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Concise and Shocking

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2017 Top 10 White Male Privileges According to Feminism (Gender Equality) 2017 pithy succinct terse abridged boiled down breviloquent brief compact compendiary compendious compressed condensed curt epigrammatic in a nutshell laconic lean marrowy meaty short and sweet summary synoptic lengthy long-winded wordy expansive long redundant repetitive apothegmatic concise crisp epigrammatical sententious to the point curtailed ephemeral fast fleeting hasty instantaneous little meteoric momentary passing quick short-lived short-term swift temporary transient transitory abrupt bluff blunt brusque limited sharp skimpy small snippy surly make a long story short pointed abbreviated close comprehensive contracted inclusive short summarized aphoristic slow sluggish permanent long-lived lasting enduring briefer briefs important big kind benevolent large immense huge enormous indefinite uncondensed slack loose unabridged lengthened enlarged Concise clipped verbose (antonym) along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with and plus additionally again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Copsucker And? AND cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive so what and one and what what fuck the world as long as i get mine suck it fuck the children dick loser punk he-bitch jerk appalling awful disgraceful disgusting disquieting distressing dreadful ghastly heinous horrible horrific horrifying shameful terrible ugly burning crying foul glaring nauseating revolting sickening stupefying abominable atrocious desperate detestable direful fearful formidable frightful hateful hideous loathsome monstrous odious offensive repulsive scandalous unspeakable attractive beautiful comforting good lovely nice pleasant pleasing respectable wonderful delightful calming soothing awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious shocking stunning surprising unbelievable alarming astounding bad daunting dire disheartening dismaying frightening grim grody gross harrowing heavy horrid intimidating mean petrifying scaring terrifying the end unnerving astonishing breathtaking confounding eye-popping mind-blowing mind-boggling overwhelming startling wondrous barbaric beastly diabolical fiendish flagrant godawful hairy lousy nefarious rotten villainous wicked awe-inspiring exalted fearsome frantic grand imposing impressive magnificent majestic moving nervous real gone something else striking zero cool deplorable depressing gruesome grungy horrendous nasty raunchy stinking synthetic tough unpleasant unsightly amazing ordinary poor insignificant plausible credible believable reassuring satisfying encouraging polite inoffensive weak unimpressive homely boring unimportant trivial great safe agreeable gentle delicate happy kind Shocking Copsucker shockings Shockings cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive stockings leggings nude pantsless doubletake leg warmers spandex uncover-alls spewdex 2017 Copsucker cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive under a cloud contract contractual counteract gender counter act contractor control gate contralto dominant elite excellent finest leading preeminent primary principal capital chief crack crowning culminating fine first head lead maximum outside prime ruling sovereign superior tiptop upper apical first-class first-rate five-star foremost greatest loftiest maximal paramount supreme top-drawer top-notch topmost uppermost inferior poor secondary subordinate unimportant bad below least lower minor submissive low lowest second-rate apogee capstone climax culmination height high point highest point meridian optimum peak summit top ultimate vertex zenith acknowledge answer back argue back at you back talk be in touch claim comeback contest counterclaim defend deny disprove dispute echo explain feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin remark resolve respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back accomplished champion consummate expert finished highest main major master premier lid point tip cap cover ceiling roof face surface crown apex spire crest cusp cork utmost stopper pinnacle acme limit superficies finial fastigium foot base bottom nadir personality rear best flower prize choice captain pick pride leader cream first place worst climb finish ascend scale protect cloak reinforce surmount garnish superimpose clothe piggyback spread over add lose fall behind fall drop reveal hurt descend replace uncover harm retreat beat exceed total eclipse outstrip transcend excel better outshine overrun clobber outdo finagle bash outfox shut out fox goose be first blow away fake out go beyond run circles around fail surrender trim ream pare prune truncate dock shorten crop skim decapitate amputate curtail shear cut off pollard detruncate file off lop off scrape off shave off increase lengthen elongate answer allow leave wonder agree question ask prove renounce ignore request answered answering answers arch amateur insignificant unnecessary inessential incomplete unfinished last inexpert auxiliary Copsucker tops Top T.O.P gay homosexual lgbt your mom cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive t.o.p big bang kpop korea sexy at most at the most not more than at the maximum for the most part silver silvery alabaster blanched clear fair frosted ivory light neutral pasty pearly wan achromatic achromic ashen bloodless chalky ghastly hoary immaculate milky pallid snowy transparent waxen biased cloudy dark darkened dim flushed gloomy obscure partial prejudiced strong black dirty alabastrine pale translucent white anemic cadaverous colorless gray leaden sallow ash-colored livid lurid bare barren clean empty fresh new plain spotless uncompleted unfilled unmarked untouched unused vacant vacuous virgin virginal void dazzling glowing hot lit luminescent argent ashy blank occupied habited full understanding excited aware animated filled candescent White Copsucker whites cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive racist double standard stupid speed uppers pep pill amphetamine stimulant bennies wake-ups eye-openers colors white snow black day macho manful manlike manly paternal potent virile female bird bloke boy brother bud buddy cat chap chum dude feller fellow gentleman individual male person mannish muscular manliness masculine audacious beefcake bold brave colt confident daring dauntless dignified fearless firm gallant hardy he-man heroic hunk intrepid jock jockstrap lion-hearted noble powerful red-blooded resolute robust self-reliant stately staunch stout-hearted strapping strong stud tiger two-fisted undaunted valiant valorous vigorous well-built guy father sir grandfather son husband gent Mr. girl enemy guys machismo fearful afraid weak timid meek cowardly impotent Copsucker Male chick sex cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive man men devil penis big head marc boxers woman human gender books redneck hillbillie idiot grammar mael homo sapiens vir mensch advantage allowance authority authorization benefit concession entitlement exemption freedom immunity license opportunity prerogative right appanage appurtenance birthright boon chance charter claim event favor franchise grant liberty perquisite sanction disadvantage handicap hindrance loss misfortune refusal responsibility restriction disapproval detriment privilege Copsucker Privilege privileges university feminist studies privelege priviledge privledge minority studies. cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive regressive left feminism liberal haes institutional racism religion sjw karen cis white scum hennessey v.s. paradise cognac privileged special right bestow confer give accede acquiesce admit allow award concede endow present render tender vouchsafe take deny disagree dispute dissent protest refuse reject withhold argue challenge contest disallow disapprove oppose question accordant according agnate akin alike analogous blending coincident comparable compatible concordant conformable congenial congruous correspondent corresponding harmonious in agreement in rapport like parallel similar suitable sympathetic uniform balanced break even commensurate coordinate double duplicate egalitarian equivalent evenly matched fifty-fifty homologous identic identical indistinguishable invariable level look-alike matched matching one and the same proportionate same same difference spit and image stack up with tantamount to the same degree two peas in pod unvarying conform affirm agree correspond square concur fit tally assent jibe suit harmonize match be in tune clash differ consonant inconsonant incongruent dissonant different inconsistent incongruous incompatible disagreeing divergent unlike dissimilar equal unequitable not alike mismatched unequal unjust unfair disproportionate biased varying unmatched variable changing more equal lil wayne smart credit does not apply him feminist movement sisterhood womanism equal rights feminism rights of women women's liberation Feminism Copsucker feminist female femanist equal cocksucker troop-worshipper statist authoritarian naive disgrace woman movement femtard women liberal bad idea stupid castro misandry hate childlessness entitlement discrimination misogyny hypocrite feminazi men conspiracy
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