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CPAC Organizer Swears Nazi Imagery Was A Total Accident

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coordinator designer developer promoter arranger facilitator administrator CEO president ambassador authority boss bureaucrat captain chair chairperson chief commander consul controller custodian dean director exec executive front office governor head head honcho head person inspector judge leader manager mayor minister officer official organizer overseer person upstairs premier prez producer superintendent supervisor worker employee follower adviser coordinators big person executive officer helmer key player kingpin player principal skipper top dog top person directors enabler assistant backer helper supporter Organizer melomaniac affirm assert depose testify vow attest avow covenant maintain plight promise state trust vouch warrant depend on give witness have confidence in make an affidavit pledge oneself rely on say so state under oath swear by swear to God swear up and down take an oath deny break condemn renounce cuss curse imprecate blaspheme flame execrate bedamn be foul-mouthed 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antithesis aposiopesis apostrophe asyndeton bathos comparison conceit device echoism ellipsis euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression flourish flower hyperbole image imagery irony litotes malapropism manner of speaking metaphor metonymy onomatopoeia ornament oxymoron parable paradox parallel personification proteron rhetoric sarcasm satire simile synecdoche trope tropology turn of phrase understatement way of speaking imagination acuteness artistry awareness chimera cognition conception creation creative thought creativity enterprise fabrication fancy fantasy flight of fancy idea ideality illusion ingenuity insight inspiration intelligence invention inventiveness mental agility notion originality perceptibility realization resourcefulness sally supposition thought thoughtfulness unreality verve vision visualization wit wittiness substance material entity being truth fact concrete existence death reality ignorance inability imaginativeness certainty Imagery melomaniac abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place was melomaniac WAS W.A.S. absolute comprehensive entire full outright overall sheer unconditional unlimited unrestricted utter consummate gross integral perfect positive sweeping totalitarian whole all-out downright every full-blown full-scale inclusive out-and-out plenary thoroughgoing undisputed undivided unmitigated unqualified unreserved conditional incomplete indefinite limited restricted specific uncertain broken fractional imperfect part partial unfinished result amount sum all budget body tale jackpot bulk quantum entirety mass totality aggregate quantity flat out sum total full amount the works fraction one individual amount to reach equal yield add consist of comprise totalize 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of the dice toss-up turn of the cards way the cookie crumbles wheel of fortune scheme law assurance surety design aim reality safety safeguard protection disadvantage loss chances Accident melomaniac ACCIDENT 'Accident'
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