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Cori Bush & Jamaal Bowman Tear CNN Host Apart Over Ridiculous Questions

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Cori backwoods bramble briar brush chaparral creeper forest hedge hinterland jungle outback plant scrub scrubland shrubbery thicket vine wilderness backcountry boscage the wild boondocks boonies bush farm country countries citizenry citizens commonwealths communities constituents electors grass roots homelands inhabitants kingdoms lands native lands patriums people polities populaces publics realms regions societies soils sovereign states states terrains voters urbanity metropolises cities back country countryside cow country farmland forests green belt middle of nowhere outdoors province up country wide open space wilds woodlands woods metropolis city fatigue bedraggle burn out conk out debilitate deplete disable drain droop drop enervate exhaust fag fizzle flag jade knock out languish overtire peter out poop prostrate sag sink succumb take tucker weaken wear down weary add give help fill strengthen rise refresh activate invigorate energize assist aid pour increase grow frontier backwater outskirts unknown Bush Jamaal jamaal Bowman crack hole breach break damage fissure gash imperfection laceration mutilation rent run rupture scratch split tatter closing closure juncture perfection carouse carousal drunk binge bust wassail bender spree rive pull divide injure mangle separate snatch shred slash grab yank sever wrench frazzle rift cleave rend wrest lacerate pluck incise impair slit ribbon seize claw mutilate extract fray sunder jigsaw evulse pull apart idle help fix cure agree join attach push wait insert sew marry mend heal unite combine shoot rush fling chase fly gallop career spring zoom dart dash course charge race bolt lash hurry speed boil halt stay delay dawdle slow walk blowout blast burst detonation eruption escape flat tire leak puncture tear bout fit round session shift spell stint stretch term tour trick turn stagnation bouts bats battles boxing matches competitions contests encounters engagements matches rounds set-tos struggles annihilate batter bust up crash crush demolish disintegrate eradicate finish off fracture fragment make hash of make mincemeat of part pull to pieces shatter shiver smash snap splinter torpedo total trash secret keep quiet allow strengthen secure lose hide cause stabilize obey put together fasten aid connect breaks abandons cuts discontinues gives up interrupts pauses rests suspends stays secrets keeps quiet allows strengthens agrees secures joins fixes attaches continues waits hides causes stabilizes obeys puts together mends fastens restarts persists bustle bestir dust flit flutter fuss hasten hum hustle scamper scramble scurry scuttle stir whirl whisk rest dally procrastinate tears CNN anchor entertainer manager moderator owner presenter emcee innkeeper keeper proprietor anchor person person of the house guest visitor array crowd multitude throng horde army legion rout gathering crush swarm score myriad flock drove cloud receive introduce present treat wine and dine do the honors pick up the check spread oneself throw a party armies arrays clouds companies crowds divisions flocks hordes hosts legions mobs multitudes outfits packs regiments scores swarms throngs units company division host mob outfit pack regiment unit arrangement batch body bunch bundle clump cluster design display disposition exhibition formation lineup lot order parade pattern set show supply one individual arrangements batches bodies bunches bundles clumps clusters designs displays dispositions exhibitions formations lineups lots orders parades patterns sets shows supplies ones individuals battalion brigade contingent corps force squadron agglomeration assemblage assortment band bevy blob bouquet caboodle chunk covey crew fascicle galaxy gang group heap hunk knot mass mess number oodles parcel party passel pile quantity sheaf shebang shock shooting match spray stack team thicket troop tuft Hosting The Host The host aside afar alone aloof away by itself cut off disassociated disconnected distant distinct divorced excluded exclusively freely independent independently individually isolated lone wolf separated separately singly special to itself to one side together above apart casual chilly cold cold fish cool detached forbidding hard-boiled hard-hearted haughty incurious indifferent laid back loner offish on ice putting on airs reserved secluded solitary standoffish stuck up supercilious thick-skinned unapproachable unconcerned unfriendly uninterested unresponsive unsociable unsympathetic uppity withdrawn concerned sympathetic warm sociable interested compassionate kind friendly abreast alongside beside by oneself down in isolation in reserve near nearby neck and neck out out of the way privately sidewise middle abroad absent beyond elsewhere far afield far away far off far remote forth from here hence not present off out of over discrete divided emancipated free isolate loose loosened removed separate severed unaccompanied unconnected engaged merged coupled attached biased united linked connected combined a piece abstracted arm's length asunder backwoods beyond range far far back far-flung far-off farther further in the background in the boonies in the distance in the sticks inaccessible indirect middle of nowhere not home obscure out of earshot out of range out of reach out-of-the-way outlying remote retired secret sequestered telescopic ways wide of yonder close approachable public mingling neighboring adjacent branched cleft disunity incomplete partite prorated reft split unattached undivided apartment Apartment apartently parkside apartments fall apart bygone past ancient history at an end closed completed concluded done done with ended finished gone settled failed fewer incomplete less unfinished ever too more overmuch surplus extra additionally beyond excessively extremely overly remaining superfluous unduly unused immensely in excess inordinately left over over and above necessary essential off upstairs overhead covering aloft farther up higher than in heaven in the sky on high on top of overtop straight up traversely under above exceeding greater than larger than over inferior deficient below across athwart cross crossed crosswise opposite transversely afresh again anew de novo lately newly of late once again once more over again recently anon bis by and by come again encore freshly one more time over and over recurrently reiteratively repeatedly amid amidst among amongst between during mid surrounded by throughout separate outside away from over it it's over absurd bizarre fantastic foolish goofy impossible incredible laughable ludicrous nonsensical outrageous preposterous silly unbelievable wacky antic comic comical contemptible daffy derisory droll farcical foolheaded gelastic grotesque harebrained hilarious jerky nutty risible sappy slaphappy bad believable credible good logical plausible poor possible reasonable sensible serious tenable usual wise bugged out camp curious eccentric extraordinary far-out freakish grody kooky odd oddball off the wall offbeat outlandish outre outré peculiar queer ridiculous singular unusual way-out weird ordinary regular normal familiar common customary commonplace standard comic\u002Fcomical Mickey Mouse batty boffo crazy dippy diverting dizzy entertaining facetious flaky fool for grins freaky funny goofus gump horse's tail humorous ironic jocular joking joshing light loony priceless schtick screwy side-splitting waggish whimsical witty solemn sober sad tragic crazy shtick fool around fool-headed grave unamusing dramatic crazier balmy beyond all reason cockeyed fatuous foolhardy half-baked idiotic ill-conceived impracticable imprudent inane inappropriate insane irresponsible out of all reason puerile quixotic senseless short-sighted strange unworkable wild hate dislike believeable smart responsible realistic balanced sane careful rational craziest inquiry investigation query questioning catechism examination inquest inquiring inquisition interrogation interrogatory poll wringer Q and A third degree answer reply agreement concord harmony mystery objection confusion challenge uncertainty argument difficulty problem debate dispute contention remonstration puzzle protest misgiving demur enigma dubiety remonstrance demurral certainty acceptance calm point discussion topic theme proposal subject motion proposition grill search interrogate quiz investigate interview seek examine knock hit roast inquire probe pump quest enquire solicit catechize pry petition cross-examine go over ask about give the third degree hit up hold out for make inquiry put through the wringer put to the question raise question show curiosity sound out sweat it out of work over pick one's brains surety sureness doubtlessness find oppose suspect hesitate impugn distrust disbelieve mistrust controvert suspicion impeach call into question cast doubt upon puzzle over wonder about trust believe Questions question Questionator questionable in question
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