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Conor McGregor - Training Movement!! 2017

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combined corporate cumulative heaped total particular part individual doctored loaded spoiled ambivalent clashing contradictory debatable doubtful equivocal fluctuating hesitant inconclusive irresolute opposed uncertain undecided unresolved unsure vacillating warring wavering resolved decided sure secure definite clear certain unequivocal undoubted settled unquestionable determined indiscriminate sundry variegated unvaried bastard baseborn counterfeit fake false imperfect impure inferior irregular misbegotten misborn natural phony sham spurious suppositious ungenuine true genuine legitimate real Gen C Mixed craft profession adroitness aptitude artistry craftsmanship dexterity expertise facility imagination ingenuity inventiveness knack know-how knowledge mastery method trade virtuosity avocation entertainment ignorance inability incapacity ineptitude lack want science guile duplicity artfulness deceit artifice craftiness slyness astuteness trickery wiliness canniness openness artlessness truthfulness sincerity honesty frankness design painting abstraction description molding portrayal illustration simulation imitation representation symbolization carving modeling shaping pictorialization sculpting humanities arts belles-lettres humanistic discipline languages letters philosophy the classics the fine arts visual arts beaux arts ceramics drawing graphic arts photography sculpture Art Gen C art also ado alto waldo Aldo Gen C
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