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Colombian state violence and its imperialist role destabilizing the region

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Colombian New York Times colombian case accompaniment attitude capacity category chances character circumstance circumstances contingency element environment essential estate event eventuality fix footing form humor imperative juncture limitation mood nature occasion occurrence outlook pass phase plight position posture predicament prerequisite proviso reputation requirement shape situation spirits stand standing station status stipulation time welfare frame of mind state of affairs good fortune style pomp majesty glory rank cachet ceremony splendor stature consequence prestige display unimportance dullness insignificance land federation union community nation territory commonwealth sovereignty republic body politic expound describe give affirm explain express articulate say present put voice tell specify speak recite vent relate enumerate pronounce asseverate pitch utter enounce ventilate rehearse narrate aver elucidate deliver enunciate spiel propound recount report interpret air bring out come out with throw out set forth chime in give blow-by-blow give rundown question ask be quiet take confuse suppress mumble hide conceal listen withhold refrain misrepresent assert attest avouch avow certify cinch clinch confirm cross heart declare guarantee have a lock on ice insist lock up maintain nail down okay predicate profess put on ice ratify repeat rubber-stamp say so set state swear swear on bible swear up and down testify vouch witness forget nullify negate refute reject disavow repudiate renounce deny veto affirmed affirming affirms broadcast circulate communicate disclose disseminate divulge exhibit expose make known make public proclaim publicize publish reveal close up secret keep quiet cover secrete airing States New York Times State assault attack bloodshed brutality clash confusion cruelty disorder disturbance fighting rampage struggle terrorism abandon acuteness bestiality blowup coercion compulsion constraint destructiveness duress ferocity fervor fierceness flap frenzy fury fuss harshness murderousness onslaught passion power roughness ruckus rumble savagery severity sharpness storm storminess tumult turbulence uproar vehemence wildness brute force foul play raging calm health kindness method niceness order organization peace surrender system calmness peacefulness passivity anger acrimony animosity annoyance antagonism blow up cat fit chagrin choler conniption dander disapprobation displeasure distemper enmity exasperation gall hatred hissy fit huff ill humor ill temper impatience indignation infuriation irascibility ire irritability irritation mad miff outrage peevishness petulance pique rage rankling resentment slow burn soreness stew tantrum temper tiff umbrage vexation violence enjoyment cheer love ease comfort pleasure pleasantness good nature contentment agreeability liking glee good will joy happiness delight angers battery beating mayhem mugging thumping defense individual brunt burden force full force impact pressure shock strain stress tension thrust relaxation bullying intimidation menace menacing persuasion restraint strong-arm tactic threat threatening a must driving goad hang-up impelling impulsion monkey motive necessity no-no repression spring spur suppression allowance aggression freedom discouragement permission liberty hindrance deterrent New York Times Vio-lence Violence along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less New York Times And? And's owned mine endemic hers his individual inherent intrinsic particular peculiar personal private resident theirs very own yours own attractiveness allure appeal interest enthrallment bait draw endearment tendency gravitation temptation come-on seduction enchantment allurement inducement inclination lure fascination magnetism charm pull enticement invitation captivation solicitation chemistry courting drawing power discouragement revulsion repulsion attraction sexiness glamour charisma animal magnetism confidence pizzazz presence seductiveness sexual magnetism star power sex appeal aura beguilement bewitchery hypnotic attraction mesmerism odyl odylic force personal appeal sexual attraction data processing computerized information infotech information technology dazzle flash witchcraft something witchery star quality magic beauty grace spell sorcery agreeableness desirability conjuration delightfulness ugliness her hir its our their vis xyr your zir ownest it's New York Times It's absolutist colonial authoritarian despotic dictatorial hawkish Imperialist New York Times imperialist act appearance aspect character part performance portrayal acting bit clothing execution extra guise hero ingenue lead look personification piece player presentation representation semblance show star stint super title walk-on seeming whole disregard ignorance reality task business job position post province capacity office pose game posture what one is into unemployment fun behavior action address air attitude bag bearing carriage code comportment conduct convention course dealings decency decorum deed delivery demeanor deportment ethics etiquette expression form front habits management mien mode morals nature observance practice presence propriety ritual role routine savoir-faire seemliness social graces speech style tact talk taste tenue tone way way of life ways what's done listening immorality rest impropriety silence quiet bad manners indecency thoughtlessness carelessness stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation behaviors impersonation characters duties burden calling charge chore commission commitment committal contract devoir dues engagement function hook load millstone minding the store mission must need obligation occupation onus ought pains service station string taking care of business trouble trust undertaking weight work inconstancy irresponsibility help blessing benefit treachery faithlessness hobby surrender advantage aid pastime entertainment duty New York Times Role Roles rolé diminish lessen thwart undermine damage foil minimize enlarge extend increase strengthen add build up reinforce undercut destabilize affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the New York Times The country district field land locality neighborhood part place province sector suburb territory world zone arena bailiwick belt block clearing demesne division domain dominion environs expanse ghetto ground jungle locale precinct quarter range realm scene section shire sphere terrain tract turf vicinity walk ward inner city neck of woods stomping ground metropolis whole sky area layer region stretch circuit ambit circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution compass course cycle gyration gyre journey lap limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery round route tour turn turning twirl way wheel whirl wind winding center middle interior inside confines borders dimension edge end extent limits proportions purview radius reach scope sweep term open countries citizenry citizens commonwealth community constituents grass roots homeland inhabitants kingdom native land patria people polity populace public society soil sovereign state state voters urbanity city direction aim angle aspect bearing beeline bent bias current drift inclination objective orientation outlook path point of compass proclivity road set side slant spot standpoint stream tack tendency that-a-way tide track trajectory trend viewpoint wrong way deviation New York Times
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