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btw Mutual B.T.W. achievable available conceivable desirable feasible imaginable potential probable viable breeze cinch dependent expedient hopeful hypothetical pushover setup snap welcome accessible adventitious advisable can do credible doable dormant duck soup easy as pie fortuitous indeterminate latent no sweat obtainable piece of cake practicable promising realizable simple as ABC thinkable uncertain within reach workable impossible improbable inconceivable unimaginable unlikely unpractical unreasonable unthinkable unattainable ungettable unrealizable attainable door's always open employable exposed getatable handy near open operative possible public reachable susceptible unrestricted usable limited unhandy restricted inaccessible useless admissible acceptable allowed applicable appropriate concedable fair fitting just justifiable lawful legal legitimate licit likely logical not impossible not unlikely okay passable permissible permitted pertinent proper rational reasonable relevant right suitable tolerable tolerated warranted worthy wrong unjust unfair inapplicable inadmissible illegitimate unsuitable irrelevant inappropriate apparent illusive illusory ostensible outward plausible semblant specious superficial supposed suppositious obscure dubious doubtful unclear real questionable hidden equivocal assumptive assumed presumable presumed prospective suppositive taken for granted accomplishable at hand cherry pie easy gettable no problem procurable securable unreachable at one's disposal come-at-able convenient derivable from free on deck on hand on tap open to prepared purchasable ready willing and able serviceable up for grabs vacant unobtainable occupied awkward unavailable inconvenient Mutual cause compose form generate manufacture prepare produce accomplish adjust arrange assemble beget brew conceive constitute construct cook effect engender fabricate fashion forge frame hatch initiate invent mold occasion originate parent procreate secure shape spawn synthesize whip bring about cook up dash off draw on dream up get ready give rise to knock off lead to put together tear off throw together whip out break destroy neglect ruin confuse demolish derange disarrange dismantle disorder disorganize disperse divide end fail finish give up ignore kill lose raze scatter separate tell truth terminate calculate crush demote deny disallow discourage dissuade halt measure prevent refuse refute renounce stop veto start require force drive coerce oblige tamper impress interfere impel press constrain meddle horn in pressurize dragoon concuss shotgun prevail upon leave alone let go invest create advance tap name nominate ordain delegate install proffer tender elect assign select finger keep pass over take back perform carry out conduct act pass establish wage prosecute decree formulate legislate fix practice declare draft carry on draw up carry through engage in forget leave idle cease organize represent equal texture mix comprise compound embody structure amount to make up come to exclude collect draw think deduct figure conclude reckon gather deduce derive gauge judge suppose dope out disbelieve guess estimate receive get pull harvest clear sock obtain rate gain net reap realize hustle bring in pull down take in bring home bacon clean up plant forfeit meet head move reach proceed bear attain catch progress light out strike out take off arrive at arrive in time break for get to set out miss stay decrease retrogress retreat account ABCs annal blow by blow bulletin chronicle detail explanation history lowdown make narration narrative play by play recital report run-down score story tab take tale the picture the whole picture version accounts adapt acclimate accommodate accustom alter change come around comply conform familiarize fit get act together get used to grow used to habituate harmonize match modify play the game qualify readjust reconcile remodel revise roll with punches shape up square suit tailor unfit disturb disagree dislocate reject adapting compile connect contrive erect join model piece together set up unite weld take apart wreck disconnect be delivered of breed bring forth develop fructify parturitate propagate provide reproduce yield throw away shun evade dodge avoid Mutual ma'ke particular separate single singular sole solitary special specific alone definite different lone odd one and only only peculiar precise uncommon unique combined common general indefinite mixed normal ordinary together unimportant united usual none one every the anybody a person all any of any person anyone anyone at all each and every one everybody everyone masses public whole world anybody at all certain a couple a few defined divers express individual many marked numerous regular several some specified sundry upwards of various unfixed faltering dubious unconfident doubtful imprecise unpredictable undecided unreliable questionable unsure uncertain hesitant doubting inexact each each other every last one every one one and all one another either each of two either\u002For one of two this one One Mutual Ones ones
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