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CDC recommends 3rd dose of Pfizer vaccine

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boosters cdc. conditions health high-risk medical occupations p_cmsid=2494279 p_vid=news-80217548 pfizer underlying vaccinations vaccine CDC advocate back confirm endorse favor justify praise prescribe propose suggest uphold urge acclaim advance applaud celebrate commend compliment counsel enjoin esteem eulogize exalt exhort extol glorify laud magnify plug prize sanction second steer value be all for be satisfied with front for go on record for hold up put forward put in a good word put on to speak highly of speak well of stand by think highly of vouch for censure condemn deny discourage dissuade oppose protest reject blame castigate criticize debase decrease denounce disapprove dislike disregard hate humiliate insult mock refuse recommended Recommended recommendation recommendated Recommendation Obligation Recommend for Deletion recommend for deletion 3rd December 3rd May 3rd 3rd of December application dosage lot measure measurement prescription quantity shot dram draught fill fix hit nip potion share slug spoonful ailment ache bug complaint condition disease disorder dose flu illness indisposition infirmity malady syndrome health ailments aches bugs complaints conditions diseases disorders doses illnesses indispositions infirmities maladies syndromes bit atom butt chicken feed chip chunk crumb dab dash division dollop dot driblet droplet end excerpt flake fraction fragment grain iota item jot lick lump mite modicum moiety molecule morsel niggle parcel part particle peanuts pinch portion sample scale scintilla scrap section segment shard shaving shred slice sliver smidgen snatch snip snippet specimen speck splinter sprinkling stub stump taste tittle trace trickle agreement glob entirety whole bits atoms butts chicken feeds chips chunks crumbs dabs dashes divisions dollops dots driblets droplets ends excerpts flakes fractions fragments grains iotas items jots licks lumps mites modicums moieties molecules morsels niggles parcels particles parts pinches portions samples scales scintillas scraps sections segments shards shares shavings shreds slices slivers smidgens snatches snippets snips specimens specks splinters sprinklings stubs stumps tastes tittles traces trickles agreements lots globs entireties wholes bullet ammo ammunition ball bolt cap cartridge lead love letter pellet projectile rocket round trajectile bullets ammos ammunitions balls bolts caps cartridges leads love letters pellets projectiles rockets rounds shots slugs trajectiles Dose Pfizer Pfizered Pfizerized pfizer dose needle booster dram enema inoculation injection anesthetic antibiotic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm capsule cure drug elixir liniment lotion ointment pill potion prescription remedy salve sedative tablet tincture tonic vaccination medicament pharmaceutical physic serum biologic pharmacon medicine\u002Fmedication medication disease medicine antibody antiserum agglutinin agglutinogen antigen agglutinoid immunizer immunotoxin booster dose booster injection immunization recall dose booster shot preventive antivenin antipoison counteractant counteragent neutralizer vaccine medications anesthetics antibiotics antidotes antiseptics antitoxins balms biologics capsules cures doses drugs elixirs injections inoculations liniments lotions medicaments ointments pharmaceuticals pharmacons physics pills potions prescriptions remedies salves sedatives serums tablets tinctures tonics vaccinations vaccines Vaccine Vaccination The Vaccines backer enthusiast patron promoter rooter sponsor detractor opponent admirer adherent beau believer booster boyfriend buff bug cat devotee disciple fan fancier fiend follower freak girlfriend groupie hound junkie lover nut partisan suitor supporter swain sweetheart wooer worshiper critic enemy adversary admirers adherents beaus believers boosters boyfriends buffs bugs cats devotees disciples enthusiasts fanciers fans fiends followers freaks girlfriends groupies hounds junkies lovers nuts partisans patrons rooters suitors supporters swains sweethearts wooers worshipers critics opponents enemies adversaries detractors booster shot booster dose booster injection immunization recall dose vaccine cheerleader advocate apostle champion defender exponent friend antagonist decoy allurement attraction beard blind blow off camouflage catch chicane chicanery come-on deception drawing card ensnarement enticement facade fake front imitation inducement inveiglement lure nark plant pretense seducement shill sitting duck snare stick stool pigeon stoolie temptation trick trickery discouragement truth openness original repulsion truthfulness honesty frankness reality addict aficionado amateur fanatic habitué votarient votary Booster CDC cdc circumstances setting surrounding surroundings climate altitude aridity atmospheric conditions characteristic weather clime conditions humidity latitude meteorologic conditions meteorological character temperature context ambience background connection frame of reference lexicon relation situation substance text vocabulary contexts backgrounds connections frame of references lexicons relations situations substances texts vocabularies environment ambiance aura backdrop domain element encompassment entourage habitat hood jungle locale medium milieu neck of the woods neighborhood