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CRISPR-Cas: discover a new extensive sequence of DNA data.

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CRISPR-Cas: discover a new extensive sequence of DNA data.Knowing the scope of microbial diversity, especially gene editing, can help scientists solve energy and cleanup problems. Using large amounts of genetic data, the researchers analyzed 155 million genes encoding proteins from uncultured microbial communities. This work led to the discovery of the first Cas9 protein of CRISPR - grouped with regular interpaces in the archaic domain, a sister group of bacteria.The team also found two previously unknown CRISPR-Cas bacterial systems. A CRISPR-Cas system uses Cas proteins to edit microbial DNA. The CRISPR-Cas system is the basis of the technologies that revolutionize research. Until this study, scientists only knew the CRISPR-Cas systems in a few isolated bacteria, not in unicellular archaea; This finding suggests that CRISPR-Cas editing systems may be much more widespread in nature than previously believedMicrobes play a key role in the cycles of the planet. Characterizing microbes helps researchers work toward solutions to energy and environmental challenges. Examination of environmental microbial communities has allowed access to an unprecedented diversity of genomes and CRISPR-Cas systems. Systems have applications including biological research. The combined computational-experimental approach that was successful in this study can be used to investigate almost all environments where life exists.Microbes greatly influence the cycles of the planet, but only a fraction have been identified. The characterization of the abundant but widely unknown extent of microbial diversity can help researchers develop solutions to energy and environmental challenges. In microbes, CRISPR-Cas systems provide a form of adaptive immunity, and these gene-editing tools are the basis of versatile technologies that revolutionize research.#ADN #MEGANationMoroccoWithAldub #Genetics #Developed #AlDub #Curiosities #Science #ALDUBGratefulness #science #EDLP #TeamAbroad #CRISPR-Cas #microbios #technology #bacteria #research #cientificos


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