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Blue pill feminist drinks the kool aid part 1: wink wink

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feminism feminist mra mras men's rights mgtow sjw red pill movie winking in wink winnowing in a wink wink blue-green azure beryl cerulean cobalt indigo navy royal sapphire teal turquoise ultramarine blue-gray clean decent gay happy joyful joyous lighthearted upbeat melancholy dispirited depressed downcast dejected low moody despondent disconsolate dismal downhearted fed up gloomy glum unhappy woebegone down in the dumps rich heartened satisfied encouraged cheerful dirty bawdy indecent lewd naughty obscene off-color racy risqué salty shady smutty spicy suggestive wicked Philistine barbarian barbaric base blue boorish brutish cheap churlish common crass crude earthy filthy foul foul-mouthed gross gruff ill-bred immodest impolite improper impure incult indelicate inelegant loutish lowbred lowdown and dirty mean nasty offensive raffish raunchy raw ribald rough roughneck rude scatological tacky tasteless uncivil uncivilized uncouth uncultivated uncultured unpolished unrefined vulgar 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MRA steezy mra moras mars mrs mas maas bras eras iras mrs. brother father fellow guy husband son Mr. beau boyfriend gentleman grandfather nephew papa sir spouse swain uncle girlfriend woman troop armed forces army assemblage assembly band body bunch collection company contingent corps crew crowd delegation drove fighting men flock forces gang gathering herd horde host legion men military multitude number outfit pack party servicemen soldiers soldiery squad swarm team throng troopers troops troupe unit one individual authority benefit business claim freedom immunity interest license power priority advantage appanage birthright comeuppance desert deserving due exemption favor franchise liberty merit permission perquisite preference prerogative title disadvantage disfavor corruption immorality injustice unfairness unjustness wrong integrity independence righteousness good truth propriety straight correctness uprightness lawfulness reason virtue goodness equity emancipation rightness properness honor rectitude legality enfranchisement wickedness dishonor unsuitableness impropriety dishonesty evil subordination repair square rectify redress restore overhaul doctor adjust emend mend recondition scrub vindicate launder reconstruct reward amend straighten patch settle recompense debug balance fix up pick up go straight clean up compensate for dial back do justice fiddle with make up for put in place put right recalibrate set straight set upright shape up sort out straighten out turn around move upset confuse hurt break punish harm worsen ruin injure destroy damage civil liberty Four Freedoms God-given right civil rights constitutional freedom constitutional rights freedom from fear freedom from want freedom of expression freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of worship political liberty rights civil right God-given rights freedoms freedoms of citizens human rights legal rights natural rights rights of citizenship unalienable rights dibs dueness entitlement preemptive declaration privilege request be in line for compensation deserts guerdon merits need payment rate repayment reprisal retaliation retribution revenge right satisfaction vengeance what is coming to one sympathy pardon forgiveness satisfa penalty right? steezy Right maggot mote motor got mot moot mate mete mite motto mute god mat met mod mgs matte meadow meteor mentor method git good mitt mojo mood mugged mutt might midget kowtow gat get gut mag meg mug major mater matey matty mccoy meter miter muter actor macos mated meted mojos muted go to maggots miked make to am good moo cow gat to get to got to ski tow came to come to MGTOW steezy saw sew sow SJWs steezy SJW repulsive oedipal love diplomate reduplicate people mover replevy retaliative re duplicate cardinal coral crimson flaming glowing maroon rose wine bittersweet blooming blush brick burgundy carmine cerise cherry chestnut claret copper dahlia fuchsia garnet geranium infrared magenta pink puce ruby russet rust salmon sanguine scarlet titian vermilion bloodshot florid flushed healthy inflamed roseate rosy rubicund ruddy rufescent bloody red communist Bolshevik Bolshevist C.P. member Castroite Commie Leninist Maoist Marxist Party member Socialist Stalinist Trotskyite Viet Cong apparatchik com-symp comrade fellow traveler pinko sympathizer fascist conservative capitalist communists ablaze afire aflame alight blazing brilliant conflagrant fiery ignited in flames raging red-hot happy dull pleased joyful gleeful animated aroused blushing burning elated embarrassed enthused exhilarated feverish full-blooded high hot inspired intoxicated rutilant rutilous thrilled unhappy sad depressed pallid pale aglow beaming flush gleaming lambent luminous lustrous phosphorescent rich suffused vibrant vivid warm unsmiling unenthusiastic Red steezy Reds cinema feature film flick motion picture picture show videotape celluloid screenplay talkie cine cinematics cinematograph moving picture photoplay silent silver screen talking picture matinee entertainment movie performance play work feature film flicker photodrama picture show cartoon pictures act appearance burlesque carnival comedy drama pageant presentation production showing spectacle truth hiding reality concealment steezy movies
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