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Cardinal is modest amid adoring crowds

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Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila makes last-minute preparations for the papal visit in the Philippines, but he seems unfazed as he continues to navigate his ...


Catholic News Service Cardinal (Religious Leadership Title) Chaz Muth Tyler Orsburn Pope Francis (Religious Leader) Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle Philippines (Country) Manila (City/Town/Village) Papal Visit Catholicism prime central leading primary first chief ruling basic main basal highest pivotal vital minor last least extra trivial outside Vandyke bertha capote cardinal cloak cope dolman fichu gabardine manteau mantelletta mantilla mantle overdress paletot pelerine pelisse poncho shawl tabard talma tippet victorine wrap wrapper controlling dominant foremost fundamental important major number one outstanding overruling paramount predominant preeminent principal prominent underlying axial center centric centroidal equidistant essential focal inmost inner interior intermediate key master mean median mid middle middlemost midmost midway nuclear omphalic overriding radical salient significant umbilical arch capital champion consequential crucial effective especial grand head momentous potent premier primal star stellar superior supreme telling uppermost weighty abbey archbishop bishop blackcoat cassock chaplain churchperson cleric clerk curate dean divine ecclesiast ecclesiastic evangelist father missionary monsignor padre parson pastor person of God person of the cloth pontiff preacher predicant priest primate pulpitarian pulpiteer rabbi rector reverend sermonizer shepherd vicar constitutive imperative indispensable necessary necessitous needed needful prerequisite required requisite right-hand wanted cape clergyperson simple humble quiet chaste coy demure lowly meek nice proper seemly silent timid brave complex assured bold proud small cheap dry fair plain afraid averse diffident disinclined hesitant hesitating indisposed late loath modest reluctant reserved retiring shy sluggish tardy uneager unwilling wavering austere bald basic blunt cold essential hard literal meager mere scant severe sheer spare stark unembellished unornamented abashed backward blushful blushing chary confused constrained embarrassed nervous overmodest recoiling reticent self-conscious self-effacing shamefaced sheepish shrinking timorous unassertive verecund casual naive natural nonchalant unstudied celibate clean continent controlled decent decorous elegant immaculate impotent inexperienced innocent intemerate monogamous moral neat platonic prudish refined restrained spotless stainless subdued unaffected unblemished uncontaminated undefiled unstained unsullied unwed vestal virginal virtuous wholesome blameless crimeless exemplary faultless good guiltless honorable inculpable respectable sinless unguilty upright bare bashful careless Modest among during mid over amidst beyond outside amid betwixt encompassed by in dispersion through in the midst of in the thick of surrounded by with 'tween at intervals bounded by centrally located enclosed by halfway in the middle in the seam inserted interpolated intervening medially midway separating within all along all the while at the same time as at the time for the time being in the course of in the interim in the meanwhile in the middle of in the time of meanwhile midst pending the time between the whole time throughout until when while between Amid revere admire cherish idolize worship glorify prize exalt dig esteem honor dote on go for hate shame abhor detest debase mock adherent adoring ardent deep earnest faithful fervent fervid genuine godly goody two-shoes goody-goody heart-and-soul heartfelt holy intense orthodox passionate pietistic pious prayerful profound religious reverent revering serious sincere venerating worshiping zealous affectionate devoted fascinated fatuous fond foolish lovesick lovesome loving silly simple struck addicted amorous attached caring doting enamored indulgent keen on lovey-dovey mushy partial predisposed responsive romantic sentimental silly over sympathetic tender warm reverential venerational adore applaud appreciate approve be crazy about be crazy for be crazy over be mad about be nuts about be stuck on be sweet on be wild about commend credit delight in eulogize extol fall for get high on groove on hail hold in respect laud look up to marvel at moon over pay homage to praise rate highly respect take pleasure in think highly of treasure value venerate wonder at apprise enjoy like love regard relish savor devout worshipful throng horde group people crew mass lot party press mob circle pack flood set stream clique cattle flock drove array cloud bunch army legion masses posse crush swarm jam rabble herd host meet troupe deluge muster tumult surge gaggle scores one peace push individual swamp congest cluster gather huddle pile squeeze bundle squish shove ram squash bear elbow troop jam-pack sardine chock justle top off divide spread let go pull leave be alive with be all over the place be knee deep in be no end to be plentiful be thick with be up to one's ears in crawl with crowd flourish flow have a full plate infest overflow proliferate swell teem thrive alliance amalgamation banding together