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Calais 'Jungle' camp tents set ablaze

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Some migrants set alight their tents and shelters in Calais, where the government is continuing an operation to clear up the migrant 'Jungle' camp. Subscribe: ...


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  Calais migrants set Jungle camp shelters ablaze   Finish Refugees "Jungle" camp in Calais France 23.10.2016   Calais 'Jungle' demolition continues   The Jungle burns in Calais   The demolition begins Workmen start ripping up squalid huts at Calais Jungle despite thousands decl   Massive fire in Calais "Jungle" camp, France 26.10.2016 Пожар в лагере беженцев в Кале, видео   France begins to clear Calais camp - BBC News   What's Next for Calais Refugee 'Jungle?'   Migrants 'cleared from Jungle camp'   Huge fire in refugee camp "Jungle" in Calais (as demolition eviction) 26.10.2016   Refugees at Calais Jungle Camp Threatened with Eviction   Aid workers admit 'Calais kids' are LYING about their age in 'shambolic' selection process   Save the Children's Dorothy Sang on undocumented children as Calais' Jungle camp closes   Clashes in Calais Jungle refugee camp, France 25.10.2016 Беженцы попытались отстоять лагерь в Кале   'Jungle 2.0?': Fears rise over new migrant camp forming in Brussels   'Jungle 2.0?': Fears rise over new migrant camp forming in Brussels - RT   Calais Migrant camps emerge in Paris after the 'Jungle' dismantled   First 14 children from Calais 'jungle' arrive in UK   Calais eviction 360 view: The ‘Jungle’ camp dismantled   French Police Perform Sweep On Paris Migrant Camp   Lily Allen in Calais: 'I apologise on behalf of my country'- BBC News   Lily Allen in tears after hearing the plight of refugees in Calais   'Jungle' camp in Calais destroyed   First refugee children arrive in UK from Calais as French prepare to raze Jungle camp   Police, clean-up crews continue to dismantle Calais 'Jungle'   Lost in Europe: What it’s like to live in Calais ‘jungle’ refugee camp   Paris migrant camps grow after 'Jungle' demolition   Calais migrants: Life in the Jungle | Guardian Features   Protesters Storm French Port: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 8)   Migrant crisis: 'The Jungle' in the heart of Calais - Newsnight   Shakespearean Actors Perform Hamlet for Refugees in Calais Camp   Interpreter raped by alleged Afghan migrants near Calais ‘Jungle’ camp   Out of the 'Jungle': Migrant children find new life in UK   Lauren Southern: Men in Calais "Jungle" are economic migrants, not true refugees   Migrant battle on the streets of Paris: Large gangs of men armed with makeshift clubs.   Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp to be ‘gradually dismantled’   French court upholds partial evacuation of Calais Jungle camp   'I was told "no chance of England"' – 'Jungle' migrant   Where will ‘Jungle’ refugees go after Calais camp’s demolition?   Lauren Southern in Europe: Welcome to the Calais Jungle!   Migrants Clash With Riot Police in France At Calais "Jungle" | NowThis   LIVE from Calais refugee camp   Inside Calais: The last days of the Jungle   French police target migrants in Paris   Refugees still at Calais camp despite ‘successful’ eviction   Belgium reinstates France border checks over Calais Jungle fears   Frances new migrant camps   Calais Migrants: What's it like in the "Jungle"? (360 video) BBC News   Calais 'Jungle' closure: What now for the migrants?   Remaining migrants being evicted from Calais camp   "Jungle" camp kids in limbo: Save the Children   French Calais migrant camp deemed unsafe, demolished   [360° video] Inside Calais' ‘Jungle’ as it is dismantled   Thousands moved from 'Jungle' camp ahead of demolition   Calais residents demand dismatling of 'jungle' migrant camp   France's new refugee camps   End of Calais ‘Jungle’? Migrants in panic & despair over camp relocation plan   Refugees Evicted From Calais "Jungle" Camp   France gets set to evacuate migrants from 'jungle' camp   Rear Window: Life in the Jungle   UK to accept children from Calais Jungle camp 'within days'   Ramadan in Calais: the migrants fasting in "The Jungle"   The ‘Jungle’: Refugee camp sees surge in population   Children 'still in the Jungle' though France declared camp cleared - world   Lauren Southern: Searching for “Syrian refugees” in France’s “Calais Jungle”   Migrants Clash With Riot Police in France At Calais "Jungle"   Returning to the site of the Calais 'Jungle' - Sky News   Return to Camp: Migrants back in Calais months after ‘Jungle’ eviction   France: Police carry out arrests at Calais refugee camp   Returning to the site of the Calais 'Jungle'   Row escalates over Calais child refugees   Migrants flee to nearby port towns after Calais camp shuts down   Pepsi's journey: from the Philippines to the Calais Jungle   What's the future for children in 'the Jungle' in Calais? BBC Newsnight   France Is Finally Starting To Demolish The Calais 'Jungle' Camp

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