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Cancel Culture is Reverse Cultural Appropriation

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abolish abort annul break off cut destroy eliminate kill remove repeal rescind revoke wipe out abrogate break countermand deface delete efface eradicate expunge obliterate off omit quash repudiate scrub sink smash squash torpedo total trash trim undo zap X-out black out blot out cross out do away with do in finish off render invalid rub out scratch out stamp across strike out wash out wipe slate clean approve begin build continue create enact give birth keep ratify restore sanction start validate add aid allow assist bear construct establish fasten fix help institute lose mend permit strengthen support arrange imbalance tip uphold rule out invalidate neutralize vacate redress negate counteract refute overthrow retract counterpoise suppress void frustrate nullify redeem counterbalance offset discharge recall ignore discard recant call off countercheck balance out compensate for declare invalid make up for put an end to render inert render null and void set aside encourage emphasize abate annihilate cancel disestablish dissolve end erase extinguish extirpate finish inhibit nix overturn prohibit put kibosh on put the kibosh on squelch stamp out subvert supersede terminate vitiate promote confirm save initiate pass legalize revive set up schedule commence abolished abolishing knock out reject renege abrogating declare get off the hook reverse retain enforce Cancel ability art civilization experience fashion perception practice science skill accomplishment address capacity class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment erudition finish gentility grace improvement kindness learning manners nobility polish politeness proficiency refinement savoir-faire tact training urbanity aestheticism good taste ignorance inability inexperience bad manners clumsiness coarseness crudeness harm hurt impoliteness incompetence inelegance ineptness roughness rudeness tactlessness development lifestyle knowledge habit society folklore mores customs convention way of life ethnology humanism grounding arts and sciences folkways the arts agriculture tending gardening farming agrology agronomy raising agronomics culture horticulture husbandry tillage background accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop breeding credentials deeds education environment framework history preparation qualification rearing seasoning tradition upbringing foreground backgrounds ancestry civility conduct lineage nurture schooling discourtesy affability amenities amiability attentiveness ceremony chivalry comity complaisance consideration cordiality courteousness courtliness deference familiarity favor friendliness gallantness gallantry generosity geniality gentleness good behavior good breeding graciousness indulgence respect reverence solicitude suavity sympathy thoughtfulness unmannerliness neglect unfriendliness meanness disfavor pompousness coolness coldness aloofness thoughtlessness disrespect fear disregard disdain cachet character consequence decency decorum distinction eminence ethics etiquette glory grandeur gravity greatness hauteur honor importance loftiness majesty merit morality nobleness perfection poise prestige propriety quality rank regard renown respectability seemliness self-respect significance solemnity splendor standing state stateliness station stature status sublimity virtue worth worthiness immorality unimportance lowliness worthlessness evil dishonor insignificance indecency Culture reversal about-face antipode antithesis back bottom contra contradiction contradictory contrary converse counter flip-flop inverse rear regression retrogression retroversion reversion switch turn turnabout turning underside verso volte-face antipole change of mind counterpole flip side other side reversement turn around wrong side front same stagnation top good fortune good luck identical progress success blow repulse misfortune disappointment catastrophe misadventure defeat conquering setback check trial mishap affliction vicissitude bath adversity hardship vanquishment triumph blessing benefit wonder help comfort boost assistance aid favor encouragement relief miracle happiness shift overturn rearrange interchange capsize exchange revert invert backtrack transpose backpedal upset transfer retreat back up double back go back turn over upend evert evaginate go backwards move backwards transplace turn back reserve meet advance keep hold go ahead enforce quash invalidate repeal revoke modify dismantle undo nullify lift annul overrule alter rescind convert recall countermand negate renege overthrow retract set aside declare null and void overset turn the tables retain pass approve allow validate sanction permit 180 degree turn U-turn change change in direction changeabout double doubleback policy change retraction reverse turnaround adversities bad break bummer calamity can of worms clutch contretemps crunch difficulty disaster distress downer drag evil eye hard knocks hard times hurting ill fortune jam jinx kiss of death misery on the skids pain in the neck poison sorrow suffering the worst tough luck trouble fortune pleasure peace ease prosperity health boon contentment joy profit advantage abate abolish abrogate annihilate blot out call off cancel declare delete discharge dissolve efface erase expunge get off the hook kill neutralize nix obliterate render null and void scrub vacate vitiate wipe out restore save support establish enact continue create revive set up schedule uphold ratify legalize institute annulled annuls re.verse artistic developmental adorning advancing beautifying beneficial broadening civilizing constructive corrective disciplining edifying educative elevating enriching expanding helpful humane humanizing influential inspirational instructive learned liberal liberalizing nurturing promoting raising refined refining regenerative socializing stimulating uplifting widening cultural educational enlightening improving illuminating illuminative inspiring instructional academic didactic informational informative scholarly scholastic tutorial allotment allowance donation funding grant provision stipend subsidy apportionment assignment concession giving stipulation budgeting setting apart sponsoring bestowal keeping refusal rejection return embezzlement confiscation misappropriation expropriation taking usurpation grab seizure takeover pilfering abduction appropriation kidnapping rape theft adoption acceptance approbation approval assumption choice confirmation embracement embracing enactment endorsement espousal following maintenance ratification selection support taking on taking over taking up repudiation pass opposition disapproval allocation portion quota ration share whole bite chunk cut cut of pie end lot measure part piece piece of the action rake off slice split stint annexation addition attachment incorporation increase increment merger detachment subtraction loss decrease division partition juncture unity
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