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Chickengate comes home to roost [News Bulletin]

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The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission has recommended that former IEBC CEO James Oswago and three others including broker Trevy Oyombra be held ...


Kenya National Examinations Council UK Smith and Ouzman Chickengate Director of Public Prosecutions Issack Hassan Davis Chirchir Interim Independent Electoral Commission James Oswago Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission news bulletins news bulletin chicken heart chicken out chicken feed chicken chickens out chickening out checking out chickenfeed appear arrive become enter get happen hit materialize move occur reach show show up attain burst buzz flare near originate be accessible be at disposal be convenient be handy be obtainable be ready blow in bob up breeze in check in clock in close in draw near drop in fall by fall in get in hit town make it make the scene move toward pop in pop up punch in punch the clock ring in roll in sign in sky in spring in turn out turn up wind up at conceal depart disappear discourage dissuade fail hide leave lose miss stop recede retreat accumulate add up amass amount assemble collect combine come heap mix number pile sum total arise attend be present be within view break through come forth come into view come out come to light crop up develop emerge expose issue loom present recur rise spring surface time in break fall hap betide chance befall transpire take place come to pass run join turn grow stretch spread mature wax aggregate expand come over run into sum to shrink halt compress lessen decrease surrender cease dissipate separate divide break up disconnect detach scatter disperse aggregated aggregates aggregating abandon appearing central familiar family household local national native at ease at rest down home homely homey in the bosom inland internal foreign outside business commercial address apartment base casa co-op condo crash pad crib den digs domicile dwelling flat flop habitat haunt headquarters hearth hole home homestead house joint lodging pad quarters residence roost sanctuary seat ZIP code abode box number direction living quarters location number place of business place of residence street whereabouts camp center depot dock field garrison hangar harbor port post settlement site starting point station strip terminal architecture construction edifice erection fabric framework hut pile superstructure ziggurat dormitory palace resort shelter hospital cottage farm condominium place trailer mansion cabin villa dump hangout habitation asylum cave hideout manor nest shanty roof turf castle home plate fireside diggings orphanage bungalow rooming house boarding house commorancy hole in the wall parking place where the hat is office land neighborhood country locality soil element range homeland territory haven neck of the woods stamping ground hometown hills camping ground home ground stomping ground annex addresses branch top building buildings Gender Euphoria Home Homes homes birdhouse henhouse roosting place bide bunk bunk out crash dwell hang out inhabit lodge nest perch reside room roost settle squat stay address apartment base casa co-op condo crash pad crib den digs domicile dwelling flat flop habitat haunt headquarters hearth hole home homestead house joint lodging pad quarters residence sanctuary seat abode accommodation castle commorancy condominium dump habitation legal residence mansion rack residency roof over head settlement abide continue establish oneself exist hole up keep house locate occupy park pitch tent quarter remain rent rest sojourn stop tarry tenant tent accommodations berth biosphere cave element environment fireside haven home plate housing locale locality nook occupancy occupation place range roof site stamping ground stomping ground surroundings terrain territory turf land sit alight sleep carry on quit pass depart move leave refuse migrate shun resist reject dispute despise office annex advance finish complete dwelt Gender Euphoria Roost kent ken jenny kendi kendo keenly keens keen kens keen eye kenthi keyer gency gent kinky kins kin keener genera genial keened kenned kennel kernel kine cony gene kayo king kind kink kiner genie genii kent hi key in key on keen on Kenya Gender Euphoria kenya civil communal domestic ethnic governmental internal interstate nationwide public social federal general home imperial native royal sovereign state sweeping vernacular countrywide government civic inland politic political societal widespread private local aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman/woman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson urbanite villager voter borough metropolitan municipal urban interior fellow citizen citizen John\u002FJane Q. 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