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Biden Stands Firm Against Putin, In Contrast To Trump's Bootlicking

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biden Clout Demon Biden attitude belief determination sentiment stance view angle carriage notion poise pose slant sound standpoint twist two cents' worth table support booth platform station counter rank dais stall place board frame grandstand rack bracket gantry staging locate set rise erect settle put position mount cock dispose be erect be on feet be vertical jump up sit lie lay drop fall remove displace move leave depart lose veto reject refuse disorder pause last stop rest stay remain continue hold halt belong obtain occupy endure prevail fill take up be located be situated be valid advance surrender cease abide allow bear with brook cope countenance experience handle hang on stomach submit suffer sustain swallow take tolerate undergo wear weather withstand live with put up with resign oneself to stay the course overlook forget disobey bleachers Ruthvilles benches boxes grandstands seats stands STAND Clout Demon Stand stand S.T.A.N.D. hard rigid solid stiff sturdy substantial thick tough unyielding close compact compressed concentrated concrete condensed congealed hardened heavy refractory set solidified close-grained dense fine-grained impenetrable impermeable impervious inelastic nonporous easy facile flexible nice pliable pliant soft unstable vulnerable weak wobbly yielding loose alterable changeable indefinite irresolute moving slack supple unsettled wavering tenacious unshakable steady fast tight robust strong rooted secure immovable closed sound mounted petrified fastened embedded spiked fixed settled durable immobile motionless stationary taut riveted braced anchored cemented nailed secured screwed tightened bolted welded unfluctuating unhealthy unfixed broken movable undecided infirm untrustworthy intermittent unattached flat unwavering adamant unflinching steadfast resolute consistent persistent specific strict determined stable staunch explicit established constant bent stated bound persevering exact unbending going intent enduring abiding prevailing hang tough inflexible obdurate stand pat sure unchangeable unqualified unshaken resolved stipulated true dead set on never-failing undeviating false obscure easy-going afraid surrendering disloyal fickle untrue vague uncertain inconstant unreliable unsteady varying inconsistent corporation company conglomerate enterprise organization association crowd house partnership crew gang bunch mob ring outfit concern multinational megacorp able-bodied firm fit hale hardy healthy hearty lusty powerful stout strapping vigorous delicate hard-nosed inexorable insistent intransigent pat relentless set in stone stubborn unbendable uncompromising unrelenting unswayable submissive lenient willing adamantine hardheaded implacable incompliant mulish obstinate opinionated pigheaded remorseless unbreakable uncompliant agencies actions activities auspices channels efficiencies forces influences instrumentalities instruments intercessions interventions means mechanisms media mediations operations organs vehicles works impotence ends inertia inactivities idleness weaknesses agency bureau department office al dente medium Clout Demon Firm across adjacent con contra contrary to counter to facing in contrast to in opposition to opposed to opposing versus apropos about against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of regarding respecting touching toward with reference to with respect to contradictory adverse agin anti antipodal antipodean antithetic antithetical conflicting contrary converse counter counteractive diametric discrepant incompatible incongruous inconsistent irreconcilable negating no go nullifying opposite ornery paradoxical polar repugnant reverse vouching reconcilable consistent confirming same equal reconciled agreeing similar consonant harmonious antagonistic contrasting hindering impeding obstructive obverse opposed corroborating concurring corresponding at variance with contrarily contrariwise conversely in defiance of similarly equally despite although even though even with in contempt of in the face of notwithstanding undeterred by from in distinction to out of possession of taken away Putin Clout Demon comparison contradiction disagreement disparity distinction divergence diversity opposition variation antithesis contradistinction contrariety converse differentiation dissimilarity dissimilitude foil heterogeneity incompatibility incongruousness inconsistency inequality inverse oppositeness reverse unlikeness variance adverse contraposition agreement harmony likeness peace sameness similarity equality same conformity copy facsimile homogeneousness uniformity unity contradict vary diverge mismatch depart separate disagree hang bracket oppose differentiate distinguish weigh balance deviate conflict collate stand out be a foil to be contrary to be dissimilar be diverse be unlike be variable hold a candle to match up set in opposition set off stack up against conform accord help join stay agree concur coincide aid harmonize antipode antipole contra contradictory contrary contrast counter flip side other side clash differ disaccord discord disharmonize not go with match clashes argues bang heads battles brawls bucks combats conflicts contends crosses swords differs disagrees encounters feuds frets galls grapples grates mixes it up quarrels raises Cain rows tries wars wrangles matches pleases makes happy makes peace agrees harmonizes consents abstains surrenders gives in retreats adduce analogize assemble collect compare compose examine gather group order relate verify divide distribute spread mix up scatter disperse collated adduced analogized assembled bracketed collected compared composed contrasted examined gathered grouped matched ordered related verified separated divided distributed mixed up scattered dispersed collating adducing analogizing assembling bracketing collecting comparing composing contrasting examining gathering grouping matching ordering relating verifying separating dividing distributing spreading mixing up scattering dispersing trump Clout Demon Trumps Trump fawn grovel toady brownnose adulation applause audation blandishment bootlicking commendation fawning flattery sycophancy worship criticism abuse abject adulatory bowing compliant cowering crawling cringing flattering humble ingratiating mealy-mouthed obsequious parasitic prostrate scraping servile slavish sniveling spineless submissive subservient sycophant sycophantic proud cool unfriendly disinterested aloof approbation blarney cajolery encomium eulogy eyewash flummery fulsomeness gallantry gratification hokum honeyed words incense ingratiation jive laud mush obsequiousness palaver plaudits pretty speech puffery servility smoke snow snow job soft words soft-soap stroke sweet talk toadyism tribute truckling unctuousness offense blame insult denunciation condemnation castigation belittlement base beggarly craven despicable eating humble pie ignoble low mean obedient obeisant passive toadying unctuous unresisting dominant aggressive a slave to acquiescent at one's beck and call at one's mercy dancing deferential docile in one's clutches in one's pocket in one's power inferior menial resigned subject under one's thumb unhelpful useless unnecessary domineering controlling disobedient
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