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Bright Object on Several Mars Photographs.

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Curiosity just kept going. Never noticed this before. Object shining in the Sun, too far away to get a good picture. Perhaps they will visit it again.


blazing brilliant dazzling flashing glistening glittering golden intense luminous radiant shimmering shiny silvery sparkling sunny vivid ablaze aglow alight argent auroral beaming burning burnished coruscating effulgent fulgent fulgid glaring gleaming glossy illuminated incandescent lambent light limpid lustrous mirrorlike moonlit phosphorescent polished relucent resplendent scintillating sunlit twinkling cloudy dark dim dull gloomy black depressed depressing doleful dreary dusky horrible murky normal obscure pale pastel somber stupid threatening typical unaware unhappy unintelligent unpromising pleasant mild translucent clement cloudless fair favorable lucid pellucid transparent unclouded sharp smart acute advanced alert astute aware brainy clever discerning ingenious inventive keen knowing precocious quick quick-witted whiz kid wide-awake Einstein clear-headed eggheaded having smarts unstylish slow good breezy rosy excellent airy auspicious benign cheering encouraging propitious prosperous optimistic palmy bad lively happy animated gay genial glad jolly joyful joyous lighthearted merry sanguine spirited sprightly vivacious splendid glorious distinguished eminent illustrious magnificent prominent remarkable colorful clear deep flashy rich fresh brave colored psychedelic ruddy showy tinted glitzy hued razzle-dazzle tinged moderate calm low tasteless bland lifeless plain kind aboveboard ignorant indistinct boring Panglossian assured bright buoyant cheerful confident encouraged expectant high hopeful hoping idealistic keeping the faith on cloud nine on top of world positive promising ray of sunshine rose-colored roseate trusting upbeat utopian able adept adequate adroit agile apt capable competent cunning deft dexterous easy effortless endowed equipped facile fitted intelligent powerful ready strong worthy weak delicate inept feeble useless powerless infirm ineffective disinclined unable incapable inadequate unsuitable unskilled incompetent ablest active all ears cagey careful circumspect fast on the draw good hands heads up heedful hip jazzed observant on guard on the ball on the job on the lookout on the qui vive perceptive psyched up switched on vigilant wary watchful wired wise with it thoughtless careless weary sluggish lethargic drowsy asleep uneducated lazy unobservant indifferent indiscreet incautious foolish negligent inattentive expert gifted no dummy not born yesterday prompt quick on the trigger quick on the uptake savvy skilled skillful talented teachable inapt incorrect calculating canny crafty foxy insightful perspicacious sagacious sharp as a tack shrewd sly thick shallow obtuse imbecile asinine idiotic naive Bright VSA Brights article body commodity gadget item matter phenomenon something substance bulk doodad doohickey entity fact gizmo mass reality thingamajig volume whatchamacallit widget nothing nothingness subject design target function motive end goal point wish idea duty mark aim intention reason intent objective mission view end in view end purpose zero butt focus victim receiver ground zero balk protest criticize oppose complain discountenance grouse dissent disapprove cross rant rave tangle crab gripe except storm kick dispute squawk frown rail disesteem expostulate spurn deprecate challenge disavow demur inveigh remonstrate take on be displeased discommend go-one-on-one make a stink mix it up with raise objection sound off take exception accept go along endorse agree approve help concur give in compliment consent sanction praise aid ambition aspiration course desideratum desire direction object plan purpose scheme where one is heading neglect thoughtlessness avoidance hatred hate dislike aims ambitiousness craving dream eagerness endeavor fire in the belly hankering inclination longing passion pursuit push right stuff urge vocation work yearning pastime fun entertainment laziness indifference apathy aspirations cause attempt conviction creed enterprise faith ideal movement principles outgrowth issue fruit effect development consequence result product outcome causes VSA objects Object a few a lot any certain considerable definite different disparate distinct divers diverse handful hardly any indefinite individual infrequent manifold many not many numerous only a few particular personal plural proportionate quite a few rare respective scant scanty scarce scarcely any separate single small number some sparse special specific sundry none one a bit a little all each each and every either in general part of several whatever a couple defined express marked precise regular singular specified upwards of various unfixed faltering dubious unconfident doubtful ordinary common general imprecise unpredictable undecided unreliable questionable unsure uncertain hesitant doubting usual unimportant inexact anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected dissonant divergent diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous inconsistent indiscriminate jarring multifarious multiform omnifarious omniform varicolored varied variegated varietal variform uniform normal conventional correspondent same united unified standard harmonious resembling homogeneous similar like alike discrete detached disconnected discontinuous unattached attached joined combined connected dissimilar distinctive disunited especial offbeat peculiar poles apart separated sole unassociated unique undefined obscure hazy fuzzy equal vague indistinct ambiguous commonplace miscellaneous mixed myriad Several VSA blight bruise harm impair ruin scar spoil stain sully taint tarnish wreck bend blemish blot break deface deform detract ding disfigure injure maim mangle mutilate queer scratch tweak vitiate warp foul up louse up mess up rough up shake up aid assist build clean create fix grow help adorn beautify cure decorate embellish heal mend ornament repair schedule set up straighten solar system Copernican system Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Pluto Saturn Uranus Venus earth heliocentric system planetary system terrestrial planet inner planet Mar VSA
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