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CPI(ML) Leader K.N. Ramachandran Calls His ‘Kidnapping’ An Attack on Democracy

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Ramachandran, who says he was illegally picked up by central intelligence officers in Kolkata, claims that his “kidnapping” will only add fuel to people’s anger in Bhangar.


K.N. Ramachandran CPI(ML) missing Kidnapped New Delhi Kolkata Rajdhani Express head ruler chief manager officer general lion rector dean captain lead pioneer exec notable boss skipper pilot herald guide doyen follower employee CEO President ambassador authority bureaucrat chair chairperson commander consul controller custodian director executive front office governor head honcho head person inspector judge leader mayor minister official organizer overseer person upstairs premier prez producer superintendent supervisor administrator big cheese big gun big person chieftain dominator employer foreperson helmer honcho owner person in charge taskperson top dog wheel CFO cap four-striper higher up master mistress number one operator royalty skip top fellowship helm instructorship monitor position of control principal professorate professorship throne tutor tutorship introducer moderator presider prolocutor speaker spokesperson symposiarch big wheel bigwig dictator key player monarch overlord proprietor ringleader sovereign suzerain top brass top cat Leader Ramachandran cry hail yawp yell ahoy visit plea appeal order notice reply claim reason urge excuse right grounds note song roar peep whoop waken hoot shout bawl yowl rouse howl calm stop phone ask bid rally listen ignore answer divide cancel term dub name style title label elect exact deny put predict place guess reckon regard augur judge portend presage think remove beep ring blast buzz bleep see play crash hit address annoy bother brace buttonhole call challenge confront cross dare entice face flag greet proposition run into salute welcome whistle for approach bespeak deliver speech deliver talk discourse discuss get on a soapbox give speech give talk lecture memorialize orate pitch pontificate root for sermonize spiel spout stump take the floor talk Mayday SOS alert bell buzzer caution clock drum flap flash forewarning gong high sign horn nod scramble scream sign signal siren squeal tip tip off tocsin trumpet warning 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breathe clean-cut Express EXPRESS
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