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Car Tech 101: Variable valve timing explained

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Few innovations under the hood have become as ubiquitous as variable valve timing. Automakers brag about it all the time, but seldom explain it. So Brian ...


Car Tech CNET On Cars Brian Cooley wagon van auto bus ride pickup truck motor wreck buggy bucket jalopy heap jeep coupe junker sedan wheels car chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train vehicle victoria carriage carrying communication machine movement transfer transference transmission transportation carryall crate dump eighteen-wheeler four by eight four by four four-wheel drive freighter lorry rig semi agent automobile bicycle boat cab carrier chariot conveyance mechanism motorcycle taxi transport vector motor car passenger car barouche buckboard caisson camion caravan cart coach dray fourgon gilly schooner tram tumbril wain Car reform school reformatory remand school training camp training ship borstal institution industrial school tech training college training ground training school Tech techs fickle mobile fluid fitful iffy mutable shifty protean yo-yo stable AC-DC adjustable all around alterable can-do changeable compliant conformable convertible ductile easy-going flexible hanging loose malleable modifiable moldable plastic pliable pliant resilient supple switch-hitting tractable variable versatile any way the wind blows arbitrary blowing hot and cold careless changeful contrary crotchety effervescent erratic every which way fanciful flaky flighty freakish gaga helter-skelter humorsome impulsive inconstant kinky lubricious mercurial moody notional odd picky punchy queer quirky temperamental ticklish unpredictable unreasonable unstable up and down vagarious volatile wayward whimsical agitated capricious commutative fluctuating indecisive irregular irresolute irresponsible kaleidoscopic movable permutable restless reversible revocable shifting skittish spasmodic transformable transitional uncertain unreliable unsettled unsteady vacillating vagrant variant varying wavering accommodating airy animated bouncy buoyant complaisant ebullient expansive gay high-spirited lively recuperative soaring spirited sprightly vivacious yielding 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pace off portion quantify regulate size up take account anticipate be ahead of come first foreshadow go before go in advance harbinger have a head start introduce light the way pave the way run ahead take precedence administer coordinate legislate methodize pull things together put in order reconcile standardize straighten up superintend supervise systematize get on line pencil in write in one's book compose precede schedule told analyzed argued assumed concluded considered debated determined discussed explained hypothesized posited postulated ratiocinated rationalized reasoned thought made clear understood clarify elucidate explain justify resolve comment commentate construe define expound footnote gloss illustrate interpret note remark acknowledge answer back argue back at you back talk be in touch claim comeback contest counterclaim defend deny disprove dispute echo feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back top appeal assert attest contend controvert demonstrate denote display establish evince exhibit hold imply indicate maintain manifest persuade present prevail upon reason show suggest talk into testify vindicate warrant witness induced interpreted account for annotate answer CNet wagon van auto bus ride pickup truck motor wreck buggy bucket jalopy heap jeep coupe junker sedan wheels car chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train vehicle victoria carriage carrying communication machine movement transfer transference transmission transportation carryall crate dump eighteen-wheeler four by eight four by four four-wheel drive freighter lorry rig semi agent automobile bicycle boat cab carrier chariot conveyance mechanism motorcycle taxi transport vector motor car passenger car barouche buckboard caisson camion caravan cart coach dray fourgon gilly schooner tram tumbril wain Car Brian brian cooley Cooley cooley !
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