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Briahna Joy Gray: How Dems Weaponize Empathy, Identity To Kill Progress

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compatibility conformity correlation exchangeability interchangeability interchangeableness match parallel synonym synonymy Identity literally idenTities assassinate drown execute get hit massacre murder poison slaughter slay wipe out annihilate asphyxiate crucify dispatch dump electrocute eradicate erase exterminate extirpate finish garrote guillotine hang immolate liquidate lynch neutralize obliterate off sacrifice smother snuff strangle suffocate waste zap X-out do away with do in polish off put away put to death rub out bear create fail give birth leave lose miss save build construct free help hold keep let go loose maintain preserve start begin initiate turn on stop prohibit revoke forbid cease counteract still ruin negative quash halt veto suppress nullify nix deaden stifle refuse annul quell defeat extinguish recant Scotch turn out shut off encourage irritate disturb agitate support continue light authorize approve push allow validate assist aid sanction permit abolish abate 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