scene scenery status stomping ground terrain territory turf zoo environments auras backdrops climates domains elements encompassments entourages habitats hoods jungles locales media milieus neighborhoods purlieuses sceneries scenes settings statuses stomping grounds terrains territories turfs zoos localities areas bailiwicks belts districts haunts holes homes loca locations places positions regions sectors sites spheres spots stages theaters tracts venues vicinities zones condition conditioning conditional the condition Conditional energy fitness strength well-being bloom complexion constitution euphoria fettle form haleness hardihood hardiness healthfulness healthiness lustiness pink prime robustness salubriousness salubrity shape soundness stamina state tone tonicity verdure vigor wholeness clean bill eupepsia fine feather good condition top form lethargy weakness disease illness infirmity sickness condition appearance aspect build health kilter mint order phase repair status trim bliss dreamland ecstasy elation exaltation exhilaration exultation frenzy glee high spirits intoxication joy joyousness jubilation madness rapture relaxation transport misery depression discouragement unhappiness woe despair dislike sorrow sadness good health poor health unsuitability inappropriateness enervation anatomy being figure frame object outline person phenomenon physique silhouette thing torso disorganization disarrangement forms anatomies appearances articulations casts configurations conformations constructions contours cuts designs dies embodiments fashions figures formations frameworks models modes molds outlines patterns plans profiles schemes silhouettes skeletons structures styles systems shapelessness disorders disarrangements disorganizations luck advantage big break blessing break fluke fortunateness godsend good luck happiness in the cards karma kismet luckiness lucky break occasion opportunity profit prosperity run of luck serendipity smile streak of luck stroke success triumph victory weal wealth win windfall bad fortune failure misfortune disadvantage bad luck poverty loss forfeit Health Healthing HEALTH High Risk high risk user High-Risk Selfie medicinal pharmaceutical preventive therapeutic cathartic curative disinfectant narcotic prophylactic restorative sedative tonic alleviating pathological peptic salutary healing corrective aesculapian iatric iatrical medicative therapeutical hurting injurious harmful curing medical pharmaceutic remedial MEDIC!! Medic Medicalness Medicated activity affair calling craft dodge employment game grindstone hang job lick line moonlight play post pursuit racket slot thing trade vocation work chosen work daily grind day gig line of work métier nine-to-five rat race walk of life what one is into avocation entertainment fun pastime recreation unemployment giving up hobby surrender yielding settlement ownership use residence habitation occupancy tenancy holding tenure title inhabitancy inhabitation invasion attack conquest capture subjugation entering foreign rule retreat occupation Occupated Occupation Pfizer Pfizered Pfizerized pfizer basic elemental hidden bottom concealed lurking prime root veiled basal bottom-line cardinal critical crucial elementary essential indispensable intrinsic necessary needful nitty-gritty nub primary primitive radical substratal vital secondary capital central chief inherent key main principal underlying outside peripheral additional extra minor auxiliary nonessential insignificant unnecessary unimportant inessential base basement foundational ground last lowermost lowest meat-and-potatoes nethermost rock-bottom undermost top highest controlling dominant first foremost fundamental important leading major number one outstanding overruling paramount predominant preeminent prominent poor inferior least trivial subordinate lesser ABCs abecedarian beginning child's play clear duck soup easy facile initial introductory meat and potatoes original plain prefatory preliminary primo rudimentary simplest simplex simplified straightforward uncomplex uncomplicated involved hard difficult compound complex intricate complicated abstruse advanced absolute cold complete congenital connate constitutional deep-seated ideal inborn inbred innate material name of the game perfect quintessential accessory wrong flawed acquired atypical subsidiary imperfect incidental extrinsic learned axiological axiomatic constitutive grass-roots integral organic primordial requisite significant structural substrative supporting sustaining theoretical underived needless underly underlying stock the underlying filth underlying condition inoculation shot injection prevention vaccination medications anesthetics antibiotics antidotes antiseptics antitoxins balms biologics capsules cures doses drugs elixirs injections inoculations liniments lotions medicaments ointments pharmaceuticals pharmacons physics pills potions prescriptions remedies salves sedatives serums tablets tinctures tonics vaccinations vaccines medicine anesthetic antibiotic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm biologic capsule cure dose drug elixir liniment lotion medicament medication ointment pharmaceutical pharmacon physic pill potion prescription remedy salve sedative serum tablet tincture tonic vaccine disease medicine\u002Fmedication medicines Vaccination Vaccine The Vaccines Vaccinated The Vaccine
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