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Canines exchange vows

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The Canine Club of Bethel Park cordially invites you to the wedding of Peaches and Toby.


Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Post-Gazette postgazette.com Bethel Park Canine club dogs Peaches Toby canines weddings Nate Guidry drill scoop sift clean enter bore gouge grub pit rout probe drive cat till mine sap root spade hoe exit dislike bury cover fill not get poke sink ram stab jog prod jab repress unearth search retrieve go into uncover delve find prospect inquire expose extricate research look into dig down love mind follow groove relish go for hate scorn neglect catch see take grasp refuse reject avoid lose boring burrowing digging drilling hollowing pitting prospecting quarrying scooping tapping tunneling unearthing apply oneself to attend to concentrate on devote oneself to dig direct engage in focus on give go at hammer away have a go at have at knuckle down to peg away pitch into plug away at take care of take up throw oneself into try turn turn to undertake admire be crazy about be gone on be mad for be nuts about be serious about be smitten with be stuck on be sweet on be wild 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so-so standard tolerable undistinguished unexceptional usual courtyard grass lawn play area terrace yard area border frame piece row strip God's acre Golgotha boot hill catacomb cemetery charnel charnel house churchyard city of the dead crypt eternal home funerary grounds grave graveyard marble town memorial park mortuary necropolis ossuary polyandrium potter's field resting place sepulcher tomb vault breed crop dress farm fertilize harvest labor manage mature plant plow prepare propagate raise ripen seed tend till work average backyard boneyard cultivate Garden trek swing trip road round stump run shift spell hitch trick turn jaunt time hop bout stagnation travel cruise voyage jet junket course fit session stint stretch tear term tour agitate barnstorm canvass contend for contest crusade electioneer go to grass roots hit the trail lobby mend fences muckrake mudsling politick press the flesh ring doorbells run for solicit votes stand for whistle-stop begird belt cincture circuit circulate circumduct circumscribe coil compass curve embrace encircle enclose encompass ensphere envelop gird girdle gyrate gyre hem in loop mill around pivot revolve ring roll rotate spiral surround wheel whirl wind about ambit area bounds circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution cycle district gyration journey lap limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery range region route tract turning twirl way wind winding zone cover explore look at pass through stop in track traverse Sunday drive airing commute excursion expedition joyride lift outing pickup ramble ride spin campaign drive yearly old annual halting changing ending ceasing amaranthine constant continual continuous day and night endless eternal everlasting incessant indefatigable interminable nonstop on a treadmill perennial perpetual round the clock unceasing unending uninterrupted unremitting untiring world-without-end abiding ceaseless confirmed continuing deep-rooted deep-seated enduring ever-present fixed habitual inborn inbred incurable ineradicable ingrained inveterate lasting lifelong lingering long-lived long-standing obstinate persistent persisting prolonged protracted recurrent recurring rooted routine settled stubborn sustained tenacious unabating unmitigated unyielding usual ageless always boundless continued dateless deathless forever illimitable immemorial immortal immutable imperishable indefinite indestructible infinite never-ending perdurable permanent relentless termless timeless unbroken undying unfading without end blossom bud cluster efflorescence floret floweret head herb inflorescence pompon posy shoot spike spray vine evergreen incorruptible indissoluble never-ceasing phoenixlike sempiternal accustomed addicted chronic customary dyed-in-the-wool entrenched habituated hard-core hardened incorrigible indurated innate long-lasting set sworn flower Perennial bunk cot crib couch berth sack divan row area plot ground seat basis bottom rest bedrock fix base found embed destroy confuse basement bed foot footing groundwork infrastructure pedestal root seating stand substratum substructure support underpinning resting place anchorage bedroom billet compartment dock hammock haven jetty levee pier port quay slip wharf accommodate canton care for feed harbor house let crash lodge put up quarter room assembly box chassis core corpus crux essence frame fuselage gist gravamen hull main part majority mass material matter pith skeleton staple substance sum tenor total trunk whole belly deepest part depths floor lowest part nadir nether portion pediment sole terra firma underbelly underneath underside board body Bed Oster O-ster mutt cur wolf chow pup fox lobo afghan airedale akita basset beagle bowwow canine dachshund man's best friend mongrel pointer pooch poodle retriever fang incisor ivory tooth tush bicuspid cuspid dent dentation denticle dentile eyetooth grinder laniary molar point premolar serration snag tine tusk animal coxcomb dandy dog fop whelp hound puppy Canine kanine mouth sweets poker gambling texas hold &39;em hole cards Ex-change exchanges exchange oral sex blow job giving head laying pipe princess sophia oath pledge troth break assure swear promise declare affirm covenant devote dedicate testify vouch plight warrant deny affirmation assertion declaration guarantee insurance lock lock on profession rain or shine security shoo-in support sure thing vow warranty word word of honor attest aver brace up buck up certify confirm give one's word vouch for affiance become engaged bind commit contract engage espouse give one's hand make compact plight faith plight troth tie oneself to affiancing betrothing engagement espousal charge committal devoir duty liability must need ought responsibility undertaking bargain concur stipulate undertake assurance betroth betrothal commitment Bethel Park parish mosque shrine temple chapel oratory mission abbey fold basilica minster chancel chantry sacellum church flock shul vestry Lord's house bethel cathedral house of God house of prayer house of worship sanctuary synagogue tabernacle archdiocese churchgoers community parishioners territory church house meetinghouse place of worship Bethel lawn square garden estate plaza place forest meadow green lot tract grass grounds seat put move amphitheatre boards bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome ice park pit platform ring rink stadium stage accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce lay away maintain plant put away put in the hole save screen secrete squirrel squirrel away stash stash away store amass bank collect commit deliver drop entrust garner give in trust hoard install invest keep lay plop plunk plunk down precipitate put aside put by repose rest salt away settle sit down sock away stock up stow transfer treasure abide bide bunk continue crash establish oneself exist flop hang one's hat hang out hole up inhabit keep house locate 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through one's hat yakkety-yak bathing beauty beauty queen centerfold cover girl cutie-pie dream girl dreamboat glamor girl good-looking woman hot number raving beauty sex bunny sex kitten glamour girl bittersweet cantaloupe red-yellow tangerine apotheosis archetype beau ideal champion crackerjack criterion cynosure epitome essence exemplar nonesuch nonpareil original paradigm pattern perfection prototype quintessence standard sublimation ultimate blow the whistle blab orange paragon sing peaches Peach jug stoup smoke stogy claro weed tobie coffee cup demitasse flagon tankard toby belvedere bouquet cheroot corona havana panatela perfecto stogie tobacco mug cigar Toby canine Canine tooth kanine fang mouth sweets poker dog gambling texas hold &39;em hole cards marriage wedlock nuptials union hook espousal bridal spousal bells divorce Sacrament alliance amalgamation association confederation conjugality connubiality consortium coupling holy matrimony link match mating matrimony merger monogamy pledging tie tie that binds wedded bliss wedded state wedding wedding bells wedding ceremony betrothed conjugal connubial engaged epithalamic espoused marital nuptial wedded marital rites shotgun wedding married matrimonial Wedding panic! at the disco bride groom cake penguin alcohol bodily fluids sex sperm love fake bureaucracy fusing metals medals gold medals hot torch lame boring dumb pointless stupidity moronic weddings bridesmade ring diamond bridezilla Nate nate guidry
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