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Cleric, political activist or peaceful reformer, who is Fatehullah Gulen?

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Cleric Fatehullah Gulen lives in virtual seclusion in Pennsylvania, in the United Sates. But he's accused of inspiring people in Turkey to overthrow President ...


Fatehullah Gulen cleric political activist reformer radicalist islamist democracy President erdogan erdogan turkey usa wion wion gravitas gravitas debates discussion chaplain clergyman minister priest rabbi churchman divine ecclesiastic father parson reverend churchwoman clergywoman clerical bishop abba administrator angel archer berretta cap cleric coadjutor diocesan director metropolitan miter mitre overseer patriarch pontiff pope prelate primate suffragan member of clergy pastor preacher turn-around collar abbey archbishop bible thumper blackcoat cardinal cassock clerk curate dean devil dodger ecclesiast evangelist harp polisher missionary monsignor padre predicant pulpitarian pulpiteer rector sermonizer shepherd sky pilot sky scout the rev vicar layperson layman clergymen clergyperson churchperson person of God person of the cloth Caronely Cleric bureaucratic civic constitutional economical legislative official civil civilian domestic governmental home interior local municipal national political public rude foreign unkind impolite ill-mannered communal countrywide ethnic federal general government civic imperial inland internal interstate nationwide native politic royal social societal sovereign state sweeping vernacular widespread private Caronely Political Politicals powerbroker influence peddler mover and shaker person of influence pressure group lobbyist fighter protester demonstrator combatant warrior belligerent partisan rioter objector militant fanatic radical nut maniac extremist diehard fiend ultra young turk moderate conservative zealot conservationist Green Panther ecologist green activist nature-lover preservationist tree hugger apostle proponent missionary advocator propagandist dissident protestor revolutionary advocate opponent abolitionist enthusiast devotee bigot freak visionary addict fool crazy demon crank bug monomaniac ultraist activist fanatics Caronely Activist amicable bloodless calm harmonious neutral nonviolent peace-loving placid 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incendiary partisan zealot malcontent instigator champion reactionary advocate dissident ringleader heretic fighter rabble-rouser demagogue mover revisionist dogmatist fomenter provocateur adjy disrupter sparkplug wave maker peacemaker inciter reformer Reformer Caronely Reformers which that fact that one that other the one in question that who Who Caronely W.H.O. chaplain clergyman minister priest rabbi churchman divine ecclesiastic father parson reverend churchwoman clergywoman clerical bishop abba administrator angel archer berretta cap cleric coadjutor diocesan director metropolitan miter mitre overseer patriarch pontiff pope prelate primate suffragan member of clergy pastor preacher turn-around collar abbey archbishop bible thumper blackcoat cardinal cassock clerk curate dean devil dodger ecclesiast evangelist harp polisher missionary monsignor padre predicant pulpitarian pulpiteer rector sermonizer shepherd sky pilot sky scout the rev vicar layperson layman clergymen clergyperson churchperson person of God person of the cloth Caronely Cleric radicalist Caronely Islamist Caronely islamist equality freedom justice commonwealth egalitarianism emancipation equalitarianism republic suffrage liberal government representative government unfairness capitalism commercialism competition democracy free enterprise free market industrialism laissez faire economics mercantilism private enterprise communism body politic citizenry citizens commonality federation nation people polity society abolition abolitionism autarchy autonomy citizenship deliverance delivery discharge disengagement disimprisonment enfranchisement exemption extriction franchise home rule immunity impunity liberation liberty manumission parole prerogative privilege probation redemption release relief rescue salvage salvation self-determination self-government sovereignty reserve difficulty subjection retention restraint imprisonment responsibility restriction suppression subordination government slavery servitude limitation confinement captivity hold incarceration freedoms freeing setting free unchaining unshackling community domain dominion empire land monarchy populace population principality public race realm state tribe union Caronely Democracy CEO boss leader premier chief executive officer chief of state commander in chief head of state person in charge prime minister president Caronely President Erdogan Caronely erdogan ass birdbrain blockhead bonehead boob bore buffoon clod clown cretin dimwit dolt dope dunce dunderhead fathead goose idiot ignoramus illiterate imbecile innocent jackass jerk lightweight loon moron nerd nincompoop ninny nitwit numskull oaf sap schlemiel silly simple simpleton stooge sucker tomfool twerp twit victim dumb ox easy mark fair game halfwit lamebrain mooncalf softhead brain genius butt chump clay pigeon derision dupe fall guy fool goat jestee joke laughingstock mark patsy pigeon setup sitting duck softie subject target turkey failure also-ran bankrupt 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US of A land of opportunity the States United States USA Caronely usa wion Caronely dignity gravity sobriety poise solemnity austerity formality grit will lightness insignificance triviality unimportance gravitas Caronely argument contest controversy deliberation dispute match agitation altercation argumentation cogitation contention dialectic disputation hassle meditation mooting polemic rebutting reflection refuting tiff words wrangle blah-blah forensic agreement peace quiet harmony consider bicker deliberate question oppose answer contend confab differ bandy pettifog prove confute refute rehash controvert agitate reason moot disprove canvass demonstrate cogitate rebut cross swords lock horns altercate bump heads chew the fat discept hammer away at hash over have at it kick around knock around pick a bone put up argument set to talk back talk game thrash out toss around go along make peace endorse agree harmonize give in alarm argue arouse bug bug up burn up confuse craze debate discompose disconcert discuss disquiet distract disturb egg on examine excite ferment flurry fluster get to incite inflame make flip move perturb psych rouse ruffle spook stimulate stir trouble turn on unhinge upset ventilate work up worry please clarify order discourage lull explain tranquilize organize soothe reassure pacify comfort calm appease agitating expostulate hold maintain remonstrate talk about keep quiet overlook abstain comply ignore argued argues arguing analysis argument conference consideration consultation controversy conversation debate deliberation dialogue discourse dispute examination exchange interview meeting review scrutiny symposium wrangling altercation argumentation canvass colloquy confabulation contention disputation dissertation excursus groupthink huddle meet powwow quarrel ventilation agreement quiet silence harmony peace assertion case claim defense discussion expostulation grounds line of reasoning logic plea pleading polemic proof questioning reason reasoning remonstrance remonstration arguments audience audition reception audiences briefing background meeting directions guidance information initiation instruction preamble priming rundown update Caronely
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