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Brunner/Greitens Phone Quarrel Is Childish at Best

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The McGraw Show - www.ktrs.com.


KTRS (Radio Station) brunner greitens call up contact dial buzz call ring get back to get on the horn get on the line get someone on the horn give a call give a jingle give a ring make a call pick up put a call through ring up touch base with beep blast bleep phone telephone acquaint advertise advise announce be in touch betray break broadcast carry connect convey correspond declare disclose discover disseminate divulge enlighten get across get through hint impart imply inform interact interface keep in touch let on let out make known network pass on proclaim publicize publish raise reach out relate report reveal signify spread state suggest tell touch base transfer transmit unfold write approach be in touch with check with get get ahold of get in touch with reach speak to talk visit write to receive stop cancel ignore refrain listen conceal communicate cover keep quiet be quiet lose secret take keep secret keep hold bottle up deceive suppress repress mislead delude withhold hide communicated communicating leave depart avoid contacted Phone iphone cell phone phones calling robots and stuff great horrible awesome no way! altercation argument bickering brawl controversy difference difference of opinion discord dispute dissension disturbance falling-out feud fracas misunderstanding row ruckus run-in spat squabble strife struggle tiff tumult vendetta wrangle affray beef breach broil combat commotion complaint contention difficulty disapproval disputation dissidence dust fight fisticuffs fray fuss hassle objection rhubarb scrap set-to battle royal brannigan catfight accord agreement calm concord concurrence harmony order peace quiet approval calmness praise sanction tranquility assault attack battle clash donnybrook encounter melee quarrel riot scuffle skirmish assail beset charge go at have at lunge at storm strike blowup bone of contention brush contest embroilment flap rumble squabbling words altercate bandy bicker break with buck bump heads contend cross cross swords disagree face down face off gang up on go one on one hammer hammer away hash hash over have at each other have at it jump jump on knock around lock horns mix it up pettifog pick an argument put up a fight put up a struggle quibble rehash sass set to sock it to stick it to talk back differ tangle carp fall out spar argue complain divide bump embroil vary disapprove dissent war cavil collide strive caterwaul take on be at loggerheads find fault get tough with have it out have words object to take exception yield give up make peace endorse approve keep agree surrender give in retreat ignore concur harmonize truce aggress union unity keep quiet overlook abstain comply argued argues Quarrel intense cool words on tilt rage noob pwn put on childlike foolish naive youthful adolescent baby babyish callow frivolous green infantile infantine innocent jejune juvenile kid stuff puerile unsophisticated young experienced wise adult mature sensible serious childish immature silly sissy sissyish spoiled boylike artless credulous guileless ingenuous natural simple spontaneous trustful trusting unaffected unfeigned barmy dizzy empty-headed facetious featherbrained flighty flip flippant gay giddy harebrained idiotic idle ill-considered impractical light light-minded minor niggling nonserious not serious paltry peripheral petty playful pointless scatterbrained senseless shallow sportive superficial tongue-in-cheek unimportant unprofound volatile whimsical foolhardy ill-advised impolitic improvident imprudent inadvisable inane inappropriate indiscreet inept injudicious misguided rash reckless short-sighted thoughtless undesirable unfortunate unintelligent unsound witless crude half-grown imperfect kid kidstuff premature raw sophomoric tender tenderfoot underdeveloped undergrown undeveloped unfinished unfledged unformed unripe unseasonable unseasoned untimely wet behind ears grown-up boyish untrusting complicated thoughtful solemn grave intelligent cautious careful old grown developed Childish wtf boi childish tgfbro 7 year old cute adorable yes child discussion steve god love loveisland bad finest first first-rate leading outstanding perfect terrific tough ace boss capital champion chief cool culminating nonpareil optimum premium prime primo principal super superlative tops A-1 beyond compare choicest first-class foremost greatest highest incomparable inimitable matchless number 1 out-of-sight paramount peerless preeminent sans pareil second to none supreme transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed inferior last poor extra least low minor poorest secondary unimportant worst fewest incorrect not right best enduring everlasting perpetual be victorious better conquer exceed excel outdo outplay outrival outrun outshine outstrip overcome overtake overwhelm shoot ahead of subdue top transcend triumph vanquish whip advance ameliorate amend beat cap correct enhance forward further help meliorate mend promote raise rectify refine reform revamp surpass button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish pass put the lid on surmount top it off trump wrap up preferred advantageous apt desirable golden presentable most desirable most fitting largest biggest extremely greatly honorably sincerely advantageously attractively creditably gloriously illustriously magnanimously most deeply most fortunately most fully most highly favorite choice flower prize paragon fat select pick model cream elite gem cream of the crop utmost Sunday best best shot hardest highest endeavor level best trounce outclass blank knock off lick deck tan total prevail bulldoze floor master lambaste wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash beat up put away shut down take down wipe out take care of whop flax whomp get the better of let have it shoot down triumph over wipe the floor with give up build fall behind yield fail lose relent uphold praise forfeit surrender retreat all-time relinquish cede protect guard assist aid get worse halt hurt check reduce lower stop deteriorate impede cease ruin damage corrupt impair worsen obstruct injure hinder harm block decrease bettered bettering lay out forget start introduce begin disregard ignore Best B.E.S.T mediocre try my best tried my best your best try your best yours truly yours all the best good talk so... hipster hip scene bset comment douche breakfast sandwich bacon egg sausage tomato bestt tharms retarded Brunner brunner breakfast lunch dinner combination food huge meal brupper brunch bruner eat meals whore bitch skank stupid fat
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