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Bourbon-Cured Salmon

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Chef Chad Houser from Cafe Momentum shares a recipe in preparation for Sonny Bryan's "It's In the Sauce" competition.


KDFW Cured Salmon (Food) Bourbon Whiskey (Distilled Spirit Type) Food (TV Genre) Curing Louise clemency freeing spring liberty charge commute relief freedom turnout lifeboat walkout floater let-off hold check issue leak notice flash story news secret truth clear drop deliver free vent loosen unloose unfasten acquit untie exempt dispense loose undo excuse unbind absolve yield unleash manumit liberate bail out give off let off turn out unchain give out open up set free take out unfetter limit detain fasten blame keep retain bind gather acquittal amnesty compurgation exculpation forgiveness mercy pardon release bleach blink at discharge exculpate exonerate forgive go easy on launder let off easy let off the hook let up on relieve sanitize spare vindicate whitewash wink at wipe it off wipe the slate clean write off disculpate let go wipe off absolution acquitting clearance deliverance discharging dismissal dismissing exemption exoneration letting off liberation releasing relief from 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indelicate lascivious lecherous libidinous licentious lustful obscene off-color prurient ribald risqué rude salacious suggestive alkali brackish water deep drink marinade ocean pickling solution preservative saline salt water sea water sodium chloride solution vinegar improper low-minded purple saucy unrefined unrestrained austere black bleak comfortless dark dejected dejecting depressed desolate despondent disconsolate dispiriting dolorous drab draggy drearisome dreary dull forlorn funereal grim in the dumps jarring joyless melancholy miserable mopey mournful oppressive sad somber sorrowful sullen tenebrific uncomfortable wintry woebegone woeful base boorish brutish common crass crude earthy filthy foul foul-mouthed gruff immodest impolite impure incult inelegant loutish lowbred lowdown and dirty mean nasty offensive raffish raunchy raw rough roughneck scatological tacky uncivil uncouth uncultivated uncultured vulgar vulgarian ass in a sling cast down chapfallen discouraged 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Dr. inferno heat blaze bonfire embers searing warmth glow hearth element tinder flare pyre sparks flames coals apathy lethargy dullness attack salvo hail volley round light force energy ginger gusto dash zing brio zip pep fervor snap luster life ardor punch vim spirit zeal verve drive élan starch calm ignite kindle enkindle hire bore dull shoot hurl launch shell eject fling toss loose cast pitch heave hold keep rouse incite exalt inform stir thrill soothe slow weaken deter retard please oust expel drop sack boot can kick out lay off activate arouse cheer embolden encourage energize enliven excite fire gladden hearten impel inspire inspirit instigate invigorate liven make alive move quicken revive revivify spark spur stimulate urge vitalize vivify avidity devotion eagerness earnestness feeling fierceness intensity jazz keenness oomph passion pep talk turn on vehemence weakness zest bounce cancel cut back discharge dispense with eliminate get rid of give a pink slip give the boot remove 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helpful medicable medicative medicinal pick-me-up remedial restorative salutary sanative shot in the arm therapeutic tonic vulnerary what the doctor ordered wholesome canning care conservancy conservation defense evaporation freezing guard guardianship keeping perpetuation pickling preserval refrigeration safeguard safeguarding safekeeping safety salvation saving security shield storage support sustentation tanning ward antidotal antiseptic curative medicating purifying recuperative reformative repairing restitutive sanatory solving treating mending comforting preservation
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