cahoots clan coalition combination confederation conjunction connection gang hookup incorporation joining league merging outfit partnership relationship ring syndicate tie-in union company division multitude regiment unit aggregation assembly association collection congregation convergence accumulation assemblage band body clambake coffee klatch conclave confab conference convocation council faction gathering get-together meeting rally sit-in turnout affiliation club combo confederacy congress cooperative corporation family federation fellowship fraternity guild order organization pool rat pack society sodality sorority tie-up tribe troops zoo abound liberal generic whole cosmic diffuse global wide exclusive specific narrow partial advanced catholic cosmopolitan dispassionate flexible free-thinking indulgent open open-minded permissive progressive radical receptive responsive tolerant unbiased unbigoted undogmatic unprejudiced absolute across the board all-embracing all-inclusive blanket broad compendious complete comprising containing discursive encircling encyclopedic exhaustive expansive extensive far-reaching full general in depth infinite lock stock and barrel of great scope overall sweeping synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works thorough umbrella wall-to-wall widespread cosmogonal cosmogonic ecumenical empyrean grandiose huge immense measureless planetary vast worldwide cultivated cultured gregarious metropolitan polished public smooth sophisticated universal urbane well-travelled worldly broadcast circulated diluted dispersed disseminated distributed expanded extended prevalent propagated radiated scattered separated strewn thin unconcentrated assorted dilettantish diverse diversified heterogeneous inclusive many-sided mingled mixed multifarious multiform selective varied wide-ranging broad-minded comprehensive eclectic Catholic NEWS news duty use office supply work account benefit utility employ value labor avail favor fitness check hurt loss disfavor damage injury ritual liturgy worship sermon action sting combat peace align balance bring into line calibrate connect correct fine-tune fit fix focus grind improve improve accommodate mend overhaul polish put in working order readjust rectify regulate renovate repair service set sharpen square tighten troubleshoot tune up advancement advice advocacy alleviation allowance assist assistance attention backing backup benefaction benevolence bounty care charity comfort compensation cooperation deliverance encouragement endowment furtherance gift giving guidance hand handout leg up lift ministration ministry patronage promotion reinforcement relief rescue reward salvation shot in the arm subsidy sustenance treatment advantage betterment convenience enhancement enrichment excellence extravagance facility frill improvement luxury merit quality superfluity virtue aid blessing boon credit distinction help resource treasure abetment boost 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brass tycoon advice auspices conduct conduction conveyance help instruction intelligence navigation teaching controls driver's seat reins rudder steering wheel tiller executive helm Leadership Chaz chaz Muth muth tyler Tyler pontiff pontifical see legate otho popery vicegerent papacy vatican nuncio ablegate bishop of rome paparchy popedom popish confessor father confessor pope spiritual father spiritual leader bishop pontifex abba administrator angel archer berretta cap cleric coadjutor diocesan director metropolitan miter mitre overseer patriarch prelate priest primate suffragan Holy Father Pope Francis francis Luis luis LUI Antonio antonio Tagle tagle Philippines philippines fiber bang flax bhang jute abaca kef kif ambary cannabis fennel hashish manila marijuana hemp Manila papal visit papistic apostolic canonical churchly cleric ecclesiastic ecclesiastical episcopal holy ministerial monastic monkish papal parsonical parsonish pastoral pontifical prelatic priestly rabbinical sacerdotal sacred theocratical arrogant dogmatic overbearing pompous pretentious puffy clerical stop stay call talk play hit see tour reside crash tarry chat dwell pop in listen ignore attack smite pain avenge afflict wreck punish impose wreak befall inflict assail trouble aid help access alight appear attain barge in blow in bob up breeze in bust in buzz check in clock in disembark dismount drop anchor drop in enter fall by fall in get to hit town land make it make the scene pop up pull in punch the clock reach report roll in show show up sign in sky in take place turn up visit wind up at be a guest be at be present be there catch come to light frequent go to haunt make an appearance punch in ring in sit in on time in appeal bidding command invitation notice order plea proposal request solicitation subpoena summons supplication babble bull session chatter conversation converse gab gas gossip heart-to-heart hot air jabber palaver prattle rap rap session tête-à-tête yak come over drop by look in look up meet pay a call run in step in stop by approach be in touch with check with connect get get ahold of get in touch with interact interface network phone reach out relate speak to telephone touch base write to arrive attend come by contact Romanism papistry popery Catholicism Catholicity Church of Rome Roman Catholicism
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