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Coldplay's Chris Martin Stops Melbourne Concert To Let Man Propose To Girlfriend On Stage

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Incredible moment Coldplay frontman Chris Martin stops his Melbourne concert to let tearful romantic propose to his stunned girlfriend of three years on stage A ...


Coldplay's Chris Martin Stops Melbourne Concert To Let Man Propose To Girlfriend On Stage Coldplay Chris amazing kind funny perfect mine teddy bear hot cuddle cuddling man chris name cool cris kris chill bitchin chillax friggin sweet Martin martin shy friendly loyal sweet sexy mawtin cutie adorable muffin genius god super human marty marny big dick atractive shapes fire amazing apple tree bar block break conclusion pause barricade blockade cease cessation check close closing control cutoff discontinuation ending fence finish freeze hindrance layoff letup lull plug roadblock standstill stay stoppage termination wall blank wall break off brick wall desistance grinding halt screeching halt continuation advance aid assistance beginning commencement help initiation introduction opening start halt destination stopover station stage terminus rest sojourn depot quit end drop stand kill hold stall scrub conclude terminate tarry discontinue refrain desist cold turkey cut out cut short draw up pull up shut down wind up wrap up put an end to be over blow off call it a day come to a standstill cool it hang it up quit cold run its course sign off encourage carry on introduce initiate allow give birth bear begin continue restart release create commence suspend avoid arrest intercept interrupt stem disrupt obstruct clog hush seal staunch still fill muzzle forestall fix repress restrain occlude hinder congest frustrate impede gag stopper choke bottle silence cut off shut out throw over turn off choke off put a stop to rein in shut off ward off forward disturb free support promote clear let go open facilitate liberate unblock assist abet cause permit Stop. stop Stop S.T.O.P. jesus ashly mower lawn grass bush jungle veronica foxx bridgette brian incredible Melbourne melbourne victoria australia bushranger bogan melbournian derbyshire derby countryside fields green hall church touristy afl sydney mcg nsw gig musical recital show jam session musicale rockfest disagreement disharmony disunity 10-4 accordance concert concord concurrence conformity congruence correspondence deal good vibes good vibrations harmony okay pact rapport reconciliation sympathy treaty unanimity accord answer attune be in harmony blend click cohere coincide concur conform consort correspond equal fall in with fit get along with go hand in hand go together go well with harmonize jibe match parallel square suit synchronize tally accession accommodation acknowledging adjustment affiliation affinity alliance amity approving arbitration arrangement authorizing bargaining compatibility compliance complying compromise concession concordance concurring congruity consistency endorsing granting mediation similarity suitableness understanding union unison verification verifying adapt adjust agree to blueprint chart come to terms construct contrive decide design determine devise direct draft establish frame get act together get ready hammer out a deal iron out lay out line up make a connection make 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relate reveal spill subscribe to talk tell uncover unveil hire lease sublease sublet OK'd decline repel denounce demur condemn resist dispute dissent protest expel dismiss cover secrete argue differ gainsay confute shut oust exclude eject debar disown suppress object listen misunderstand hide conceal admits admitted let's LETS Let L.E.T contraction easy take it easy ease up forget about it chill lit legit let! brother father fellow guy husband son beau boyfriend gentleman grandfather nephew papa sir spouse swain uncle girlfriend woman earth flesh human species humanity humankind man mortality people society universe world gentleperson grownup person head servant house boy manservant steward valet bloke boy gent lad Mr. Homo sapiens adult infant adolescent adults butler master boss chap chaps Man dog cat mouse rat bat dude the dude his dudeness el duderino duder the dude abides police law enforcement government institution administration protector provider sustainer genuin honest trustworthy respectful worth-while ask come up with introduce nominate offer recommend request submit urge adduce advance advise affirm assert broach contend counsel invite kibitz name pose prefer press proffer proposition propound solicit state tender volunteer hit on hold out lay before lay on the line make a motion make a pitch move for propone put forward put to put up set forth spitball answer discourage dissuade ignore reply deny reject retreat take back condemn disbelieve oppose refuse repulse argue for back be in corner bless bolster boost brace up build up campaign for champion countenance defend encourage favor further get on bandwagon give a leg up give a lift go for go to bat for go with hold with justify plead for plug plump for press for promote propose push ride shotgun for root for run interference for say so side speak for spread around stump for support tout uphold vindicate address angle aspire attempt cast concentrate contemplate covet design direct endeavor essay fix focus intend level mean plan purpose sight slant steer strive target train try want wish zero in on zoom in aim scheme mind have every intention neglect forget disregard pop the question ask in marriage fire the question get down on one knee make a proposal offer marriage advocate criticize attack halt hurt protest impugn assail undermine prevent decrease hide conceal block hinder disapprove advocated advocates advocating look away aiming Propose girlfriend relationship dating marriage relationshit aww cute woahh sierra companion friend partner sweetheart confidante date flame intimate steady fiancée soul mate enemy foe opponent adherent beau believer booster boyfriend buff bug cat devotee disciple enthusiast fan fancier fiend follower freak girlfriend groupie hound junkie lover nut partisan patron rooter suitor supporter swain wooer worshiper little woman old lady old woman wife baby darling dear dearest first and last heartbeat heartthrob honey idol inamorato love love of my life 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reign span spell term time while year arena set theater scene spotlight scenery limelight play scaffold drama setting frame dais scaffolding show business legit staging footlights Broadway off-Broadway show biz stage set mise en scène organize perform put on mount execute open present orchestrate engineer give show bring out close direct neglect miss fail conceal ignore disorganize destroy chapter whole coach player student pupil coaches date Stage stages shit poop pooping staged actors techies awesomeness kraines damn that blows staaage lame sucks Coldplay coldplay post britpop chris martin bands rock great britain concert passout throwup $$$ friends cold play sad masturabte tears the band coldplay cold-play cold play cold play music steal yoink rob generic pop-rock plagerizem
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