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all each one without exception none the any bar none barring no one complete each and every entire every every bit of every single sum total totality whole incompletely zero each a pop a shot a throw aside by the individually per per capita per head per person per unit proportionately respectively separately singly together absolute all-out comprehensive consummate downright full full-blown full-scale gross inclusive integral out-and-out outright overall perfect plenary positive sheer sweeping thoroughgoing totalitarian unconditional undisputed undivided unlimited unmitigated unqualified unreserved unrestricted utter conditional incomplete indefinite limited restricted specific uncertain broken fractional imperfect part partial unfinished accomplished aggregate choate completed concentrated conclusive exclusive exhaustive fixed fulfilled full-length in one piece rounded unabbreviated unabridged uncut unexpurgated deficient hurt impaired insufficient sick unhealthy ninth nonagon enneadic novenary ennead ball club baseball club crew nine personnel roster squad team lay screw shag bang bonk get it on hump score sleep with copulate fornicate know make love mate procreate abstain be intimate breed fool around fuck go all the way go to bed with have sexual intercourse have sexual relations make out sleep together greedy selfish close mercenary penny-pinching mingy miserly narrow parsimonious penurious rapacious scrimpy stingy tight tight-fisted generous unselfish callous dangerous evil hard malicious nasty rough ugly vicious vile malign sour bad-tempered cantankerous churlish contemptible despicable difficult disagreeable dishonorable formidable hard-nosed ill-tempered infamous liverish lousy down and dirty perfidious pesky rotten scurrilous shameless snide the lowest treacherous troublesome unfriendly unpleasant unscrupulous vexatious agreeable decent friendly gentle good kind mild moral nice pleasant pleasing sensitive sympathetic upright compassionate polite humble miserable petty vulgar base common hack inferior limited low menial obscure ordinary plebeian proletarian beggarly déclassé down-at-heel ignoble ineffectual insignificant knavish lowborn lowly mediocre modest paltry pitiful run down scruffy second-class second-rate seedy servile shabby sordid squalid tawdry undistinguished unwashed wretched rich abnormal aristocratic elevated extraordinary high honest noble superior uncommon extreme balance center median middle midpoint norm par compromise happy medium middle course border margin outlier determine imply indicate involve portend promise represent say spell suggest adumbrate allude argue attest augur betoken connote denote designate express foreshadow foretell herald import intimate name presage purport symbolize add up allude to drive at hint at point to speak of stand for tell the meaning of touch on aim anticipate design expect make plan propose want aspire contemplate desire destine direct fate fit match predestine preordain purpose resolve suit wish set out deny refuse neglect Philistine barbarian barbaric bawdy blue boorish brutish cheap crass crude dirty earthy filthy foul foul-mouthed gross gruff ill-bred immodest impolite improper impure incult indelicate inelegant loutish lowbred mean obscene off-color offensive raffish raunchy raw ribald roughneck rude scatological smutty tacky tasteless uncivil uncivilized uncouth uncultivated uncultured unpolished unrefined vulgarian chaste clean cultured gay happy healthy polished refined sophisticated address angle attempt cast concentrate covet endeavor essay fix focus intend level set one's sights on sight slant steer strive target train try zero in on zoom in ignore forget look away aiming addressing angling aspiring attempting casting concentrating contemplating coveting designing directing endeavoring essaying fixing focusing intending leveling meaning planning proposing purposing setting one's sights on sighting slanting steering striving targeting training trying wanting wishing zooming in being idle looking away forgetting neglecting ignoring aims addresses angles aspires attempts casts concentrates contemplates covets designs directs endeavors essays fixes focuses intends levels means plans proposes purposes sets one's sights on sights slants steers strives targets trains tries wants wishes zooms in is idle looks away forgets neglects ignores amount aggregate approach approximate be equivalent to be tantamount to become check with come to correspond develop into effect extend grow number reach rival sum tally total touch decrease depart fail leave lessen shrink subtract amounted aggregated approached approximated became came to checked with corresponded developed into effected extended grew matched meant numbered purported reached rivaled summed tallied totaled touched was equivalent to was tantamount to failed left departed shrank subtracted lessened decreased acknowledge kiss praise bless be grateful be indebted be obligated be obliged bow down give thanks say thank you show appreciation show courtesy show gratitude smile on address answer greet hail notice react remark reply respond return salute thank ask ignore overlook question request slight abjure contradict disavow disregard forswear refuse renounce repudiate acknowledges accedes accepts acquiesces allows avows comes clean comes out of closet concedes confesses cops a plea cracks declares fesses up gets off chest grants lets on opens up owns professes recognizes yields disagrees disregards contradicts abjures renounces ignores forswears disapproves disallows vetoes protests condemns disputes rejects refuses repudiates hides disavows denies conceals absolve anoint baptize beatify canonize commend confirm consecrate cross dedicate enshrine eulogize exalt extol give thanks to glorify hallow honor invoke benefits invoke happiness laud magnify make holy offer offer benediction ordain panegyrize pray for pronounce holy sacrifice sign sprinkle blame castigate censure condemn criticize debase denounce desecrate disrespect humiliate reproach shame curse damn blesses absolves anoints baptizes beatifies canonizes commends confirms consecrates crosses dedicates enshrines eulogizes exalts extols gives thanks to glorifies hallows honors invokes benefits invokes happiness lauds magnifies makes holy offers offers benediction ordains panegyrizes praises prays for sacrifices signs sprinkles thanks disrespects holds takes debases criticizes damns curses reproaches denounces censures blames desecrates shames humiliates castigates
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