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Can you solve the three gods riddle? - Alex Gendler

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View full lesson: and your team have crash-landed on an ancient planet. Can you appease the three alien overlords who rule it and get your team safely home? Created by logician Raymond Smullyan, and popularized by his colleague George Boolos, this riddle has been called the hardest logic puzzle ever. Alex Gendler shows how to solve it.Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Artrake Studio.


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spirit omnipotent prime mover tutelary universal life force world spirit Father in Heaven Heavenly Father Lord of Lords god the all-powerful Alpha and Omega the Diety celestial genius goddess godhead godhood godliness godship guardian spirit higher power sanctity ace adventurer celebrity combatant conqueror daredevil diva exemplar gallant great person heavy ideal lead leading person lion martyr model paladin person of the hour popular figure prima donna principal protagonist saint star superstar tin god victor worthy Almighty the Supreme Being alpha and omega evil devil hero\u002Fheroine heroes heroines God flextape religion christianity judaism islam muslim pork atheism coke belief allah gawd yah jehovah yahweh complexity conundrum dilemma enigma mystery puzzle quandary teaser bewilderment charade complication confusion cryptogram distraction doubt embarrassment entanglement intricacy labyrinth maze mystification perplexity plight poser predicament problem puzzlement question rebus 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