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CONFRONTING Ryan Grim Over Force the Vote

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encountering meeting opposing face to face face-to-face confronting direct opposite more opposed against allergic anti antipathetic antithetical antonymous at cross-purposes at odds averse battling clashing combating conflicting contrary controverting counter crossing defending defensive denying disagreeing disputed dissentient enemy exposing facing hostile in opposition incompatible inimical irreconcilable objecting obstructive protesting repelling restrictive rival up against warring in favor of kind friendly more opposing against the grain helping aiding similar compatible assisting most opposed most opposing opposed Sapphic Ryan Sapphic bleak cruel ghastly gloomy glum grisly gruesome harsh horrid ominous shocking somber sour stern terrible austere barbarous cantankerous churlish crabbed crusty dogged ferocious fierce forbidding foreboding formidable frightful funereal glowering grouchy grumpy hideous implacable inexorable intractable merciless morose relentless resolute ruthless scowling severe sinister splenetic stubborn sulky sullen surly truculent unrelenting unyielding bright cheerful comforting encouraging gentle good happy joyful kind light nice pleasant pleasing pretty sunny wonderful hopeful abominable abhorrent atrocious awful bad base beastly contemptible cursed despicable disgusting foul grim grody gross hairy hateful heinous hellish horrible loathsome lousy nauseating obnoxious odious offensive repellent reprehensible repugnant repulsive revolting rotten sleazy stinking vile wretched sweet desirable likeable respectable great lovable enjoyable appealing alluring worthy honorable delightful desirous attractive appalling alarming astounding daunting dire disheartening dismaying dreadful fearful frightening harrowing heavy horrific intimidating mean petrifying scaring terrifying the end unnerving reassuring satisfying polite beautiful calming ascetic astringent cold earnest exacting formal grave hard inflexible obdurate rigid rigorous serious sober solemn stiff strict stringent unfeeling spending mild calm bland flexible luxurious indulgent extravagant elaborate meek adverse disagreeable discouraged discouraging displeasing distressed melancholy troubled troubling unfavorable unfortunate unhappy unpleasant undecayed true just upright right profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous virtuous reputable honest badder baddest Grim Sapphic bygone past ancient history at an end closed completed concluded done done with ended finished gone settled failed fewer incomplete less unfinished ever too more overmuch surplus extra additionally beyond excessively extremely overly remaining superfluous unduly unused immensely in excess inordinately left over over and above necessary essential off upstairs overhead covering aloft farther up higher than in heaven in the sky on high on top of overtop straight up traversely under above exceeding greater than larger than over inferior deficient below across athwart cross crossed crosswise opposite transversely afresh again anew de novo lately newly of late once again once more over again recently anon bis by and by come again encore freshly one more time over and over recurrently reiteratively repeatedly amid amidst among amongst between during mid surrounded by throughout separate outside away from Sapphic Over OVER effort strength violence arm brunt clout coercion compulsion conscription draft duress dynamism enforcement exaction extortion fury horsepower impact impetus impulse might momentum muscle pains potency potential pow pressure punch push sinew sock speed steam stimulus strain stress stuff subjection tension trouble velocity vigor constrait full head of steam strong arm what it takes passivity discouragement ease happiness hindrance idleness lethargy peace powerlessness relaxation weakness incompetence capability authority requirement gumption point influence persuasiveness intensity cogency sapience bite guts willpower puissance fierceness emphasis vehemence effectiveness dominance ability efficacy validity effect determination obligation drive competence forcefulness persistence intestinal fortitude impressiveness validness disinterest start beginning uselessness unimportance invalidity impotence dullness indifference inadequacy ignorance inability ineffectiveness inactivity cowardice patrol army guard squad troop battalion unit armed forces division shop corps regiment body crew cell legion host detachment squadron horses reserves soldiers connection urge charge move oblige require impose compel restrict drag limit inflict demand press cause order make wrest necessitate insist coerce enjoin apply exact fix constrain overcome impress blackmail burden wring extort bind choke contract impel command obtrude occasion strong-arm enforce bear down sandbag pressurize conscript dragoon concuss shotgun bear hard on pin down put screws to put squeeze on yield help neglect give allow forget leave alone let go halt check stop free discourage surrender aid permit prevent disallow release dissuade violate defile blast propel burst pry ravish undo twist assault jimmy wrench spoil thrust squeeze rape break in break open bust open crack open untwist close accent accentuation articulation beat cadence enunciation force inflection intonation meter modulation pronunciation rhythm stroke timbre tonality tone action activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vim vitality vivacity rest unemployment yielding harmony slowness question stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness stillness repose quiet calmness calm apathy laziness inaction agencies actions activities auspices channels efficiencies forces influences instrumentalities instruments intercessions interventions means mechanisms media mediations operations organs vehicles works ends inactivities weaknesses agency channel efficiency instrument instrumentality intercession intervention mechanism mediation medium organ vehicle work end agent factor agents abettors actors advocates ambassadors assignees assistants attorneys brokers commissioners delegates deputies doers emissaries envoys executors factors factotums functionaries go-betweens handlers intermediaries lawyers mediaries middlepersons ministers movers negotiators officers operatives operators principals proctors promoters proxies representatives salespeople servants stewards substitutes surrogates ten percenters workers Sapphic Force affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Sapphic The ballot choice majority poll referendum tally franchise nay plebiscite suffrage ticket will wish yea aye secret ballot show of hands yes or no elect grant propose choose determine recommend return establish declare enact opt suggest pronounce effect confer second enfranchise judge cast ballot cast vote go to the polls put in office abstain veto refuse deny condemn affirmative always continually okay vote negative alternative appraisal choosing cull cup of tea decision determination discretion discrimination distinction druthers election evaluation extract favorite finding free will judgment opportunity option pick preference rating say substitute variety verdict volition weakness rejection hate indecision choices alternatives appraisals choosings culls cup of teas decisions determinations discriminations distinctions elections evaluations extracts favorites findings free wills judgments opportunities options picks preferences ratings substitutes varieties verdicts votes weaknesses rejections decide adjudge adjudicate agree arrive at conclusion award call shots cast the die cinch clinch come to agreement come to conclusion come to decision commit oneself conclude conjecture decree draw a conclusion end figure fix upon form opinion gather go down line guess have final word make a decision make up mind mediate purpose reach decision resolve rule select set surmise take a stand tap defer plant start begin wait put off procrastinate postpone hesitate delay grow unsettle commence waver decides adjudges adjudicates agrees arrives at conclusion awards calls shots casts the die chooses cinches clinches comes to agreement comes to conclusion comes to decision commits oneself concludes conjectures decrees determines draws a conclusion elects ends establishes figures gathers goes down line guesses has final word judges makes a decision makes up mind mediates opts polls purposes reaches decision resolves rules selects sets surmises takes a stand taps wills defers plants starts begins waits puts off procrastinates postpones hesitates delays grows refuses unsettles commences wavers accept admit appoint decide upon designate go down the line mark name nominate opt for optate pick out prefer receive settle settle on single out take vote for offer give dismiss disallow dispute ignore reject Vote Sapphic
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