement narc officer patrol patrolwoman peace officer police policewoman boy scout county mounty fuzz man officers oink pig police officers criminal Fed we did it joe feds bureau company department firm office operation force organ vehicle medium intercession means auspices efficiency work influence mechanism mediation instrument activity action intervention channel instrumentality impotence end inertia inactivity idleness weakness
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