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Cathedral High, Kobe squeak out win vs. top hoops prospect

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A showdown between some of the best, as Cathdral High School went up against Maranatha high school of Pasadena in a game decided by one point.


Cathedral High School Kobe Paras win top hoops prospect basilica sanctuary temple chancel minster Lord's house abbey bethel cathedral chantry chapel fold house of God house of prayer house of worship mission mosque oratory parish sacellum shrine synagogue tabernacle church holy place masjid place of worship accredited approved authentic authenticated authoritative bona fide canonical ceremonious certified cleared conclusive correct customary decided decisive definite endorsed established ex cathedra ex officio fitting formal legitimate licensed okay ordered orthodox positive precise proper real recognized rightful sanctioned suitable true valid shul house pagoda pantheon official cathEdral Cathedral high High Kobe kobe KOBE! 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anticipation buyer credibility PROSPECT Prospect prospects Cathedral High School academy hall jail faculty college group class party set sect clique circle pupils faith outlook belief stamp creed way disbelief tutor coach lead show prime manage direct inform train verse drill guide ignore hide learn forget academe academic community academicians savants school breed cultivate develop discipline educate feed form foster nourish nurture provide for rear support teach Mafia assembly bunch cabal camarilla camp clan club companions company comrades coterie crew cronies crowd crush fraternity gang in-group insiders intimates lot mob outfit posse ring society sorority branch brand cast caste character classification collection color degree denomination department description designation distinction division domain estate family feather frame genre genus grade grain grouping hierarchy humor ilk kidney league make mold name nature order origin property province quality range rank rate section 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