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Chelsea Manning Attacks Her Most Staunch Defenders

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Chelsea adorn arm deck out decorate dress endow furnish gear prepare provide qualify rig set up supply accouter appoint array attire deck heel implement man outfit ready stake stock feather nest fit out fix up gear up line nest prep turn out take disrobe unclothe equip Manning aggression barrage charge incursion intervention intrusion invasion offensive onslaught outbreak raid rape skirmish strike violation advance assailing blitz blitzkrieg defilement drive encounter encroachment foray initiative inroad irruption mugging offense onrush onset push rush storming thrust volley assailment dirty deed retreat pull aid defense flight health protection reprisal resistance shelter shield submission support surrender sustenance criticism abuse pugnacity belligerence combativeness censure denigration blame slander denunciation libel calumny vilification impugnment approval commendation compliment praise failure seizure breakdown illness relapse fit spell disease throe access stroke paroxysm bout ailment convulsion spasm hit harm besiege beat assault hurt bombard ambush stab storm assail blast invade infiltrate clip overwhelm jump brain beset molest aggress soak clock boot bust mug slog kick biff combat club bat punch bean wallop cook bash blister bop turn on whop larrup boff chop down knock block off knock cold knock for a loop lay siege to light into pounce upon set upon take the offensive slough off be lazy sustain submit defend leave alone help lose withstand resist decrease protect guard assist criticize impugn revile refute stretch berate malign vilify reprove lay into shoot down jump down one's throat jump on one's case endorse approve commend sanction tackle buckle down take up deal with dive into plunge into set to start in on tear into Attack Attack! Attack Attack Attacked Attackism Attackative him hir them ver xem you zir your his its vis xyr their our her better biggest greater highest largest lion's share max maximum ultimate utmost uttermost least very almost exceedingly much too remarkably nearly about approximately close eminently mightily practically super well-nigh nigh all but in the majority surpassingly little about to around as good as bordering on close to close upon essentially for the greatest part in effect in the neighborhood of in the vicinity of just about most near to not far from not quite on the brink of on the edge of on the point of on the verge of pretty near relatively roughly substantially virtually within sight of apex acme apogee climax crest crown culmination cusp greatest height meridian ne plus ultra peak pinnacle point roof spire sublimity summit tip tops up there vertex zenith base bottom nadir ballpark figure circa closely comparatively generally in the ballpark in the region of loosely more or less proximately upwards of very close precisely exactly definitely clearly accurately boss cooler higher larger leading outstanding preeminent superlative terrific greatly abundantly by much conspicuously emphatically enormously exceptionally extremely famously glaringly highly hugely immeasurably immensely in great measure incalculably incomparably incredibly indeed infinitely inimitably intensely largely markedly notably on a large scale powerfully strikingly superlatively supremely tremendously vastly very much insignificantly inconsiderably apical best capital chief head maximal paramount principal supreme tiptop top top-notch uppermost zenithal The Most Mosted the most ardent loyal reliable stalwart steadfast stout trustworthy fast firm secure sound stable true allegiant constant faithful inflexible liege stiff strong sure tough tried-and-true true-blue trusty disloyal undependable unreliable untrustworthy weak flexible indefinite insecure loose moving unfixed unstable irresolute able-bodied fit hale hardy healthy hearty lusty powerful robust staunch strapping sturdy vigorous delicate infirm dependable devoted unswerving unwavering attached dogged persevering resolute unfailing unflagging unshaken terminable stopping ending wavering irregular fluctuating false untrue undetermined undecided flagging interrupted concluding varying unsteady inconstant fickle changeable dishonest always there carrying the load certain good as one's word rocklike steady to be counted on tried unsure uncertain irresponsible unfaithful wobbly adherent affectionate behind one caring concerned consecrated crazy about dear dedicated devout doting dutiful fervid fond gone on lovesome loving stuck on thoughtful wild about zealous unenthusiastic uncommitted negligent neglectful faithless hateful uncaring inattentive indifferent apathetic adamant bullheaded hard-nosed hardheaded indefatigable inexorable insistent mulish obdurate obstinate perseverant perseverative pertinacious pigheaded relentless rigid single-minded stubborn tenacious tough nut unbending unshakable unyielding soft yielding surrendering Staunch protector sponsor supporter guardian advocate apostle attorney backer campaigner champion counsel defender exponent expounder lawyer pleader promoter proponent proposer speaker spokesperson upholder opposition protestor enemy assailant antagonist opponent advocates apostles attorneys backers campaigners champions counsels defenders exponents expounders lawyers pleaders promoters proponents proposers speakers spokespersons supporters upholders oppositions protestors enemies assailants antagonists opponents ally challenger champ conqueror endorser hero heroine medalist nonpareil number one numero uno paladin partisan patron sympathizer the greatest titleholder top dog vanquisher victor vindicator warrior winner loser allies challengers champs conquerors endorsers guardians heroes heroines medalists nonpareils number ones numero unos paladins partisans patrons protectors sympathizers the greatests titleholders top dogs vanquishers victors vindicators warriors winners losers cheerleader admirer booster friend devil's advocate apologist mediator polemicist The Defender Defender defendant defend defendibility
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