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'Brit tourist' covered in blood outside Thai bar where prostitutes frolicked in hot tub in 'world's



A man believed to be a British tourist was found covered in blood outside a bar as police launched a crackdown in the 'sex capital of the world'. Two alleged prostitutes were hauled naked out of a hot tub inside the bar in front of cheering tourists in Thailand's 'sin city'. The girls, in their 20s, were splashing around in the bubble bath for a kinky nude show on Saturday night in the notorious sex capital Pattaya. But cops raided the Star Agogo club - sparking frantic scenes as dancers tried to cover up and the prostitutes in the water jumped out in the nude. The man thought to be British was found covered in blood outside. There is no suggestion he had been inside the club . The city was last week dubbed the 'sex capital of the world' and likened to a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah - prompting authorities to attempt to show they are on top of the issue. Police Colonel Apichai Grobpet, who was leading the raids, said they would continue to clean up Pattaya's image to make it a safe place for tourists. He added: ''Anything illegal we will stop and punish those people.'' The two dancers were arrested on suspicion of committing indecent acts in public and the owner of the bars faces prosecution. While disappointed punters had to finish their drinks, pay up and leave as police closed down the seedy venue, which features metal rings on chains for girls to swing on. A group of police checked the dancers' ID cards then marched through the he city to a second club and closed it down. Although Pattaya is said to be home to some 27,000 sex workers, prostitution on the premises is technically illegally and fully nude entertainment is banned.


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